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Check out these american economy images:

The American Economy 2008… and still train wrecked in 2011
american economy
Image by hz536n/George Thomas
One picture is worth 1000 words about the Bush economy… Train wreck in Mulhall, OK December, 2005
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reflexo da economia americana
american economy
Image by Mestro chi
American Economy reflect

Denúncia de Massacre em Rondônia

Grupos ligados à Liga dos Camponeses Pobres denunciam um verdadeiro massacre ocorrido em um acampamento sem-terra em Rondônia no dia 09 de abril último. Segundo informações veiculadas por estes grupos, 15 pessoas foram assassinadas por jagunços e várias encontram-se desaparecidas. O acampamento, que foi todo destruído, ficava na área do Catâneo em Jacinópolis, a 400km de Porto Velho.

Cerca de 100 acampados que fugiram permanecem na beira da estrada próximo ao local e outras tantas foram para cidades próximas. Autoridades locais estariam diretamente relacionadas ao ataque, o que levou as organizações de apoio a contactarem várias instâncias federais, sem resultado positivo até o momento.

The U.S. Economy circa January 2009
american economy
Image by toastie97
Or the University Ford dealership in Durham, NC, as seen from the American Tobacco parking deck on a stormy January afternoon.

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  1. ChrisI1024

    If you set the train wreck on fire, I think it’d be more accurate.

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  2. socalgal_64

    eye pair

    What a "Damn cool" shot!!!

  3. mcreedonmcvean

    Agree. And no Bushies trying to fix the mess…


    Hi! My name is Miguel Moreno and I write you on behalf of, a Spanish information website. We are preparing a special report for tomorrow about the world economic crisis and me myself I’m in charge of getting ready an album about how is flickr seeing the crisis, so I would select some of the pictures in the group "Economic Cluster of 2008". I’m afraid we can’t afford paying for the pictures yet (I hope maybe some day we will be big enough to pay for every photo), so I’m asking you for permission to publish this picture, obviously under your user name (or other if you prefer) and linked to this site. I hope you will allow us. Thanks in advance.

  5. hz536n/George Thomas

    Yes, it is "OK"

  6. Bill Wight CA
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  8. Ekz .
  9. 54vintage

    Soon he sits in his 2 million dollar home in Dallas……some folks weren’t on the train.

  10. Time Bandit

    metal carnage

  11. ????????

    as negativas são cada vez mais comuns para um povo sem poder politico.