1/3 Buy Silver & Gold! (and CRASH JP MORGAN!) Max Keiser & Mike Maloney In Paris

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Visit us at goldsilver.com to learn more. Enter code ‘CrashJPMorgan’ at www.goldsilver.com for a discount on gold and silver bullion. Hello and welcome to the first episode of this 3 part series. This interview was filmed for our next gold and silver film (currently in production) but we will be releasing many parts and interviews along the way. Enjoy! Max’s website – http Link to the GoldSIlver.com article – goldsilver.com Thanks for the interview Max, hope to do it again soon.

In this video, David Morgan of silver-investor.com discusses when and how to buy silver coins and silver bars. It all depends on the size of your portfolio and individual preferences.

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  1. MrLivePositive8

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  2. MrLivePositive8

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  3. MrLivePositive8

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  4. MrLivePositive8

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  5. nature1upclose

    You guys are years ahead from the foxnews people (Cavuto and company), great chemistry, you should do more videos in the future, Mr. Maloney, what do you think? will happen to the Mexican peso when the dollar colapses? thanks for any guidance.

  6. moviematcanada


  7. spassycar

    It matters not a jot how much the? price of gold goes up,you will only get scrap value,about $200 per oz at to-days prices.

  8. spassycar

    The price of gold is fixed twice a day over the phone by the London Bullion Association.
    The 5 members of the association are Societie Generale.Deutsche Bank,Bank of Nova? Scotia,HSBC and Barclays Bank.
    If you get the chance watch The Wizard of Oz.OZ as in ounces of gold and yellow brick road as in the price of gold.enjoy.

  9. david rowson

    buy silver, gold,? guns, and food. real storable foods not MRE’s.like efoodsdirect <-- google them

  10. itsonelouder1

    gotta love mad Max? and Mike.

  11. LetFreedomR1ng

    667 likes and 4 dislikes. It is mind blowing to see how many people are on the same page about the economy. The world is going to erupt like? a beehive, each person is calm, like a bomb…

  12. TheresaEclectic

    Love? Keiser & Moloney on the money raw real true info.

  13. moviematcanada

    Spent a lot of time in Brasil in the early 90’s? and witnessed the government devalue their currency 2 times in a 5 year period.

    The world is now printing money like Brasil did in the 90s, and I watch inflation of 3,200% and if you couldn’t spend it in 48 hrs you didn’t exchange your money.

    $1,000,000 for a 300ml bottle of Sunscreen in Canada same bottle was $9.

    Gold & Silver the dollar number is going to be crazy

  14. moviematcanada

    But yet no one is still listening this brilliant man, and the evidence is? all over YouTube from the Cspan broadcasts.

    And his predictions weren’t generalized either he was dead on! Right to the Riots in the streets which are starting now with OWS.

  15. iamryko

    4 dislikes, my guess it is JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Swiss Bank and Bank of America

    Thumbs Up If? you agree

  16. 123ableTHERollyboy

    I know a website that offers a secret code that produces 90% success ratio on gold trading. Go check them out, just google Gold Trading Academy and make as much money as? you want.

  17. tayronachan

    Yea, Ron Paul called all? this back in Sept 2001. Brilliant man.

  18. Hammid

    GO, Gadget… GO!? 😀

  19. Hammid

    LOOOOOL! 😀 True. I always think of Inspector Gadget when I? see him… Dunno why? Trenchcoat? Look? Coolness?

  20. TheAsfaloth

    Yeah Max can be very wild in his examples and aims, Mike is more? wise.

  21. massivegaminess

    “Gold could open up one day at 1700 an ounce… You´re? not gonna be able to get physical when that happens.” THAT REMINDS ME TODAY´S MORNING SOMEHOW…….

  22. pic palac

    Lets not forget about the REAL Prophet ! RON PAUL ! ?

  23. jamecolte

    I like this? video.

  24. jonathondixon859

    Thank you for? sharing

  25. kopi5896

    you only have to look at the likes vs dis likes all videos thats say paper? money is good? they are doomed sorry guys buy physical

  26. OZtruth1

    10oz bars are king in my book?

  27. 715btp685

    Very informative?

  28. LittleBirdy43

    I agree there. Coins have numismatic value other than just the value of the metal. It’s not only a hunk of silver like a bar is, it’s a work of art that is judged? for perfection.

  29. EpicRV

    Great video for a new stacker like myself!?

  30. Vic Bur

    I have rare ? silver? metal large crystal nuggets on sale anyone interested check my videos

  31. gsxwrx

    I like coins?

  32. AudiophileTubes

    I usually purchase 5 ounce or under silver bars. ? This way that quantity is smaller and more ‘liquid’ should there ever be a calamity or I want to sell or trade.

  33. mrcriscraft

    Great? advice…thanks

  34. investinsilver1

    for anyone starting out silver coins are the best options but? for a real invester in silver silver bullion is okay.

  35. buysilvercoins1

    buying silver? coins is great and this video works!

  36. Les Ordway

    How much of a premium ($/oz) do you pay for small coins vs heavier bars? And what is the most efficient? channel (less profits taken out by middlemen) to purchase gold and silver?

  37. CollectingSilver

    Im giving away 5oz of silver and 1 oz of gold. Check my? channel

  38. professorfoxtrot

    Can’t go wrong with bars. A large portion of a coin’s value is attributed to its collectable value. When an economy goes bust the demand for collectable goods goes down as well. When the shit hits? the fan I will smelt down my bars into a coins that contain my smiling face.

  39. ftyhtfhfggh

    i am sorry? i dont understand ? sell for what?

  40. ftyhtfhfggh

    no coints u can buy fake only small bars and check inside make a cut so u dont lose weight
    i only buy bars and check ,lot of fake ore around
    and coins are more likely to be fake because people dont like to damege the coin ,well if u sell it to me i make hole to before i accept i dont care the the shape and look only mass in gram. oz is a little big to use for? gold and silver if u know the worth of a gram of gold

  41. tcathunder

    then give me the 10 oz? bars.

  42. cooldog60

    Does anyone know why the coins minted in San Francisco cost more and why don’t the coins have mint marks on them.?

  43. carminecar

    If you buy molybdenum and get? stuck with low prices, you can at least fertilize farmland with it. Although i agree any metal is the best way to hold wealth?

  44. Fungus Exterminator

    The dollar is? bound to crash. Already, other countries are having meetings discussing how to eleminate the dollar as the accepted world currency. Meanwhile, the US borrows huge amounts of money from China and other countries and then turns around and PRINTS more “dollars” to pay these enormous debts. The bubble is going to burst, and soon. Buy silver. It is at it’s low “ratio to gold” right now. Set a budget and buy as much as you can afford on a regular basis. I buy dimes bi weekly. Do it NOW!

  45. jwka2001

    i have about 7 10oz bars and the rest i have in 1oz coins. But? i do want to get more 10oz bars

  46. TheKhaiZoom

    I told people at my office to invest in silver just in case the economy takes a dive and your paper money is worthless. Everybody goes umm yea whatever. This one lady goes, oh thats never going to happen because the govt. has checks and balances so? the economy doesnt go into deep recession or depression. I was God help you.

  47. tantaweens

    Makes a lot? of sense . Keep stacking .

  48. ThePjcull

    I agree 99% of people I know dont have silver or gold.I’m the 1% out there that? started buying a year ago.Most people I talk to look at me with a weird look when I say im investing in Silver

  49. coinwhy

    Good? Video

  50. TheyRiseBand

    Actually, the inverse is happening. Just drive down any commercial district in your area, and you’ll find at least 5 businesses with large “WE BUY GOLD” signs posted. This means we’re only in the second phase of the bull market; these businesses are trying to get all of the junk product to the refiner as quickly as possible. When the third phase, the blow-off top happens,? you’ll definitely know because, you won’t be able to FIND precious metals… Anywhere… THAT is when you sell.