34/365 Stocking up on food

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A few nice stock up food images I found:

34/365 Stocking up on food
stock up food
Image by clint mcmahon
Stocking up on groceries.

Stocked Up On Soft Foods
stock up food
Image by Mr. T in DC
Some of the soft food I stocked up on prior to having my wisdom teeth extracted. At this point, all I can really handle are liquids like apple juice and ginger ale anyway, but hopefully soon I’ll progress to pudding, ice cream and oatmeal. Note the jar of baby food; I’ll let you know how that particular experiment goes.

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7 Responses to “34/365 Stocking up on food”

  1. MoHotta18

    It looks like the V8 was a hit though…..

  2. Mr. T in DC

    Yes, already started on that, and ate the baby food tonight!

  3. Maryland Route 5

    the next time mrs. t goes to target in columbia heights (noticed your market pantry oatmeal), tell her to buy you archer farms cherry almond instant oatmeal. it’s outstanding, and you’ll thank me later. hope you’re healing ok and not in too much discomfort.

  4. philliefan99

    Good excuse to go to a chocolate pudding diet!

  5. misspudding

    Did someone say pudding?!

    I <3 pudding.

  6. Mr. T in DC

    Sadly, I haven’t worked my way up to pudding yet, still pretty much on soup and liquids. I did have some watery oatmeal for dinner tonight. Part of the problem is nausea, which will hopefully subside once I’m done with the painkillers and antibiotics. One day at a time…

  7. misspudding

    You’ll make it through! You sound like you’ve made it through the worst part.