Americans prepare for disaster

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A growing number of Americans are doing everything they can to get ready if disaster strikes. Whether it’s a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane or a conflict between the government and the American people, these guys are making sure they don’t have to rely on anyone in a catastrophic situation. They call themselves “preppers” and many are not happy with the direction the United States is heading in. Many believe President Obama is taking away their liberties and giving the federal government too much control. The group has organizations in almost every state in the country and spans gender, age and socioeconomic class.
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

25 Responses to “Americans prepare for disaster”

  1. vlada92bgd

    you are retarded, and i guessed right… you are from america…. i knew? it

  2. Eric Clare

    Following the devastation and resulting bad behavior of people in gas lines and the price gouging of merchants selling batteries and water, everyone should be actively planning how they will prepare for disaster. More disasters will come. When it comes to effective,? sustainable light we recommend the WakaWaka Solar Lamp, the most efficient solar lamp on the planet.

  3. Dave54600

    A few winters ago the snow and ice was so bad they couldn’t get bread delivered so now I have some food stockpiled, simple cause? and effect. My prepping is all about survival. Best case scenario is I never use.

  4. KevinWillia1

    I saw the title and thought it was? a reference to another term of Obama

  5. circuscase

    I just love Soviet propaganda “Russia Today” hugh???? More like a polished? up Soviet Today.

  6. cRuffysaur

    still kind of find it funny that people talk shit about preppers. dont come crying to their door for food water protection when your ass is starving and getting fucked by horny thugs on the road. your fault for being? an idiot. everyone knows shtf is right around the corner. american leaders have dug a hole so deep theres no stopping it. wake up people

  7. TheColossalWaffle

    Fuck? The Government, Fuck the police, Fuck politics! The world is becoming corrupt because of all this shit!

  8. hergie409

    These guys would probably praise God if Mitt Romney the millionaire, is elected President who will give all their money to CEO’s and bankers and other? people who dont even need it

  9. tekknorat

    I hate media showing preppers/survivalists/self sufficient people as nutjobs, when they aren’t. Those sheepish? reporters will be the first to starve, cause they don’t know how to work with their hands. “Working” with mouth won’t help too much.

  10. Diddlen

    Well, if it brings ur family a false sense of “security” then by? all means.I was just stating my opinion based on reality. And surviving an extra 6 weeks of misery is not worth it, not what I would wish on my family.

  11. Diddlen

    It’s a trend to me. I never heard of it until this year, and it’ll probably not have it’s own show next year. In the case of catastrophe, where very few live, the? soil is unusable, you cant come above ground for months or yearsand you’re only extending your natural life a number of years…..what’s the use in spending that much time or $?

  12. Diddlen

    Never heard of “preppers” under? republican presidents

  13. DanielJosephTV

    You can’t uncork the nuclear genie ?

  14. Sorapong Thaimusic

    cant kim? kadashian is to hot to not watch her sorry

  15. a2zhandi

    Kinda hard to do that when they have a couch wedged in there? too!

  16. a2zhandi

    Imagine for a second the trillions of dollars spent on the military? weaponry across the globe.
    Then try to understand why there isn’t a safe place on earth….

  17. JimsEquipmentShed

    I did, sorry. I stayed at a holiday inn last night and thought that? was qualification enough….

  18. mad largetrks


  19. lauriegirl2

    Who the hell cut? her hair?

  20. cbarsonfire

    You better be prepared to? kill. Disasters bring out the worst in people. I was deployed for hurricane Ivan and witnesses the best and worst in people.

  21. cbarsonfire

    How much food can u store in your house? Did anyone say they were living in the RV? Hey maybe those who do not prepare can count on FEMA to disperse some of the 1 Billion dollars of MRE’s that they ordered. Yeah the govt has done a great job providing for the citizens? during and after disasters.

    Don’t come banging on my door looking for handouts. The only handouts will be in the form of buckshot. 🙂

  22. sol rosenberg

    how much food can? u store in the R.V.?

  23. cr4yv3n

    He didn’t think of? one thing though….his minivan runs on GASOLINE…and world oil is running out xD

  24. blaowthismeow

    why kill us and not our government?

  25. stillbreathing37

    The Govt. is forcing us to kill innocent people in our own country? WTF?Fucking nutjob.We can only hope you die ,being you’re that old, before shit does hit the fan,it appears you’re planning on having to kill innocent american? citizens.