Bad news for future of US economy-American Dream-06-27-2011-(Part2)

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13 Responses to “Bad news for future of US economy-American Dream-06-27-2011-(Part2)”

  1. Phillip March

    Remember everyone! It was the Republicans best ideas that got this country in the worst recession since the great depression. Are we really going to hand them the car keys right now? They do not have ANY job creating bills, just EPA killing bills. The EPA has nothing to do with the mess we are in.? The problem is DEMAND. Please research this. The GOP is good at saying the same thing over and over and then you start to believe it. Just fact check everything you hear, both from the right and left!

  2. sera pringston

    Fuck it…I am gonna go to vegas, do a whole lotta coke, fuck some lady boys and party till the break of mutha fuck’n dawn until the world ends in 2012!!!? WOO HOO!!!
    and when the world doesnt end i will return to my shit cashier job at Walmart.

  3. brystonfan

    every aspect of life in this age is a mess, laugh if you want, i dont care, thats why the new world order will look so attractive to many, rich and poor, politics and science and big pharma is not our hope, i sit at work and hear about guys fucking? their girlfriends and wives in the ass & bragging about it or knocken some girl up, she gets pregnant,kill the baby and i work for the u.s. food & drug administration. people are really fucked up, its going to get much worse for awhile yet

  4. vechorik

    I’m right wing. Stop the waste and stupid-spending first. Then close tax loopholes. Then, if the US must have new revenue, get millionaires off government benefits of any kind: farm subsidies, VA, Social Security, Medicare, green energy……then we’ll talk about a? national sales tax to get some money from crooks/illegals………then talk about raising taxes after those things have been taken care of.


    fuck usa?

  6. Don Cappo

    Jesus is saying we live in an economy of abundance (WHO THE FUCK IS JESUS KIDDING) ?

  7. neobadandy



    check out this idea o c c? u p y w a l l s t r e e t . com

  9. Don Peterson


  10. xAmericansovereignty

    Fuck the baby boomers x2?



  12. furikuri26

    Fuck the baby? boomers.

  13. MyTube22T

    Mr. Malashevich is a another Zionist scum bag that is part of the Osama Ben Bernanke’s financial terrorist cartel. I don’t really give a rat’s ass about what he? or parasites like him have to say. In fact, we the people should do the OPPOSITE of what this criminal is saying.