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Check out these prepare for disaster images:

Preparing for disasters so they can save their communities
prepare for disaster
Image by EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
Women in Central America are actively involved in disaster preparedness work to improve the way communities respond to disasters. This photo shows a Civil Protection volunteer in Somotillo, Nicaragua, carrying a child during an emergency simulation organised in the framework of an ECHO funded project run by our partner German Agro Action.
© 2007 – Photo credit: AAA/Florian Kopp

Organize For Disaster
prepare for disaster
Image by Earthworm
My colleague Judith Kolberg wrote this very sensible book about planning for disasters. It was a relief to read it after perusing Cody Lundin’s severe scenarios of starvation and all hell breaking loose, leading to general mayhem and deteriorations of systems.

The much more likely disasters of storms, earthquakes, floods and even terrorist attacks and industrial chemical spills are the parameters that outline Judith’s perspective on disaster planning. It has been recommended on Amazon, by a self-described expert, as a different take on disaster since it takes into account the aftermath when you will want to put your life back together via your insurance policy, possible state funds and the logistics of rebuilding.

It was also reassuring in that I’ve got a good start on much of what Judith recommends in the way of document organization and preparing the home as well as viable means of communication during a disaster. She interviewed lots of people who have gone through these commonplace disasters so gives a feel for what most stresses people out. She also includes government information, what their role is in a disaster and what you’ll need to expect from those departments once you go to them for help.

Her organizing tips on how to assemble important papers, access codes and vital contacts are very calming and she includes forms in the appendix. She also covers packing a bug out bag (called a grap and go bag here), useful first aid to know and provisions for sheltering in place. Plus lists on what family members need to know to do during an actual disaster and step by step instructions to take in case of evacuation. Laid out in clear bite size sections; it is a quick read with little extraneous philosophical material. So not an armchair read, but a motivator.

Not all vampires sparkle! Know the risks. Prepare for disasters.
prepare for disaster
Image by Emergency Info BC
It’s not another young adult novel; real vampires won’t hesitate. Is there a risk of evisceration in your community? Know the risks in your region.


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