Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer

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Out of all the hobbies you can choose from, metal detecting is one of the least expensive to get started with. Not only is it inexpensive to get started and to maintain this hobby, but it’s also a hobby that pays you to do it by returning treasure to you when you go out on searches.

You can find coins – and many of them are rare and worth a great deal of money. But you can also find precious metals like gold and valuable jewelry like diamond rings. The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP comes automatically preset out of the box, which gives you efficient ground balance your first time out.

The detector has numerous features and among those features is the squelch tech feature. This feature is the one no detecting enthusiast should be without. This is what gets rid of other signals that won’t let you have a good find.

That means that if there are any wireless signals in the area where you’re searching, this detector won’t pick them up, so it won’t mess with your search. You end up getting a much clearer signal and fewer false ones.

There are plenty of other helpful features, too. The display monitor on the detector will identify the treasure that you’ve located. With this model, you’ll be able to use the probable target feature to see the metal range that you’re searching for.

Plus, the screen will also identify a low battery warning whenever you need to add fresh 9 volt batteries. The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP also has the Discrimination feature with the easy one touch button.

For detecting the treasures, users get a clear 3 tone alert through the audio system. This audio will allow users to know the kind of metal that’s hidden below the ground. That means that users will never again be fooled by a piece of worthless aluminum versus a valuable coin.

The tone alert is the feature that can eliminate the false readings. This model also includes a handy pin pointer, which is useful for eliminating any extra digging. The QSIGWP model has a depth control feature that shows users the burial depth of the item. No more guessing how far down a treasure is when you use this element!

The detector has an easy one touch on and off power switch. The modes for the detector are also easy push button and offer shallow, deep or medium mode for depth. The detector is quick to assemble, lightweight and one of the most accurate detectors on the market.

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