Chinese told to stock up on food and water and get ready for WW3

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18 Responses to “Chinese told to stock up on food and water and get ready for WW3”

  1. Eirexeyes

    Explain to me sir how you are not! :P.. & How you know im a? dude.. !?lol

  2. CUSTERM16A2

    Explain to me sir how am I insane? You are not a doctor and do not know me personally therefore cannot make any sort of judgement regarding? my mental stability. Second that particular passage I mentioned deals with the subjects of faith and righteousness. Faith is supposed to go hand in hand with doing what is right. It also states that one without the other is essentially worthless.

  3. Eirexeyes

    aha you guys are all? insane..!

  4. CUSTERM16A2

    James 2:14-26 says? different brother.

  5. kletzky99

    shoot that noisy? bitch please

  6. CrimsonRunnerToJesus

    “Sayings” are of Man.. You DO understand The Word of God, hence Ruth 2:12, was “God” breathed, right? And you DO understand what that means, right? If so, then you jumped to a wrong conclusion when you made your first comment to me. You see, Killswitch and I both know “by grace are [we] saved through faith; and that not? of ourselves: it is the gift of God.” Hopefully you DO as well 🙂

  7. roymaitland

    They just? want their collateral!

  8. roymaitland

    1950’s propaganda? to sell!

  9. aia20azeez

    Russia as well they will soon retake the former soviet states theri preparations for war with the U.S NEVER stopped they’ve been building underground? CITIES for DECADES now and still continue to expand them all in preparation for war with the U.S they are in league with china things will get VERY interesting VERY soon.

  10. Eirexeyes

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! & I am sure there are many sayings that go against what ye just said..?

  11. CrimsonRunnerToJesus

    The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given? thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust. ~Ruth 2:12

  12. Eirexeyes

    What reality? do you live in? The one I’m in China got no talent. Just like all the Mid-East, Africa, the whole of Asia. & don’t get me started on Britain.. Have you seen Britain got talent?

  13. Eirexeyes

    God does no? care about your good deeds.. He only cares about your bad deeds..

  14. midway27272727

    this is that new show…”China got? talent”

  15. araffier

    It’s traditional chinese from? Taiwan or HongKong! bullshit propaganda stuff.

  16. dave19782003

    Love the song, but I? can’t dance to it.

  17. yastunt

    It’s good to keep an eye on Red China.? .

  18. CrimsonRunnerToJesus

    Thank you for informing us Killswitch. And may the Lord recompense all? you the hard work you do. May a full reward be reckoned unto you.