China continues to prepare for Dollar collapse! So should you. Wed 1/11/12 update

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25 Responses to “China continues to prepare for Dollar collapse! So should you. Wed 1/11/12 update”

  1. PatrioticEagle50

    The Weimar Republic and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina never used gold, they used other important resources after their economic and governmental collapse. Because gold has no true value.? People do not require gold when they are starving. Now, not saying you shouldn’t have gold. Maybe the economy will recover at a decent rate, and it may have value once the economy is restructured, but until then, don’t expect to be trading it for food.

  2. PatrioticEagle50

    Actually, he is right. Once? a global economic collapse happens, gold becomes worthless because food and water become top priority over everything else. Look at every time in human history where a great power, or even superpower, collapses. There is only one time in relatively recent history where gold became the standard, and that was the fall of the Roman Empire. Every other time after that when a power collapsed, bartering became standard, not gold.

  3. Emperorwali


  4. BluePanther3000

    Funny you should mention that: in Australia there has been “issues” with foreign investment, especially China buying up huge swathes of farmland, and real? estate in general. They are obviously supporting your strategy.

  5. MrKnockna

    cont from below
    So what can be done, well although I am not american myself I do not want this great country go down the tubes so here is my suggestion. Well? meanings Americans who want to save their country must band together in a SAVE AMERICA CAMPAIGN and organise the length and breath of the land. Stickers printed and put in car windows encouraging people to join in the campaign. If the membership grows to millions then the gov cannot ignore them and act accordingly. America must be saved.

  6. MrKnockna

    Now I know all the arguments against this policy but they are not valid because if America collapses so does your military. Now a large country like the US must have a strong manufacturing base to remain wealthy but we have seen large corporations chase cheap labour all over the globe and this is national suicide because you are exporting all the jobs.Lastly serious restrictions must be put on banks to lnsure we do not get? a repeat of 2008,and kept in check..

  7. MrKnockna

    You are all preparing for the dollar collapse but I think that is? the wrong tack. First of all China is not to blame it is self inflected by your massive debt and countries are losing confidence in the dollar. But the situation can be retrieved if you tackle the debt crisis and restore the dollar. So where can the savings be made, cuts and austerity only makes things worse, there must be a different approach. The obvious answer is military spending which is completely out of control, trim it.

  8. V Cruz

    We are in worst shape than Greece..But the U.S. can bull shit it’s way out of any sticky mess..this country is going down hill with? NO brakes.

  9. Ace May

    @gueo224s No joke, this is serious bro! The link to the survival guide? is on my profile’s description

  10. Ace May

    @gueo224s Dude, the guide I told you can? help your life after America collapses, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description

  11. elbombardi

    so why should everybody uses? dollar? your usure money have no value

  12. Sumon Kumar

    I watched this movie since I eventually got seriously worried about the economy and had little idea how to cope. Dough certainly does not mean anything at all any longer. Therefore I made a decision to conduct some exploration and found Goldiverse. I am just so grateful, I can switch my personal savings from cash to? several currencies, to any precious metal any time I like. The federal government can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Google or bing it Goldiverse.

  13. dogfromhell loveis

    u think saudis will accept dollars after the collapse for oil? but they will accept gold. do you think brasil and china will accept dollars for food and other things? no.? but they will accept real assets

  14. dogfromhell loveis

    if the dollar collapses the usa will make gold illegal to hold and silver its very simple the usa needs to buy stuff and pay other countrys and have a sound currency to use nobody will accept dollars but they will accept gold and so usa will confiscate all gold and silver and give u some bullshit for it, if not ur ass is in jail, i know this for a fact? because the usa gov is preparin the laws since 2000, all anti terrorist laws are for the dollar collapse

  15. BLOOM2343

    Not true read no amount of gold? and silver we save us it said it in the bible

  16. Josh Richardson

    You invalidate your point about iran somewhat by not even knowing who it is? you’re talking about.

  17. MrEnergyCzar

    yes, getting built capital type assets? like land you can grow food, solar panels to produce your own power and being debt free are a good start… this is very similar to preparing for peak oil, consequences are the same…

  18. MrEnergyCzar

    Even worse is Turkey buying oil with gold? from Iran….

  19. MrEnergyCzar

    I doubt it but the fixed mortgage payment might become very easy to pay since you’d be earning a billion a month or whatever… mortgage would be like nothing…. ?

  20. beatomatico


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  22. ninijo1234

    Please Read up on the Chang Mai Initiative. Currently 3 ASEAN Countries, on top of India,? Japan and Korea plus the Aussies too, have made currency swap deals and allow full direct convertibility into their local currencies for bilateral trade. This “Dollar Exclusion Zone” will encompass the Asia Pacific Region, Plus India, and soon it will encroach into the Gulf area, traditional Allies of the US, after they see Iran monopolizing Oil trade in the Yuan, Rupee and Rouble. They too sell oil 4 yuan

  23. Indo Nesia

    Its me.?

  24. storm1978du

    indonesian countries? can? you please name them lulz

  25. Ace May

    @gueo224s No joke! There is a guide to? what you have to do after America collapses, I’m buying that stuff, I don’t want to dye just for saving some coins, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description