Deluxe Gold Pan Kit

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There are many ways to find treasures that are hidden from first glance. You can use a metal detector to find items and you can also use prospecting. Prospecting lets users sift for treasures such as gold nuggets that are very valuable, especially considering the price of gold. And you can use a metal detector to find the spot and then a prospecting kit to separate the soil from the treasure.

Gold can be found in many places throughout the world, so there’s always a chance that you could end up finding some pretty valuable pieces. There are many hot pocket areas where gold is waiting to be found in creeks. Multiple samples of gold indicate that the location will offer a decent gold turnout.

When you want to search for gold, however, you need to make sure that your equipment pieces are the right tools – otherwise, you could end up missing some of the smaller nuggets.

Besides their fine line of metal detectors, Garret also offers a set of the best, most affordable gold pans at top quality. What sets the Deluxe Gold Pan Kit apart is that these are not ordinary gold pans.

These pans are riffled, which means that you get more production per sluice. Riffled pans are what make it easier to find and keep gold nuggets. Whenever you’re sifting, remember that gold pieces will sink, but junk doesn’t when you hold the pan underneath water.

The kit is a great buy because it will cost you more to buy these pans and accessories if you buy them individually. The pans are extremely tough and made to last through all kinds of sifting.

They can also be used in either type of planning – both wet and dry. This makes the pans a perfect choice for panning through soil or in the water. The pans are all lightweight, so they’re easy to grip as well as comfortable to work with for hours on end.

This kit offers users the easy ability to spot even small pieces of gold, because of the deep green color of the pans. The 90 degree riffled design is one of a kind, which makes these pans the most sought after by amateur and professional prospectors.

The design will trap even the gold grains. You get four of the green pans, although one of them is technically called a classifier. But you get three pan sizes. The 10 inch Backpacker pan, the 15 inch Super Sluice and the 14 inch Prospector.

Along with the pans in the kit, you’ll also get vials to keep the gold in that you find. You’ll get the gold guzzler bottle, which is a bottle that’s used to pick up the smaller grains of gold from the pan after it’s been sifted.

You’ll get tweezers to use for picking up the gold nuggets. A book on prospecting is included in the kit and you’ll also receive an instructional book as well as a video so that you can get started fast.

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)