Economic Armageddon and You

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Wondering about the American economy? This animated video explains inflation, stagflation, recession and more, all in 5 minutes. UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I have released a revised version of this video that doesn’t have the “armageddon” title, and does not mention corporate taxes. Enjoy!

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24 Responses to “Economic Armageddon and You”

  1. Skibum Willy

    In “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! It’s? something specific we can demand. Are we really just this close to having it work right? Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie! Watch “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on Youtube (“Occupying Chairlifts” 5.0) then sign the petition, and share it!!

  2. bertiersmomma

    im sorry but? ur a thats the smartest economic decision

  3. chanaka2424

    I checked out this video because I eventually got truly worried about the economy and had little idea what to do. Cash money does not always mean a single thing nowadays. So I chose to do some research and discovered Goldiverse. I am so lucky, I can change my savings from cash to different currencies, to any precious metal as soon as I would like. The? government can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Bing and google it Goldiverse.

  4. bertiersmomma

    Lol i cant? get over how bad this explanation is

  5. Nicholas Morales

    The American economy? is a fucking joke, you’re kidding me right? LMFAO! You just have to check out my YouTube channel, Nicholas1morales, and my video: “America I wuv you but your money is weak!”. Enjoy all my videos!

  6. chicksdigit

    Well said. I agree?

  7. GOPkicksbutt

    Thanks to liberal policy the world economy is crashing. We must do two things to stop the meltdown NOW!!! Firstly, we need to raise all payroll taxes 10% for one year. We also need to stop (right now) wasteful handout programs like? VA programs, medicare, social security, unemployment,, etc. and lower the minimum wage to $2/hr so we can compete with China for jobs. I will work with Boehner, Ryan and my other republican colleagues and take immediate action on these proposals. God bless the GOP!

  8. TheDamox

    What software do? you use to make this video?

  9. TyrionLannister1000

    A global economic collapse has? happened before in 1345 when the Bardi and Perruzi banks went under.

    “The result was a disaster for the human population, which fell worldwide by something like 25 percent between 1300 and 1450 (in Europe, by somewhere between 35 percent and 50 percent from the 1340’s collapse to the 1440’s).”
    – How Venice Rigged The First, and Worst, Global Financial Collapse
    by Paul B. Gallagher for Fidelio Magazine (available online on the website of the Schiller institute).

  10. David Bloomfield

    NIBIRU – DEAD Blackbird OMEN.-? 666
    The aliens are coming! Please visit omegamark(dot)net

  11. iSOisoleucine

    By saying “Start Preparing” I think he may have just affected consumer demand negatively.? 🙁

  12. anchit989

    i meant my (not? i) views are still evolving.

  13. anchit989

    haha. maybe that’s true. i don’t know. i views are? still evolving.

  14. HopeForPeaceNow

    If you think of ANY socialism as? good, yes, you are not very libertarian 🙂

    Good luck!

  15. anchit989

    lol. i consider any gov. involvement outside of traditional stuff like police, fire depts., defense (not offense like the wars going on now), prison etc. as? being the responsibilities of the gov.
    i consider activities like providing for public schools, hospitals (which needs taxpayer money) as socialist. But that is good socialism.

    “How libertarian are you?”
    I guess, you know the answer to that now.

  16. HopeForPeaceNow

    “yes, some socialism like providing for schools, colleges, community hospitals is good.”

    Public schools and hospitals are an earmark of socialism?

    We have been socialists a LONG time then 🙂

    Should police and fire be public?

    How? libertarian are you?

  17. anchit989

    public education does indeed go a long way in creating a skilled work-force. But a vast majority of public colleges nowadays get majority of their funding from the private sector. Even the? gov. funding they get is really the money generated by businesses (big and small).

    yes, some socialism like providing for schools, colleges, community hospitals is good. but there should be a limit to gov. involvement in everything else.

  18. HopeForPeaceNow

    Did you think that small business? would have skilled workers if education was private?

  19. Tony Hardy

    This is a good video. You? could get more views on it if you had a better title and more tags.

  20. anchit989

    what about the small businesses. and the tax money the corporations and small businesses pay. that is? the money used to pay for your gov. job.

  21. David Bloomfield

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  22. bidefordrfc

    I had a thought, I wonder if the US Govt, has no intentions of ever paying back that money, they’re spending on military like there is no tomorrow because they feel that when push comes to shove, the debt collectors won’t bother coming to knock because they will be too afraid of what is on the other side… so yes credit ratings drop, blah blah, but you still have a huge military, and you still? have your land and no one will mess with you…. Or am I being a bit silly?

  23. Bobby Vaught

    Why anyone would want America to be more like left-wing Europe is beyond? comprehension. High taxes, high spending, unions, stagnation. Anyone taking a good look at Greece, Spain, etc. Are you really that sure on Obama? Is that really the direction you want to go??? Romney/Ryan have my full support.

  24. Helen Aldin

    the? pretension was good