11. Silver & Gold: What To Buy? – Mike Maloney Bonus Feature

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More bonus features here: http://goldsilverdvd.com The most common questions after learning about gold and silver are “How?” and “What form of Bullion should…
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You can find bonus features here: http://goldsilver.com/hidden-secrets-money/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Anno_Desc&utm_campaign=HSOM_Ep_1 Hidden Secrets o…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “11. Silver & Gold: What To Buy? – Mike Maloney Bonus Feature”

  1. Ryan Dunn

    haha? good one!

  2. Lumi Li

    is it only the US dollar that will collapse soon or is all the world’s fiat currencies doomed?? How are other currencies going to be affected and when?

  3. Yasas Samurdhi

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  4. Johnatany

    Dear Mike thank you? so much for taking the time to tell us the Truth

  5. salomoneh

    Mike, Im a big fan of yours. What are your predictions for 2013? I have a strong feeling the dollar will collapse in the? upcoming year according to Lyndsey Williams and his elite friends.

  6. noventar

    and rob a coin? dealer? great idea!!

  7. silver john


  8. silver john

    bars and coins i wish we had an advantage like holland but most silver in the uk? have vat i think if there is no vat you should stock in pirth mint 1 kg coins

  9. hinno95

    On all silver? or? just on bars?
    In holland it’s 21% on bars and 0% vat on coins.

  10. salomoneh

    The silver eagles are also legal tender in a couple of states and if the dollar collapses it? should still be legal tender.

  11. Trent Hinkson

    I believe, and hopefully he corrects me if I’m wrong, that US and Austrian coins are guaranteed quality and don’t require them to report it, but with larger quantities buy reputible bars from dealers with the guarantee stamped on it.? I was confused about the same thing.

  12. salomoneh

    I have a feeling we should only? buy AMERICAN minted coins if the dollar collapses. Im just confused.

  13. muddavugger

    Don’t buy gold, it’s the? next wall street bubble. Republicans are not real christians they just play one on tv.

  14. newdefsys

    All taxes are passed on mate. The one that is excluded from a suffrage will? have no concern to abolish it.

  15. silver john

    yeah but its not? far on them is will the vat system on silver coins bullion should be abolised

  16. newdefsys

    Just pass that VAT price along? to the next buyer.

  17. CharlesGarner27

    What do you do next? Well get ready for world war omega. World peak oil and world peak silver are going up up and away until the end. Mike, this is the last wealth cycle. We will not survive the? global stress of running out of silver, and oil. So relax, watch the Omega Man, Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, and have a beer. 6.25 to 12.5 to 25 to 50 to 100 Billion people. We won’t make it to the next doubling time but we will join the dinosaurs.

  18. silver john

    i wish here in the? uk we didnt pay 20% vat on silver

  19. VipMss

    Surely JESUS CHRIST IS OUR GOD ! Through HIM all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made – GET SAVED NOW – JESUS? CHRIST SAVES

  20. kelly38094

    Question? : WHY THE F@CK SHOULD WE BUY GOLD/ SILVER when the FED currently has the majority of the money and can (and most likely) already has bought stock/ real gold and silver?

    IF this is true than us buying gold are going to end up in the same pawn game as we are in right now if the US currency goes bust? PLUS!~~ IF QE3,4 gets passed and the American? dollar does fall then the FED would still buy all gold/silver and gain control of the USA once again… DID everyone FORGET they PRINT MONEY?

  21. cheegjames17

    Hey I had a question if you guys could help me out. I bought a 1 kilo silver bar from Ohio Precious Metals awhile back when I first started buying bullion. Are these bars that will be accepted everywhere since they’re not a name brand? I’m asking to help decide if I should? swap it for a Johnson Matthey or some other kilo. Thanks

  22. Thesupericeage

    a metal detector, digging? and sifting machinery may be more efficient……Not a bad hobby I’d say

  23. whygoldandsilver

    Better buy a pick and shovel then…?

  24. Thesupericeage

    I’m trying to figure out the best way to buy gold, silver, platinum and paladium closest to spot price, or as low as possible. So far, I’m not keen to buy because of the hefty commissions the? dealers add to the spot price.

  25. junfanjkjd

    good god…Is God paying your bills. Get in the 21st century, he? doesn’t exist.

  26. Greg Hensley

    We can’t pay people in Gold & Silver. Not enough just like you said, we can’t print gold or silver. Today is the highest inflation and printing of money (in all countries). Well I say it’s also a time in human history where we have over 7 Billion people walking the earth.? By 2020 they say it should be 10 Billion People. We have to use fiat money, because in just plain English, There is not enough Gold and Silver to go around. Are you suggesting people get paid in gold and silver?

  27. endlessmountain

    just found this for the first time today and was well done.

    As a poker player I have already changed the term of “money management” to “currency management” and have about a 67% success rate in saying currency or fiat debt-notes without? thinking about it in every day speech which is good.

    Look forward to future episodes.

  28. endlessmountain

    you can’t make? solar panels out of bread either… Proove to me that humans only do one things with resources and that is eat them!

  29. SelflessEmpire

    Haa? thats great

  30. 24kGoldenRocket

    I can’t eat paper. But I can use the Paper for the Toilet Hygiene which is consequential to eating food for which I have traded my Gold and Silver.

    The problem with Food is that it is perishable and consumed. If it is not replaceable then what is the point?

    Faced with Long Term Starvation then all one is doing is delaying the inevitable. I’m not so certain that I want to survive that. Slow suffering isn’t that appealing to me.

    However I believe that life and? trade will continue. So I prepare.

  31. 24kGoldenRocket

    Thank you so much, Mike. Not just for exposing? this artist but for everything that you have done. I hope that you do realize that you are appreciated. I understand that many may not think to write it. But thank you.

  32. Cee Dee

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  33. Xziro3

    bitcoins is quite different, government cannot create bitcoins, once it? reaches a certain number, no one can create it anymore, no bank or government is in control of it

  34. jstncbllr

    You know, Zimbabwe’s problems were caused by a sharp decrease in real domestic output when Mugabe confiscated the farms and transfered them to people who couldn’t, well, farm.
    No nation can undergo that kind of loss of real output and not have major economic problems.
    But it’s a favorite story of goldbug morons (and peddlers), I guess. So you might as well keep trotting it out.? Makes for a pretty clear sign that that you’re full of crap at least!

  35. jstncbllr

    I agree the role of finance should be *much* smaller, but… are you going to prevent people from making promises to one another? As soon as you give? your neighbor an IOU, you’ve got debt-based money.
    When you watch a football game, do you worry about the points on the scoreboard not being “resource based”? Or do you just consider them a reflection of what’s happening on the field?
    Our bank accounts are really just scoreboards. Our problem is with the refs, not with the notion of points.

  36. ramiq27

    When? will episode two be ready? I’ve watched this one enough times already 🙂

  37. Speedracerx73

    Love this video. I just unboxed some gold & silver eagles.? Come on over and check out the video!

  38. Mr12paintball

    If you want to open your eyes to more truth check out STORMCLOUDSGATHERING an SGTBULL07 they will let you in on what’s really going on in our country and world. They only speak on verifiable facts that those in POWER don’t want you? to see.

  39. neil johnson

    Such a pity only 158,000 have watched this video. I am only average intelligence and I totally get it . Planet Earth needs educating . .The Rothschilds Family are? the most powerful Family on Earth and control all Governments and the World. Please ,anyone do your own research and do not believe everything you watch on The News ….WAKE UP!

  40. whygoldandsilver

    That’s Elaine Diane-Taylor, link to her site in description box above.? Yes she is wonderful.

  41. whygoldandsilver

    This is not? a cooking show sorry

  42. 24kGoldenRocket

    Mike…Who is the artist? that sings the song about Coins and Crowns? When it all goes up…etc. She has a wonderful voice.

  43. StarFire Alternity

    Cant eat gold , silver or money , can eat? food though

  44. FreeRussian

    Even though I respect J. Edward Griffin tremendously, I think he is wrong on the part of pigeons coming back to roost. This will happen in case of catastrophic failure and will mean that we won. The cabal will keep things under control. They already imposed capital control, so as money start flooding the US, they will declare this capital as dirty money (think Cyprus) and close the gates. All people outside will end up with worthless US dollars on? their hands.

  45. TheNotfromthere

    Why do you automatically assume that a? worldwide currency collapse will equal a mad max type scenario in every country? there will always be an economy and real money will always be a part of it. And not “everyone” has gold and silver, even if they did i’m sure it’ll be a hell of a lot more stable and honest than our current worth fuck all global debt based fiat system.

  46. thedriftmc

    As a key member of The Zeitgeist Movement Indonesia.. I really see a shift back to Gold and Silver as a key element in the transitional phase through which we eventually achieve a fully Resource Based Economy. But first we shift? from currency to equity-based currency, eventually to pure resource. This is my current line of thinking.

  47. Lazyike67

    Sure? stock up on all the gold you want. however if things to crash & you have nothing but gold expect to be using it to heat your home Feed your family & buy anything else from those of us who stocked up on “Worthless” Items.

  48. Lazyike67

    Value of something is dependent on Supply & demand. So if EVERYONE has Gold & Silver then it’s value will drop If no one has Aluminum then that? soda can becomes more valuable than gold or silver. So why should anyone invest in a product that could become as worthless as a penny?

  49. ChevyHD3347

    Very good info.. Take advantage whilr you can! In the meantime, take? a gander at a little bit of my silver collection

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