Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

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Searching for hidden treasure doesn’t have to involve a treasure map marked with a big red X in order for you to be able to find valuable coins, jewelry and other items. All you need is a powerful metal detector that will help you uncover these lost items. One detector named the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector can find items fast.

You can look through the sandy soil of a public beach when you want to find objects, because the detector can read objects right through the sand. But, the detector is also great for finding items that are hidden beneath the soil in grassy areas such as yards or public areas like parks.

You’ll find a ton of coins in all sorts of denominations as well as some items that may bring in a nice income should you choose to sell your findings. The features with the Gold Digger model cut down on all the interference in the soil so you get right to the treasure.

The dial that controls trash elimination can be changed manually and the volume adjusted by turning the dial so that you can determine how audible you want the alert beep to be. This detector is perfect – whether you’re looking for one to use for general prospecting or you’re searching for gold.

The All Metal mode is the feature that will help users find metals like gold that can end up being quite valuable. It can also find other metals such as copper or silver. Since the audible beep on the detector will let you know when it’s located something, you might want to use the earphones, which come along with the detector as an accessory.

By using the earphone, you can keep your finds private. The detector will display a visual alert when users get near treasure. A handy feature with this model is the preset ground balance, which takes into consideration the natural mineral content of the soil and eliminates that from the parameters, giving users a more pure search.

The coil is waterproof, making it handy to use in wet or dry soil conditions. The depth of the detector for small items is about 6 inches and for bigger things the finding depth is at 2 feet.

The detector works on two 9-volt batteries, but those aren’t supplied with the detector, so you’ll want to make sure you have some on hand. This model is perfect for adults, but light enough so that kids can also use it to locate treasure and it provides plenty of entertainment.

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