Cool American Economy images

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Check out these american economy images:

War should never gain this level of acceptance – Lies of Violence, warmongers: “Defense cutbacks hinder economy, Less spending for war saps growth”, USA TODAY, evil, newspaper, breakfast, Hyatt Hotel, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
american economy
Image by Wonderlane
killing people is not an economic recovery plan kids … War should never gain this level of acceptance.

Look at how this front page is designed very carefully – nothing held back, All-American celebration, Move over mickey here comes Genghis, welcome to Silicon Valley, baseball and baking, with the Union Jack…

American Airlines 777
american economy
Image by caribb
American Airlines’ 777 heading towards the Atlantic Ocean. Probably coming from Chicago.

Unfreeze the American Economy with Green Jobs – Keene, NH
american economy
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  1. ngawangchodron

    Have you read "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein?? I highly recommend it

  2. Wonderlane

    [] I will keep it in mind – I was totally shocked to read that headline. Thank you!