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A few nice american economy images I found:

Evicted! Fight back!
american economy
Image by Cecilia…
The banks gave the loans, then raised interest rates,
and took the houses back. They now want more money.
Money for fraud + war.
See YouTube:
On Ponzi Schemes: All for the rich….the world pays and suffers.

yes, yes…We’re ROCK SOLID!
american economy
Image by eyewashdesign: A. Golden
BLOGGED: 07 Oct. 2008:

This is part of Print the Truth’s poster campaign, taken from 15 September 2008.

PRINT THE TRUTH is the first distributed political poster system in history. Every day until the election, they are giving a free poster and are asking for people to print as many as they can. So go ahead, paste ’em up. Put them on the office fridge, the cars in the lot, on your vacuum cleaner, paper Wall Street, Capitol Hill ~ wherever you can.

For more information:

With 100,000 people printing 10 posters a day, we can hang 60 million important messages between now and election day. Power to the printer, power to the people.

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  2. freestylee

    Thank you for this one! The banks get bailed out while citizens of America are thrown out into the streets with kids in tow. How heartless can the money gods money be.

  3. zero g

    Never did trust those fundamentalists!

  4. eyewashdesign: A. Golden


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    Souns good. After the fire in the Bush, John Mc Pain…

  7. eyewashdesign: A. Golden

    Thanks antonychammond —> +ed.

    malavoda —> McSame? or my preference —> McInsane!


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