American Airlines trip report in first class and economy

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Video trip report of my American Airlines flights in first class and economy flying LAX-DFW-LAX on consecutive days as a part of a mileage run to achieve Pla…

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  1. jeff cowen

    Very nice job! I will be flying AA for the first time in 10 years. I will
    be flying the 757 transcontinental business class from JFK to cancun in
    august and I can’t wait. It will also be my first business class flight.

  2. Darren Booth

    Thanks, the song is “By All Means”, artist: Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer from
    the Anjunadeep? 2 album.

  3. Darren Booth

    @aaronrodgers77 Thanks! Enjoy your trip.

  4. Darren Booth

    @dutchboyable Thanks! You can tell I’m sorta keen on either Trance or more
    soothing music, depending on my mood that day. 🙂

  5. IBlackJackeNI

    Wow, the food on American Airlines looks amazing!

  6. Bystronicman08

    @ 2:14 I am assuming that is First class?That meal looks really really good.

  7. jfbenzl

    Are you EXP?

  8. indyracingnut

    That dinner at 2:17 was very impressive for coach class…or did you fly
    1st class back to LAX for the first return flight?

  9. sfflyer123

    Excellent trip report! The dinner looked fantastic. Was it good?

  10. Povilas sto

    very good and interesting video! waiting your next video 🙂

  11. Darren Booth

    On American, everything is pre-chosen. Some flights in premium cabins offer
    tablets with multiple options to choose from, however, but they’re still
    pre-loaded. On JetBlue and some United flights, there is live TV.

  12. Jamen Rowland

    oh my god im from canada and i cant believe we have the best first class
    look it up AIR CANADA first class best plane ever!!

  13. AirPlaneToddler11

    great vid but no tv in first wow

  14. mrtodd3620

    It seems like the food on your American flights was pretty uninspiring.
    Maybe tastes good, but they could be more inventive and original.

  15. William Kreicker

    @LightOfDaz But don’t you that UAL and Delta offer more services?

  16. jfbenzl

    @LightOfDaz welcome to the dAArk side!

  17. ksalgado17

    wow that 767 300 looks great ….. did it have inflight Wi-FI

  18. Darren Booth

    @jfbenzl I was no status on this trip, currently Gold & will roll over to
    Platinum in a couple of weeks. I’m normally a United flyer (1K), but
    decided to give American a go this year, too.

  19. Darren Booth

    @mraquinas Thanks!

  20. Félix Maltchinski

    UA is a star alliance and AA is the One world alliance. I would like to
    know also who is the best airline between UA and AA. Also did you fly with
    non US airline?

  21. William Kreicker

    I can’t understand why you enjoy AA. I fly about 100k per year. And not
    being able to have your own in flight entertainment and poor choice in food
    services is a total downer. Delta is a great product for in the USA. Great
    food, good wine, and every seat that I have sat in for the past six years
    has had on demand.

  22. Darren Booth

    I mostly fly United, actually, though I have been increasing the amount I
    fly American lately. About 70/30 UA/AA.

  23. nameurownchannel

    I totally agree. I am leaving this August and I am used to the
    entertainment. And I agree delta is very good. One question will they at
    least give you a blank on a over night flight in econmy?

  24. Darren Booth

    @mfs10131 Thanks, the song is “By All Means”, artist: Boom Jinx & Andrew
    Bayer from the Anjunadeep 2 album.

  25. Félix Maltchinski

    I checked out your channel and I saw the video off you flying with Cathay