Aesthetic Perfection – The Great Depression

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For my good friend Jesse. The Great Depression used with Aesthetic Perfection’s permission. All rights reserved to the artist and record label. Please suppor…

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25 Responses to “Aesthetic Perfection – The Great Depression”

  1. Derrick Hayden

    I can’t understand how people just ignore the crazy looking kid flailing
    his arms around in the middle of the street…i mean i find it interesting
    so i would at least stop and watch a little even without the music…but
    90% of the people in tanks videos are like “meh…been there done that,
    what else is there to see” …i take it that in ‘Merica this sorta thing is

  2. br00tallyfun

    Everytime I watch this I get happier inside.
    Atleast somebody has the guts to go be themselves and not give a fuck what
    people think .

    People can be so judgemental it’s fucking annoying.
    So this guy is great.

  3. CSmania1991

    When i see a Tank video i always say to myself : “god, he got ballz for
    dance like idc” xD?

  4. Robin Maher

    Wrath of God is coming 2 town. 9999999999999999999…?

  5. D.pooly

    Suck It gangnam style!?

  6. airsofttaurus1

    to the people around him that don’t hear the music… it looks very random
    but we got music so its looks friggin awesome

  7. Robin Maher

    Hey! Check out Tank9’s ‘Your Gonna Die” video, and if you like The music in
    this video…Watch and listen to Aesthetic Perfection’s music video’s and
    ask yourself if they were created for our aesthetic pleasure… And then if
    you get in a sour mood from them watch the’Safe And Sound’ videos, one
    presented by dummies and the other ghosts, to make yourself feel more safe
    and sound. LOL. I’m such a kidder!

  8. Robin Maher

    How can people just obliviously and detachedly just walk past Tank9, when
    he is dancing in this extreme of a manner? Don’t people have any knowledge
    of emotional context? Something is going on here… Don’t you think? Or do
    you think… He is expressing the wrath of God,just to be cool with
    ‘Aesthetic Perfection’? Something is up…

  9. Kelson Hayes

    I can only imagine that Tank9 would be the funnest guy at any industrial
    nightclub or rave.

  10. Yggdrasill4

    What happened at the end, where you punched?

  11. Yggdrasill4

    That’s sum powerful industrial dance, and at an inappropriate area to
    balls, some of the best without the superfluous exaggerated outfit or
    regular ebm dancing which are so stationary and with spontaneous rhythmic
    arm movements, yours is with much style and more class.

  12. PaintBottle

    This one is one of the best tanks videos. That speed and forvard moving is
    damaging his dances details a bit but this is darn hilarious video. this is
    what tank really was in early days. not giving a fuck and every video
    brought us something new. i mean tank is still doing those things but none
    of his new videos are this unique XD i Really would like to hear what those
    ppl thought thought about this

  13. Vanessa Müller


  14. Robin Maher

    Ok….. I don’t get this situation. Tank9 is in a rage like state,
    exhibiting body language beyond the emotional equivalent of the wrath of
    God, as he dances maddenly, cross eyed, thru an outside,crowded,shopping
    market filled with humans. This should, at least, alarm or seem disturbing
    to, at least, one of them? But no… They are all completely oblivious,
    indifferent, with no grasp on emotional context and psychology. Not one of
    the humans is curious or aware of emotional context. .. Wow!

  15. Robin Maher

    What do they think is happening? Obviously, they assume it has nothing to
    do with them… They all walk on, going through their zombie-like lives,
    without deeper,reflective, critical thought. I think the point to take here
    is, it’s not that they are thinking inside the box, but that they aren’t
    thinking at all. So we don’t see any final perspective b4 their fall. Enjoy
    the Fall! I love Autumn weather… Don’t you?

  16. Yggdrasill4

    That was amazing

  17. paulgunjack

    i LIKE IT, it`s really strange to see the people in the street, but I can
    imagine the same dancing in a long hall between two big buildings, maybe
    something black and white, the camera moves and the performance of this guy
    ir good!! just the scenery, just saying!!

  18. Sergi Hard


  19. PatohDeviling

    qe es esa wea?

  20. Cold Raph


  21. Gabriel Profic

    TEACH ME… *_*

  22. PothPerhaps

    That kid needs to give me dance lessons!

  23. Maniak Zombe


  24. Inge Bird

    He could lead an excercise class! He would make it fun!!

  25. Rickykainu

    i love how the peoples are lookn at you! respect man!