Aftershock: The next economy and America’s future

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Robert Reich on the ideas in his new book, “Aftershock”. The economic recession we are in is a structural problem rooted in an economy where wealth is as une…
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Everything you need to know that the media is not telling you… Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio – and winner of the 2012 Liberty Inspiration Award…
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49 Responses to “Aftershock: The next economy and America’s future”

  1. amitus8

    You’re stating my position on specific issues for me, horn blower. I said what I said, in a purposefully general? way, and that’s all that I meant for that comment space. God bless you.

  2. ArantirSH

    You actually think the right wingers or liberals would bring back the jobs? You think socialism is to blame for those jobs being shipped abroad?

    The free market embraces those? ideas more so than any ideology, cheaper labour and you get bigger profits. You don’t want to deny people the opportunity to accumulate more private wealth do you? You can’t deny companies going abroad or taking their capital to tax havens, that’s just like that comrade Stalin you talked about.

  3. ArantirSH

    Wrong, it is only reasonable that those with more should pay more to help those? in need. Those in charge only have their suits, but who works the fields? Who works the factories that make the products that creates wealth? The working man and the peasant is and has always been the people, they are the wealth and society.

    Gross wealth has only created monarchs, people with too much power, money and status who are lobbying to destroy democracy and the rights of the people to keep their power.

  4. amitus8

    Wrong. Plundering private wealth eliminates rival power sources. If you? support a government doing such, you support comrade Stalin sending assfuckers into your bedroom at night.

  5. amitus8

    Political extremism?? Like socialist Democrats?

    Bring the jobs back into the U.S. and the economic problems will disappear.

  6. Tom Jakcons

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  7. MobTVchannel

    I think that this is the time when we need to start learning how to take? care of our selves;
    1. Learn to grow food (even if you only have a small porch)
    2. Start saving food seeds (you may need to barter with them one day)
    3. Keep a 1 year supply of emergency food & water in your home & at a safe hide away location (1 year supply for each love one you plan to keep alive)
    4. Keep a bug out bag in your transportation vehicle
    5. Become a Vegetarian or some thing close to one (Pescatarian)

  8. freezzertime

    It’s theft. The philosophy is as? follows “the more productive you are the more we can take from you” and also the more banal philosophy “who will build the roads?” Adam Smith had loophole logic. The answer to this is the free-market. The best man suitable for the job would be able to do this. Read Rand, or watch some of her videos.

  9. meccaturbo

    Just exactly how do wealthy citizens benefit most from public services? They do not. Non wealthy folks have to drive to work, rich folks don’t…roads benefit the non wealthy. Power grids benefit the non wealthy and the wealthy equally…electrons flow to the homes of anyone, regardless of wealth. You sound like a non common sensical delusional fool.?

  10. Skibum Willy

    Here’s an answer, something specific we can demand, protest for, and adopt ourselves! Spread it around! If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. What if we were really just this close to having it work right?

    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie thing. Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

    Over a few calls, an inheritance cap is discussed as a fair way to? transition forward to where? we’re rewarded more for cooperating and creating instead of competing, conquering.

  11. Karla Jordan

    “Let’s tie the minimum wage to the cost of living, so that it finally becomes a wage you can live on.”-Obama Quote- Sen. Harkin Introduced Bill S. 460: Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013-Raises Min. Wage to $10.10 by 2015. More Info at fightforlivingwages? org Tweet your senator or write a letter to them to support the Senate Bill S.460.

  12. joshua craig

    Give people the power? to change their own lives. And you can change an economy. There is a generation of people in this country who have been inadvertently paying for their parents mistakes. A generation of people that are irresponsible unreliable and uneducated. I know. Im one of those people. Oh I almost forgot selfish. Some of us realize we have made a lot of careless mistakes. But its in realizing this we begin to want to change. We begin try to attain the will it takes to change.

  13. joshua craig

    If you want to boost the economy you must empower the people. There is a steadily growing number of people without a driver’s licenses. Or even a vehicle to drive. So these people can’t travel even just to find work. Some states have some pretty harsh laws against drivers. They also attempt to collect so called fees. Most of these fees haven’t been collected because people refuse to pay for something such as a fee,? on top of tickets or real fees like reinstatements.

  14. GeneralBlackNorway

    No, what I don’t understand is how you come to the conclusion that? I “do not understand real supply and demand”. What do you mean by that?

  15. Homebrewer87

    The United States of America will fail to pay its debts, the world will succumb to austerity and real inflation by force and, subsequently, it will become a very hard economic climate for everyone. Now, I will end this conversation because you? do not understand real supply and demand.

  16. GeneralBlackNorway

    In times of economic recession is the time to increase federal spending. In times of? growth it is the time to decrease spending and save up some money for recession. USA has done opposite so when it’s in recession it has no money when it needs it to kick start it’s economy. The problem isn’t taxes, and lower taxes will not solve anything. The deficit is not the problem either. The problem is people being out of jobs, and it has a spiraling effect.

  17. Homebrewer87

    “Crank up” the economy? With what, more fiat stimulation? The Fed is already buying $85 billion of treasury bonds a month. How much more will? it take, how much more spending? $100 billion? $200 billion? Sequestration means nothing. It doesn’t cut real spending, only slows it by a few percentage points. If they cut the federal budget in half, lowered all tax rates respectively & removed legal tender laws, the Fed Govt would pay down its debt in no time, and an Innovative Revolution would ensue.

  18. Homebrewer87

    “The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.” (Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the? Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations). Taxation in proportion to revenue isn’t progressive taxation, it’s proportional taxation—in modern terminology, a flat tax.

  19. Homebrewer87

    How much cash is enough? Because they have more money than is necessary to survive, is that? enough justification to steal their wealth for the “betterment” of the greater society?

  20. GeneralBlackNorway

    I have an idea. ALL Americans give all their money to me. Then America would have no money and they would either die because they don’t know what to do or? they will just do the jobs that needs to be done and not think about the money. Place your bets people!

  21. GeneralBlackNorway

    Hmm… reduction in public spending = people loosing their jobs in the public sector. Reduction in debt repayment will increase the debt increasing how fucked America will be. What needs to be done is pull money out of Americas ass like they are? so good at, and crank up the economy to a more stable level AKA, get the people back into their jobs. Then they can start taxing of that growth to deal with the debt etc… But now I sound like Romney and I am against him! *BLUE SCREEN*

  22. GeneralBlackNorway

    I? am unsure if you have much understanding of either socialism or free market systems.

  23. karezza777

    The future for America:

    1. Everyone speaks Spanish
    2. There are no white people
    3. America is a now a third world country
    4. ? All the infrastructure is dilapidated
    5. America is now Islamic

  24. Ace May

    @gueo224s No joke, is really happening, there is a good guide to be prepared for the collapse of America,? I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description

  25. postpanic3

    Excellent. Thank you Stefan. Sharing with everyone that I care about.?

  26. llaevigrof

    Stephan, you probably have, but had to ask, have you seen the “New World Order of the Barbarians’, 1969, Dr.? Richard Day. I think it tells us exactly why and how America is where it is at… what a bummer to listen to.

  27. llaevigrof

    This is all intentional no matter how you slice and dice..America is? going down because the people did what they were supposed to do, to feed the ‘Military Big Pharma/ Media Industrial Complex and now to be disposed. We are rolling toward the abyss. When will people see this is all manufactured and won’t open their eyes to the oncoming tsunami!

  28. llaevigrof

    So ? China’s Apple manufacturing plants (I am sure others are too!) with their ‘safety nets’? so people don’t commit suicide (cuz life is so f’n bad) is an ‘unreasonable’ legalize for health and safety for Americans or anyone else? Huh? Or, India’s horrid nightmarish ‘caste’ system, that if most people even knew what it was would question there expertise on ‘spirituality’? (Watch: ‘The Darker Side of India’) Our private prison labor are just like ‘China’s prison labor’.

  29. Samir Reguieg

    that’s f**ked? up…

  30. 123Nikklas123

    PLEEEEEASE tell me you? didn’t do a show with that nut job?

  31. AC719Productions

    I would vote? for you if you ran for president.

  32. Stefan Molyneux

    Sources are in the? description

  33. Michael Best

    I have very little doubt in this video’s info, and I say, Thanks! Mr. Molyneux seems to be a man with great knowledge and common sense. I do wish he would have included sources for those stats he gives here! If I pass on this info to others, they will want to know where I learned this! If I only give them this Ytube contact, they will say that? I didn’t research anything further, so how can I prove or disprove Mr. Molyneux’s opinions! Where can I find his resources to study/confirm?

  34. JohnnyTango111

    Do you guys realize that under Obama’s own law (The National Defense Authorization Act), that he is considered a domestic terrorist and an enemy of America?? According to the bill he signed into law, any US citizen ACCUSED of any connection to terrorists can be secretly kidnapped, tortured, & murdered by the state without due process. Obama admitted on national TV that he funds, arms, and trains Al Qaeda terrorists. He thinks he is above the law. Or maybe he just believes he is Hitler.



  36. Carlusha919

    Martha, Martha, how right is your comment. I agree with it and it is the reality of how the great majority of USA citizens think. Despite all that, still many of them still want to think the USA is the best country there is and still is “the land of opportunity”.Since everything is relative, I would? say that if your home country is submerged in a worse economical and political mess than the USA, then and only then it would be true, otherwise is just a wishful thinking. The immoral USA is ending.

  37. Martha Bryant

    I dont like what you say, therefore you must? be wrong. That about sums up many of the comments.

  38. Sanyukta Iyer

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  39. Chas Mcghee

    The problem is the legislation and taxes the gov continues to places on small biz, as someone who runs a small biz, I know this. The amount of taxes, insurance, and different fees we have to pay to keep running is insanity. Why did BO raise our tax bracket15% if he was honestly trying to? create jobs? Under Bush we paid about 20% in federal taxes, today we pay about 35%. It’s staggering. I pay more in fed taxes than Google. He’s trying to destroy my biz. We can’t hire anyone/expand.

  40. Chas Mcghee

    I agree that welfare programs aren’t the problem, I do agree with Stefan that welfare programs trap people into that lifestyle. however, to claim that out of the 47 million Americans on food stamps right now are all in need of it, is bs. There are a ton of able working adults in those millions who? don’t want to work. I personally know a half dozen of them, they usually work under the table or act like they have separated from their spouse’s. Americans are having an entitlement issues.

  41. xin jian

    Funny how? approval ratings skyrocketed up until 1984 than straight down to 5.

  42. davenporttj13

    but that also applies to earnings only in? reverse, if i get a raise of 2% and inflation is 3%, do I make more money? No, and that doesn’t even include the year-over-year tax increases, cost of living increases, and health care cost increases. I got a 2.5% raise last year, and what I actually saw on my paycheck the next paycheck after that was $1.00. even if i was making only $10,000 a year, that would mean that would mean that nearly 99% of my raise was taken all else being the same.

  43. Bel Rick

    I would propose that the ruination of both the american economy and culture is deliberate.
    That america won the cold? war, but lost the peace.

  44. 0v0nevermore

    Stefan, you haven’t given a single piece of reason demonstrating how the US cannot be fixed. Just because things look awful doesn’t mean it’s not possible to fix? the economy. I’m not saying I know how to fix it, but just because you don’t know how to fix it doesn’t mean it’s not fixable.

  45. Abraham Collins

    If this is your way of rationalizing our fucked? up monetary system then I have nothing to say to you.

  46. Ben Winchester

    Never trust a man who draws his plots in constant dollars (i.e., not adjusting for inflation).?

    If the inflation rate is 5%, and the government spends 3% more this year on welfare programs than last, are we really spending more on welfare programs? No.

    “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

  47. Emerald Emissary

    Yes blame the social programs, why not tell us to kill the poor while you’re at it? Nevermind the 85 billion we pay to offshore banks every month. We all just need to sacrifice more of our youth to Saturn, that will fix? everything!

  48. Ronbo710

    Wait til next month? 10-13 when the USA props up the house of cards even higher by extending the fantasy. Keep printing more trash kids lol.

  49. melibita

    David Icke? also believes in lizard people, so… :/