Bounty Hunter TP-KIT-W Pouch and Trowel Combo Kit

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When you go searching for treasures to find, a metal detector isn’t the only tool you’ll want to have with you. There are many useful tools that can aid in your search for treasures and Bounty Hunter has a combo kit that’s useful and easy to carry.

This pouch is a great accessory holder to have along for metal detecting trips. Durable and lightweight, it’s strong enough to handle the goodies you find during short or long excavating jobs.

There’s plenty of room in the bag – not just for your tools, but also for the treasures that you’ll end up finding. As you spend more time searching for objects, you’ll learn which tools come in handy most often and one of those tools is a sturdy trowel.

This combo kit comes with a nine-inch trowel that’s perfect for digging around in any type of soil – whether it’s dry or damp dirt. The trowel is made with stainless steel and allows you to get your digging done quickly and efficiently, no matter what size the object is.

A great highlight of this trowel is the ability to keep track of how deep you’re digging by using the engraved measurements on the surface of the trowel. The plastic handle guarantees you’ll have optimum comfort for your hand while you work with it.

A side pocket on the exterior of the pouch is provided so that you can store your trowel in there when it’s not being used. The pocket guarantees your trowel won’t be scratched or scuffed. The pouch is great to have with you during detecting or to keep your tools and treasures safe whenever you’re traveling from site to site. When you’re finished using the trowel, you can simply wipe it clean and slip it back into the holder on the pouch.

The Bounty Hunter TP-KIT-W Pouch and Trowel Combo Kit is made of strong nylon, making sure it protects your trowel and other small tools you need to put in there. The pouch includes two outer pockets. One is for the trowel and the other outer pocket is big enough to hold a standard sized bottle of water.

The pouch also has two pockets inside that you can use for things such as small treasures. The pouch is made to be worn around your waist with an adjustable two-inch wide belt. A strong belt buckle is included to make sure that the pouch will not move or scoot around as you work.

No matter where you’re hunting, the Bounty Hunter TP-KIT-W Pouch and Trowel Combo Kit is convenient to have with you when you’re using your metal detector. Small enough to carry with you, yet large enough to hold your trowel and valuable finds, this pouch is a great buy for any treasure hunter.