American Economic Collapse, martial law and the coming fall of America

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American Economic Collapse, martial law and the coming fall of America.
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38 Responses to “American Economic Collapse, martial law and the coming fall of America”

  1. preppersintent

    20;48…totally wrong…infact 80 percent of that budget goes to privatized
    contractors..and thier interests..then the remaining 20 percent pays
    government employees in pay cheques to administer the system….then whats
    left helps the poor… UM ..hello??

  2. Robert Brown

    this guy is a fucking tool?

  3. jmitterii2

    46:30 US government debt was 113% of GDP in 1945. And it had social
    security liabilities and incurred medicare liabilities during the 60’s.
    Yet the national debt continued to decline as a percent of GDP to 26% of
    GDP by 1980 despite the cold war military build up, medicare and social
    security liabilities.
    What occurred were very bad supply side economic deals concerning killing
    unions and essentially abandoning trade regulation in favor of cheap labor
    regardless of cost to Aggregate Demand in our own country.

    1929 was fucking worse. I have pictures from my great grandparents of
    people living in tents. They themselves were living in a shack in Idaho.
    And the bag ladies were being collected off the streets after they died
    from the elements because there was no organized aid capable in size and
    scope to help the affirmed and out of work.
    I compare our places as not as far worse place because of some spooky
    accounting (which you falsely accuses as being worse when it isn’t) and
    even if it were worse, which again it isn’t as I stated above, accounting
    piece of paper or actual suffering and dying on the streets? Abstract or
    physical suffering which is worse?

    Wages are at an all time low as it occurred in 1929. Supply side
    economics. That and after 1929, Fed rose interest rates rather than kept
    them lower.

    Wealth disparity is a problem primarily by giving up on thoughtful trade
    that benefits all of us. Not all trade benefits everyone equally. Just
    like not all actions someone makes will benefit everyone around. It takes
    thought for complex issues. ?

  4. furbaby2

    Methinks he barks up the wrong tree when he complains about “hand-outs” and
    entitlements constituting the biggest part of government spending while
    saying nothing about all the corporate welfare and banker bailouts handed
    over to the already filthy rich!! How typical!?

  5. jmitterii2

    Explain what restrictions? What restrictions are you talking about that
    manufacturing doesn’t stay?
    Do you mean pollution controls? Do you want our water, air and land to be
    poison like its become in many places in China? And products the very
    Chinese make, they themselves refuse to buy because they don’t trust the
    quality? ?

  6. jmitterii2

    This has been happening since the late 70’s early 80’s. Job losses and
    replacement jobs have been shit jobs as incomes have been stagnate. The
    system is a joke on the labor class. Maybe great for the wealthy class.?

  7. tigerofwar99

    you can fake numbers?

  8. qz2026

    Well done. This is the finest compilation of facts I have seen to date.

  9. Mrmranyandeverything

    If you don’t know the bad aspects of the banking system then look up
    fractional reserve banking. The reason being your little schtick on bank
    accounts made you look like an idiot.

  10. USMCsburns

    why do all these anti government videos have forced 30 second

  11. Del Contoo

    Cokroach in the concrete……

  12. DieSunShadows

    No the Corporations will suffer a collaspse. America will still rebuild and
    our Economy should not be effected if we prepare for it early or now. As
    long as I have breathe the NWO will NEVER win!

  13. Jon Kon

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  14. muqraker

    there are roughly 7 billion people on earth today. roughly 2 billion are
    christian. that leaves 5 billion people, 1.6 billion who follow islam. that
    leaves over 4 billion people who could give a shit about christianity(or
    islam). so in your “world” the majority of people follow christ. but in the
    real world the majority of people probably don’t even know how to pronounce
    “jesus.” 🙂

  15. mcmilione

    Your statistics are flawed, as many people on this earth believe in CHRIST.
    The Bible is the most read book in history. (Das Kapital is 2nd.) What
    would be my motivation to ‘trick’ people? I am not a religious leader, and
    take my instructions from my Bible, and in fact believe that organized
    religion, at the top, has been co-opted by the ruling Elite, and therefore
    Satan. Look at the teaching of CHRIST first and foremost. What was his
    message? Pontius Pilate found no guilt in him why should you?

  16. muqraker

    no one’s ashamed of jesus christ who don’t “believe.” you’re ashamed that
    your religion isn’t followed by more people, so you’re attempting to trick
    people into “believing” using “shame” as your tool.

  17. david law

    you will eat whatever you can get your hands on I suspect. This is no joke
    – this will make 2008 look like a very minor blip.

  18. Manfred Mika FX


  19. Redbirds1100

    Great Video!! Keep them coming!! God Bless Doug

  20. Charles32x

    wells fargo just admitted we got trouble ahead, three months tops.

  21. PJ Mceadie

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    This site is so detailed that I will never get through it so I’ll probably
    get the dvd for $11-better than any obamacare policy could ever buy you.

  22. Aurigae888

    Boiling frogs maybe annoyed by being boiled but never jump out, haha

  23. savgal1211

    When every nation is doing the SAME thing there’s more to it than just a
    ponzi scheme. I still see this on coming global collpase as a way to move
    the world towards a one world currency with a one world govt where the UN
    would control the players.

  24. o00oZu1o00o

    great analysis, thanks for uploading

  25. Youri Carma

    In plain Dutch: Jeroen Dijsselbloem de meest gluiperige schoft die ik ooit
    ben tegengekomen. In plain Dutch: Jeroen Dijsselbloem the most sneaky
    bastard that I have ever encountered.

  26. Matthew Edwards

    Mental health! This gun control is not about guns. If we had better mental
    health services, which is what the actual problem is, we’d have more
    citizens who know how to deal with a crisis. If you remove the guns, they
    will only get them illegally or use other weapons to cause harm. Make
    people’s minds healthy (without prescription drugs!) and they will make
    better decisions. Why has this never been discussed in the media?! ALL of
    these shooters in the past few years have had mental health issues

  27. KillaCommieFerMommie

    China’s been buying BOAT LOADS of gold… Coincidence?

  28. mcmilione

    Thanks to you Dave! You are a modern day, Paul Revere. There are others out
    there, but you distill it down and eliminate a lot of the extraneous
    editorializing. When I comment I am primarily speaking to my fellow
    Christians, and intend no offense to those who do not believe. If you
    disagree with any of my remarks, then don’t read them. CHRIST said: ‘Those
    who are ashamed of me, of them will I be ashamed also.’ (paraphrase) I am
    publically saying that I am grateful for my salvation.

  29. onefodderunit

    Seek ignorance. Find bliss.

  30. imaginewonderwhy

    OK…..Scotty, I’m ready to get beemed back up now. This planet has no
    intelligent life (well….maybe just a few of us.) Seriously, any
    suggestions on a safe haven type of escape? (Other then Antarctica?…….
    one can only eat seals and fish for so long).

  31. JohnnyTango111

    Do you guys realize that under Obama’s own law (The National Defense
    Authorization Act), that he is considered a domestic terrorist and an enemy
    of America? According to the bill he signed into law, any US citizen
    ACCUSED of any connection to terrorists can be secretly kidnapped,
    tortured, & murdered by the state without due process. Obama admitted on
    national TV that he funds, arms, and trains Al Qaeda terrorists. He thinks
    he is above the law. Or maybe he just believes he is Hitler.

  32. neanam m

    Show me where they said that please…..Thanks charlie.

  33. neanam m

    Fasteddie come back and defend yourself bro these people are flaming you!

  34. hundimzug

    Thank you for all the work you do. I appreciate it.

  35. godenich

    Scotland is leaving UK and LSE is trying to write a UK Constitution
    ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s constitution youtube
    com/watch?v=Hc8246h8Alo I’d rather default than states considering
    secession. I want ROI for my Social Security 🙂

  36. bill McFalrlene

    Always happy to hear a Saturday edition, Dave. You rock.

  37. savgal1211

    The Federal Reserve doesn’t give a hoot how many Americans are unemployed,
    how many children live in poverty, and how many millions survive on
    foodstamps. Their policies, all of them, are geared towards maximizing the
    profits in the financial system. If that is achieved by raising your
    standard of living, it will go up. If it’s achieved by making you poor, you
    will be made poor

  38. chrisiden