Biderman’s Daily Edge: Cyprus is a Milestone to Economic Disaster

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44 Responses to “Biderman’s Daily Edge: Cyprus is a Milestone to Economic Disaster”

  1. zanydr1

    I really like him and he does good stuff. aside from that in this he didn’t say that Cyprus banks were 7x gdp in size and probably way more overleveraged than most. also that instead of ecb or troika? coming to the rescue the zone allowed failure and over 100,000 account were gonna lose money. this is how its supposed to work and maybe will cause the banks and people of Eurozone to rethink the positions they are in. we print money for too big to fail, they are saying they wont. test case?

  2. Dan Morris

    It means that when the Bernack stops printing the market will? crash.

  3. Dan Morris

    What it means is that when the Fed stops printing electronic money, the market will crash. I thought it was? pretty clear.

  4. John Turnbull

    Does this? mean something?

  5. blackgoldforex

    Lol all idiots top callers for what 2 years now serious wonder why people still buy there shit they advice rule nr1 when in worked a sovereign wealth fund you dont fade the central banks. i am gonna have the sickest returns in history this year this? quarter fund rocked already a hard 37% with almost no leverage. I really find all this guys entertaining thats all they dont make penny 1? big charletan fund nenner gartman biderman faber the whole she bang

  6. blackgoldforex

    Fake money always gonna be biderman keep fighting the central banks serious all morons you can get free money they gonna fade it or a scared to get in. Keep waiting for the? crash what is not gonna come Biderman not the first comming years maybe some sideways stuff with small downmoves

  7. blackgoldforex

    chasing biderman chasing yeah whe have been in longtime and b=not pulling out whe dont care with your stuff keep fading biderman keep fading. You start to look everyday more depresed ley me? guess margined out almost

  8. blackgoldforex

    Biderman again guy dont make penny should start? fund with gartman and nenner charletan fund. Keep fading the bullmarket sucker you dont get a penny.

  9. Jack Sprat

    This guys? laugh is great.

  10. wall usastreet

    One of the most entertaining channels? on youtube.

  11. pansemuckl22

    Perfectly? said

  12. quadcatfly

    and yet gold? and silver are going dwnandonand down….

  13. Jy Byrd


  14. MXEIUM

    Your weird


  15. JejuLee

    I have to think the institutional purchases of houses weren’t for the 0.5% differential return on rental income versus bond return, as there are so many factors that reduce that supposed return (mngt fees, maintenance, <100% occupancy, legal? fees for A to Z--if you've owned rentals, you know...). Beyond those obvious counter arguments, real wages will continue to decrease for...well, forever, most likely. Real estate is a Pavlovian reaction by a wild pack of mental dogs. They'll lose big time.

  16. Suzy Ward

    Thanks? much Sir .

  17. chena3

    you? take some of the complexities
    of this economic mess
    and bring them right down to
    understandable facts..

  18. tglids

    I really enjoy you analytical and? common sense approach……Sir Biderman

  19. echaug14

    Thanks for? all the positive news lol

  20. raymond lindroth

    What is happening today in America is paving the way for the false messiah.

    The false messiah comes out of America. Dan. 8: 8.

    The false messiah WILL be crowned KING of America. Dan. 8: 21.

    America WILL break into 4 nations. Dan. 8: 8.

    American christianity WILL be the religion of the false messiah.

    I tell you these things so when they come to pass you? will know i told you so beforehand.

    The wise shall understand. Dan. 12: 10.

    bless you

  21. yahoopig


  22. Metamor Phesis

    For those who find Edgar interesting. He had a? divination spirit demon. His home welcomed all. No ethical moral rules. He even fortold horse races. very bad.

  23. FreedomForceUSA

    Nice job,? one of my videos talks about the top 5 warnings signs and they are taking place as we speak.
    I DO believe more people are waking up and preparing but not nearly enough.

  24. alexandrasophia24

    that is so true and the federal reserve have to go and people just do not understand and we will have collapse. What I am tired of hearing from everyone is what is going to happen and nobody is talking about solutions. Always about fears of whatever? but let’s get to problem solving.

  25. winter Marine

    Why do politicians and people say we live in a democracy? I thought America was a republic? The reality is were not under a republic nor democracy, just another dictatorship and blind people thinking their free because they have the papers an permits to? prove it

  26. slimmickey62


  27. Nishadh Mohammed

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  28. str8cndian

    your right it is ambitious,, but think about it,, lots? of condoms+ lots o pussy,, especially in the end times…
    I almost forgot,, i’m gonna need ten gallons o’lube

  29. iDugify

    step away from the keyboard.? your meds are on the table!!!!!

  30. killamericanpolice

    never replace white devil democracy with peace. democracy only kills? a country and society!! remember the humans that lived in peace far before white devil exiled polio America tried to be pregnant virgin vigina jesus god

  31. Des Malone

    Except for now they own the cops and other enforcers so long as? everybody’s getting paid, it won’t happen. When the USD becomes worthless, that’ll be when SHTF for the ones who caused this – they’ll become instant targets. Hope they can run fast.

  32. Ed Card

    “we have a lot? of DEBT because of a lot unemployed people” what a bunch of BS is the WARS and all of the TAX CREDITS TO RICH people all the BAD DEBT that the banks and the cartel dumped on the TAX PAYERS … and all the black secret projects that the gov. has all over … and much more over spending

  33. morpheus622

    Breaking News ! European and Asian Stock Markets hit all time low. Nervous? Investors flee equities after China Dumps $300 Billion US Dollars on the open Market.

  34. Mike Arp

    Not much time left. I wish America would do what Iceland did. If we nullified our debt, charged? and prosecuted our bankers, and nationalized our central bank the rest of the world would follow suit.

  35. Mike Arp

    Not much time left. I wish America would do what Iceland did. If we nullified our debt, charged and prosecuted our bankers, and nationalized our? central bank the rest of the world would follow suit.

  36. Mike Arp

    Not much time left. I wish America would do what Iceland did. If we nullified our debt, charged and prosecuted our bankers, and nationalized our central bank the rest of the world would? follow suit.

  37. endtimeministries4u

    a little thing called the love of? money is the root of all evil……. its the devil game changer and master piece that challenges the Christ in mortals….. and enslaves the carnal minded.. if the world was a storybook already read, when the future is seen presently anyone would think lucifer is god for the faith of the land will just be a form of godliness that denies the power of God and His Christ.

  38. endtimeministries4u

    Debt? paves the way for the mark of the beast.

  39. aliaa ehap

    we are egyptains we support our police and dear army in war on terrorists muslim brotherhood
    note? : I am a muslim and I am aginst terrorists acts

  40. aliaa ehap

    Obama defends armed riot of the Muslim Brotherhood in EGYPT and prevent peaceful? demonstrations in USA?

  41. Joseph Paniello

    To provide investors with multiple methods to access and add precious metals, to include gold, silver, platinum, & palladium to their portfolios. The addition of these precious metals is a time tested method by which to strategically offset dollar weakness and provide insurance against further periods of economic turmoil both? domestically and abroad in the global economy.

  42. Krutov22

    Europe? How? They didn’t even bail out their? own little member Cyprus.

  43. Krutov22

    An era with millions not being able to feed or shelter themselves and their families? No industry, no jobs, no food in the stores, and crime rules? Oh wait. That would be now, wouldn’t it. Just…? worse.

  44. SunnySinclair1979

    What people always overlook is that the government is broke and in debt true but at the same time there is a percentage of people who have? made more money than ever and horde the nations wealth