Comparing Survival Arms for Your Buying Consideration

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Being prepared to protect your family is a wise way to live your life. In ordinary situations, most people won’t ever have to deal with using a weapon to keep their loved ones safe.

However, situations have been occurring where it’s vital to have the right weapon and know how to use it. The media is full of stories where citizens have been called on to fight back.

During survival mode, you want a weapon to stop an intruder or an attacker. The best weapon to stop an intruder or an attacker is a gun. Most people bent on causing harm to others will stop when faced with a gun.

The question you may wonder is, “Which gun is the best survival gun?” That depends on the situation you’re dealing with. A shotgun is the best in some circumstances, but in others, you’ll want a handgun.

Those who aren’t familiar with guns will often use words interchangeably to define more than one gun. For example, rifles and shotguns or pistols and revolvers, but they’re not identical.

Whichever gun you choose, make sure that the ammunition is readily available. You’ll see hand guns with various names like Smith & Wesson, Taurus or Sig Sauer. Some guns can be used with only one hand, such as a pistol, while others, like a shotgun are best used with two hands.

While some survivalists like revolvers, they don’t hold enough ammunition and taking the time to reload them can take too much time when seconds count. If you want a fast reload, you need to take a look at a semi-automatic pistol. Semi-automatic pistols are popular for protection because you don’t have to wait to reload before firing the gun again.

Once the first bullet is in the chamber (via the slide action) and the gun is fired, the next bullet will automatically drop into the chamber. So you can keep shooting to scare off or stop those who would harm your family. There are different types of these pistols including the Glock, which is used by law enforcement. These are tough, durable pistols.

Owning rifles is a must-have for your family’s safety. The kind of rifle you buy will determine the distance it can shoot as will the kind of expertise you have with shooting. A rifle can shoot with a longer range than a pistol.

You want a gun that will stop attackers before they get near your home and you want a gun that will handle close encounters as well. Most survivalists use a variety of guns rather than relying on one type.

Guns aren’t just used for protection, either. Make sure you consider having hunting rifles on hand if you and your family end up having to live off the land and need to hunt for meat.

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