After America Collapses, What Comes Next?

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29 Responses to “After America Collapses, What Comes Next?”

  1. majinjared

    Your country is nothing but cattle, if your government falls then anybody could heard the? masses up and form what ever they wanted, just have to feed and entertain them..

  2. Travis Hanson

    Ideologies will not matter. Survival will dictate and only the passing of knowledge concerning how to live will matter. It is only when sufficient energy needs allow for the growth of complex concepts? will take hold. The era of big men will return and will perpetuate the human condition of amnesia. So, complex concepts will likely be able to flourish unless there is an abundance of energy, but humans will screw that up again and fall into the trap of collapse again.

  3. saintnetzari

    What is this a warning or? a pep talk? Bye

  4. NichollGaming

    one of the many flaws in your idea would be, people would come to believe that there “way of life” is better than your neighbors and would end? up trying to push it on one another, sort of like religion. a non aggresion pact would never work because in reality a piece of paper means nothing. pacts and treatys are broken all the time

  5. dhulster1

    I would let each town be the way they want to be and bring together a new? nation

  6. MrOnelessproblem

    I would put nature and knowledge above all human life. Any who do not agree nor want to comply will not be forced into it, they will? be destroyed.

  7. Sean PI Stewart

    stuck on this channel for hours!? amazing thanks for sharing

  8. MrBestguy100

    Best book I read on the subject: “How to build a? new government: A guide for the coming revolution”. Google it.

  9. Ingridjeholland

    I think that people should stop being so alienated from eachother and allready start being more involved in their communities. Not just after the collapse of a nation. I grew up in a world where people do less and less with neighbours and family, and it sucks really? :s If you smile at someone, they allready think you are creepy.

  10. MachOverspeedsPlace

    The principle of non-aggression sounds fine in theory, but as a practical matter, is completely unworkable, simply because dishonest, irresponsible, lazy, and downright evil people exist in the world

    No way anybody makes it through life, without, on occasion, having a burning need to slap the immortal shit out of a sumbitch like that. Sometimes, if for no other reason, than to show some other bastards, that? you’re not *the one*, and that they had best keep their fucking distance

    Such is life

  11. Robert Arnott

    pretty much?

  12. MrMaxyield

    Sounds like someone has read Qaddafi’s Green? book…..

  13. David Stanley

    After the collapse comes the trampling of the constitution and flag in a mad rush to sign up for the one? world govt.
    the nature of the beast

  14. John Doe

    Socialism. As the way Karl Marx describes it in his manifesto,? their are four stages to socialism. First the Masters and Slaves, Roman era style, next was Lords and Serfs, the Middle Age style of government, next workers and elite, finally socialism.

  15. virtualmarioone

    The next evolution in humanity are Earthships. Not saying this is the solution, its just a step in the right direction. Earthships are the revolution, it is the disruptive technology that the government does not want to get out. If you don’t know what an Earthship is then YouTube,? or Google it. Free yourself from energy, free yourself.

  16. kill3456

    and i would subvert your idea and form a populist consensus amongst? this new federation to establish my community as the regional power bloc and eventual dominating power of course theres lots of if’s involved

    people like to use the fall of the roman empire to mirror a collapse of the united states but they forget that the roman empire did live on after its fall – in the form of the byzantine empire

  17. SlothSniper

    All? is All

  18. AdamRainStopper

    I have a better name for it. Anarchism. This is why I hate “hypenated anarchism”. Using “anarcho” as a prefix in front of something else only dilutes the principle behind anarchism. As you said, if two neighboring communities want to organize their societies, labor and commerce in two opposite ways, they CAN. If you’re a socialist, you live with the socialists. If you’re a? capitalist, you live with the capitalists. The non-aggression principle is the only requirement for freedom and peace.

  19. TRaww29

    people wouldnt be ready for a collaspe because most citizens dont have the knowledge of basic survival? skills

  20. Ross Marks

    i see starvation as the most likely scenario. you can scream about the economy all you want, but the house of cards that is the environment we need to survive, and the resources we plunder to do so, are very close to say F U to all of us, so cival war? yea, i can see that as most likely scenario in our future, but it will only last until the very last twinky or can of spam is gone,? then itl be all peaceful like.

  21. Peter Santana

    lets just go with a resource based economy watch? zeitgeist the movie zeitgeist moving forward and zeitgeist addendum you will start opening your eyes and realize how money has fucked up the incentive of being a human being

  22. shagisland


  23. fifh89

    Just because a change is on the horizon doesn’t mean a nasty collapse. I’m expecting a more quaint scenario where things cost more and more jobs come home. The current availability or credit will probably be gone and we will have/want less frivolous material things. When you think about? it, it’s greener and more positive.

  24. Eugene Petit

    Ron Paul raised a? crackpot like Rand Paul. Wake up

  25. PanGaia777

    Non-aggression principle… What an awesomely simple concept that can never be overstated!

    Our Evolution? Is Our Revolution

  26. mphello

    And antinatalists and anti-overpopulation activists are not evil, either. They see a crisis, and they naturally respond to it the only way available. Yes – we need? mandatory vasectomies in those overpopulated countries. Too bad if that is politically incorrect.

  27. mphello

    Wrong. We CAN avoid these problems and millions of vegans and antinatalists (anti-breeders) HAVE been doing something.

    We just need to do more, namely, go to war against the antiscience conservatives. Green Party needs to drop this nonviolence bullshit and support war for environmental and animal rights causes, the same way nationalists force everyone to “support the troops” with accusations of “traitor”? against anyone who opposes a war for nationalism.

  28. Desertphile

    Worse yet, there is no way to avoid the problems and the damage; the best we can? do is mitigate them. Of course we won’t do that either.

  29. Douglas Morato

    Ahm, Emerging Countries don’t care???? You care because you can afford???? Come on buddies, If the problem is in those countries, it’s because you have been settling your companies over there for many years… what you’re saying is the same thing that I through away my garbage on my neighbor’s garden? and say he doesn’t care!!! What I mean is, if China is watching a massive pollution, it’s also because countries like yours…