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Some cool food storage images:

Denver – LoDo: Littleton Creamery / Beatrice Foods Cold Storage Warehouse
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Image by wallyg
The Littleton Creamery / Beatrice Foods Cold Storage Warehouse Building, at 1801 Wynkoop, was built in 1903 to the design of architectural firm, Gove & Walsh Architects. A rare example of early 20th century industrial design and functional, the building exhibits skillful masonry work in its brick polychromatic exterior and its successful functional design as a cold storage warehouse in continuous use for eighty years. Gove & Walsh designed the 1912 addition, while the final addition in 1916 is credited to Mountjoy and French.

The building originally served as the refrigeration warehouse for Litteleton Creamery, then the Beatrice Creamery. Butter, cheese, cream and dairy supplies were stored here from 1903 to 1979, when conversion to office and showroom space was delayed seven weeks until three feet of ice was defrosted from the walls. Over the years, many restaurants occupied the ground floor. In 2009, Venanzio and Anthony Momo opened the Icehouse Tavern.

National Register #85001952 (1985)

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