Controlled Economic Collapse – American Freedom To Fascism

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6 Responses to “Controlled Economic Collapse – American Freedom To Fascism”

  1. Jay Stimson

    Think this is related to the push for gun control in the US? ?
    For a real dose of the ugly reality ? /watch?v=1IeT2nmLOnw

  2. Fran Toll

    Ooops, forgot,? we need to spread this message to more people. Let’s think about how we can do this.

  3. Fran Toll

    Good job guys!? You tell ’em!!

  4. Fran Toll

    The IMF is owned by the same people who own the Federal Reserve; the bankers (Rothschilds, Morgans, Chase, etc). Little do they realize that? once they create the NWO, the end will come, the Lord will destroy Israel as it is written in Revelation. The American people should start their own monetary system and throw the Zionists out of the country! JFK was killed because he wanted the Treasury backed by silver.

  5. OfftheWalnuts W

    I like these guys.?

  6. Fran Toll

    They have the same things planned for the American people. I fail to see how ‘they’ can tax anyone on the ‘made-up’ money they ‘own’. It’s theft, pure and simple. The heads of gov’t. are afraid of what will happen to? them. They fear the Zionists more than they fear the one who can throw them into hell; God!