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The US Before the Great Depression | WW1 to the Roaring 1920s | Documentary – WARRING AND ROARING – DIGITALLY RESTORED BEST VERSION – The arrival of World Wa…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

28 Responses to “DMX – The Great Depression [FULL ALBUM WITH DOWNLOAD] [ALBUM COMPLETO]”

  1. parkeryadig7

    Brings me? back. Miss u D

  2. dXXDman osaulenkos

    This man will? go to heaven

  3. Fokdeoverheid


  4. sixplus6

    this is where X really shows how he speaks to the heart….no one does it like X does it…..i dont care about his bullshit that he deals with ..all i care about is the artist and what he speaks…anybody who still listens to X is someone who has? a strong heart..I can see through all the shit that the media puts on him..DMX saved my life with his music, and for that i will always love X

  5. dXXDman osaulenkos

    I came here because im in? deep depression ,dmx helps alot.

  6. António João Chitsunga


  7. thomasnick999

    Great album!!?

  8. markie hannon

    fuck lil windy?

  9. sweetapplepie70

    Dam i am digging dmx cute self remind me of tupac angry lol!!!?

  10. MiDDLeR16

    damn this gayass singing? bitch destroys some really good tracks whatadisgrace !!

  11. houston0116

    Dmx real? shjt

  12. TheRealBenJa

    Sometimes i? want the old rap back.

  13. globalantix

    Really cool album. Check out? some of the videos on my page if you’re feeling this!

  14. Anej zori?

    dmx on that real thug shhhhhhhhhhh fo real!!!?

  15. ovdhpower

    i think you da gay promotin da crackhead, k solo? much beta. da barking en same type beat you must like reruns, crackhead over

  16. MrBlazePukka

    by his new album his old ones def jam? gets most the money

  17. MrBlazePukka

    obviously a little gay fan!?

  18. asapcal1

    Go cop the albums people don’t listen to it on this? support the man

  19. Roger Bradshaw

    bringin it back .. damn u fake fucks are mad as hell on youtube . u know who u are , u will respond all mad . real? kheds what up 🙂

  20. stuart stokes

    Skippn through youtube, finally ended up on DMX, just make me go back when i first bought this album, man that was many moonz bak, i must hav a stack ov cdz as tall as me, nwa, busta, dmx , pac, eazy, bug pun, ol d b, snoop, raekwon , ice cube, man i got sum good shit, black sunday, cypress……………… n? yet im still looking for all the greats when i already got um, shit betta stop smokin this shit makes me forgett ha ha

  21. rawx2012

    sometimes you need? to shut up’ crackhead

  22. VtecTougeMonster33

    ta? na,ta na,ta na,ta ta na,ta na,ta na,

  23. jpf1186

    just heard damian 3 again, last time i? heard it was 10 years ago about. try listening to that then go listen to wiz khalifa or asap mob rockey whatever bullshit. made me laugh!!!!! i knew i liked the older music better but omg ill never be able to listen to these new rappers anymore!

  24. TheCherif1983

    Dark become? light

  25. TheCherif1983

    Dank become light?

  26. Art Howard

    I wish we’d be neutral? today.

  27. Clint Graves

    Good restoration of this? educational film.

  28. francisco javier

    The first half of the? video should have just been titled “Wilson Propaganda”.