Bounty Hunter HEAD-W Metal Detector Headphones

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Getting a set of headphones for your metal detecting hobby is necessary for many reasons. First, when you choose to do your search in a public place such as the beach or in a park, you’re going to be sharing that area with other people.

The loud audio signals from the detector can be annoying to the people around you and not only that, it can also disturb the peace. You want to be mindful of the people in the area whenever you use your metal detector.

Secondly, having a good quality pair of headphones for your detector keeps you from missing out on any signals that would signify a treasure is buried deeper than just below the topsoil.

You’ll be able to better tell the difference between the location of the find as well as how the item is lodged below the ground – whether it’s upright on the side or lying at an angle. By using headphones, you’ll find more stuff a lot faster.

As an added bonus for using headphones, you’ll be able to block out noises that will cause you to miss out on hearing a signal. There are several good features for the Bounty Hunter HEAD-W Metal Detector Headphones that make these the right pair to buy.

Using these headphones will help the battery power of your metal detector last a lot longer than it normally would. You’ll end up saving on battery life because you won’t be using the audio speakers.

The Bounty Hunter headphones are made specifically for metal detectors. Using headphones like this model ensures that you’re getting headphones that have resistance against dampness, unlike ordinary headphones.

Also, ordinary headphones won’t always have separate volume control. The features with the metal detector headphones are what will make a difference in your finds. The earphones are padded for your comfort and the speakers are protected by material designed to keep humidity and wetness at bay.

Another feature is that these headphones have both stereo and mono ability. An important necessity in metal detecting headphones is the volume control button on the outside of the speakers.

This volume control allows users to turn up the volume to catch fainter signals and to regulate signals that would be too loud to safely listen to. Both sides of the headphones come with volume control that cut out wind noise, eliminates disturbances and can pick up fainter signals.

The headphones use a 1/8 inch plug and are suitable for all Bounty Hunter metal detectors, except the junior one.

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