Bug out Bag, Survival kit, Prepare for Disaster, Vacume Seal, Prepare For The Future

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Perparing your Bug Out Bag, how to make homemade soap for the first time, for perpardness for upsets in the future. simple rescipe. vacume seal your soap for…

14 Responses to “Bug out Bag, Survival kit, Prepare for Disaster, Vacume Seal, Prepare For The Future”

  1. EssentialSoap

    great. if i can? help you with your soaping just let me know. kim

  2. tat2dMama68

    Thank? you so much for making this video – I know quite a few preppers who would benefit from this like I have.

  3. EssentialSoap

    you are so welcome. i am happy to help if? you come up with any questions. kim

  4. bufoot19

    so glad I found your videos on youtube. They are so easy to follow and? such great info! Thank you so much!

  5. EssentialSoap

    lol i never remember? to turn off the ringer when i am making videos. kim

  6. nickernator

    Give your friends? soap in return for missing their calls while making a video about making soap

  7. EssentialSoap

    lol lol, love your wit. i really thought i would get alot of perparer’s who would like this video. but i have only had 95 views. maybe it just does not fit the normal perparer game plan. but it would be? better than store bought soap any day.lol

  8. Bonstergirl

    Kim, I didn’t know you’re a prepper? to ( “Wouldn’t you like to be a prepper, too?”). Always glad to see another soaper who’s also a prepper.

  9. EssentialSoap

    you are so welcome. thanks for your? commit. have a great day

  10. EssentialSoap

    my daughter was just saying while i made that video that it looked just like mashed potatoes. lol thanks? for commiting

  11. shelladavis

    I don’t know? why but i have a evil craving for mashed potatoes LOL

  12. shelladavis

    thank you for keeping? it real

  13. EssentialSoap

    wonderful. did? not know you could still buy the red devil lye anywhere on a store shelf. i know that will help people. thanks

  14. Sidonia Coy

    You can get Lye? at ace hardware here in California i have found, hope that helps sum soapers.