David Stockman – Bubbles, Economic Collapse Coming

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24 Responses to “David Stockman – Bubbles, Economic Collapse Coming”

  1. Nicholas Zounis

    The crash will happen on December 26th 2013? at 2.45pm.

  2. swirlcrop

    I find? David Stockman very credible. Good interview.

  3. Behtaj Amiri

    We can fix the global economy if we start paying employees the right way. Read? Unionist.me

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  4. ArghBlahr

    There? was an article in the news today about Iceland being on the brink of economic collapse once again due to too much private debt to foreigners… They may only be able to pay half of what they owe when the payment day comes.

  5. Andrew Bernhardt

    The global economy will collapse when people internationally believe the US dollar is worthless. It? would come from an economic recession, a debt crisis, and a U.S. currency crisis.

  6. yaahme

    Stockman speaks the truth…only fools would discount? his warning.

  7. fajarutama23

    Islamic Caliphate will dominate &? conquer the world again.
    our Black Banner Army’s will destroy democracy, comunist, zionist, illuminati & freemason !

  8. Robert Mitchell

    Gold and silver won’t save you…food water? and shelter will…the love of all people will get us through…get self sufficient and get to know your neighbours…communities need to come together

  9. thenormaldude

    lol I? am Icelandic, and we are not fine

  10. oooodin

    they just keep propping it up and up and up but its 100% guaranteed it will collapse… youtube search stormcloudsgathering.? hes a great source

  11. oooodin

    yes the jews will come and? save you little goyim….

  12. oooodin

    iceland kicked out? theire jewish bankers…from the entire country!!!! and they are just fine now 🙂

  13. oooodin

    federal reserve: jews replacing jews replacing jews replacing jews….its just a? coincidence 🙂

  14. Firstname Lastname

    he knows? what’s up. thanks.

  15. Blk Tie

    The warnings are out there. You could either ,”live and learn” or “learn and live.” Those who rather live from life and learn later will pay the price. Those who rather learn from life and live will be prepared, and the price will pay them… Gold? and Silver.

  16. waleed mohammed

    Nothing is meant? to last forever

  17. david law

    You are an idiot – if the Dollar collapses and what? they say happens then we all go down the pan.

  18. ozcabal

    I heard if the US attacks? Syria, the FED(owned by the royal families and wealthiest people in the world) will fix all the money problems

  19. heyassmanx

    Though i believe our economic prosperity coming to an end, I’ve been seeing videos for years now saying “collapse coming”? “collapse within days” “any day now” and they are starting to seem more like fear mongering than sources for actual useful and pragmatic information…

  20. Byron Abel

    guy’s in suit’s? and tie’s telling me to “relax” and just go with the flow. RIGHT,,,,,,,,

  21. Russell Shute

    Any day now.? /watch?v=e7r_fTbD3ss

  22. matthew Evans

    It’s not us Americans fault,? its our governments!

  23. Tweak91ify

    Americans are? getting what they wanted…you’ve earned it.

  24. bydnas

    Parent Arrested from Common Core Meeting in Baltimore County. YouTube!

    You guys in the US need to take your proud country & save it before it crumbles at the hands of? government? criminals! Disgrace!!