Economic Collapse 2014 US & World

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19 Responses to “Economic Collapse 2014 US & World”

  1. Paddy59984

    eugenics were outlawed seventy years ago anyone pursuing will be executed as well as their families. What the hell are these stupid people doing. I am not buying any of the bullshit. Lucky I am a half-breed and will survive the ignorance the? upper one. after the great depression this was determined to be against the law.

  2. jarden69

    These predictions of collapse? are now just getting SILLY! Next it will be 2015…then 2017…then 2020. It’s RIDICULOUS!

  3. Ermin0s

    it doesent mather, dont? forget that money is made by making weapons

  4. Costa Rica

    solution… live on a sustainable communities where you can grow your own organic healty food. Osa Mountain Village and Serenity Gardens? Eco-Village…. We love living here? and we have enough? food produced onsite… food security and the setting? is amazing

  5. Astrid van Triet

    There is just 1 programming rule needed in a banking application, and we all have life entrance (some call it basic income, but it is not income). This costs nothing, not even time. Just one programming rule. And let with every transaction the money dissolve automatically for a part, like 1/1000. With this, everybody? can make new choices in own life and no dependancy on ‘outside economy’ anymore. Taxes will vanish by itself, 90% of the structures too, all collective problems too. Costs nothing.

  6. FamilySurvivalCourse

    Great Video.?

  7. fns153

    Can anyone answer what the elite have to gain by collapsing their home bases of U.S.A and Europe? While other nations like China and India prosper? Surely its better to be king of a? rich country than king of a broke country!

  8. Amy Joy

    Good for you. You? get it. Many are fooled by Jones. Jones is a con artists who makes up BS in order to sell doomsday products. He also begs his stupid listeners for money claiming that hes broke but he lives in a million dolllar house. lol stupid people.

  9. theseonesgotoeleven

    this asshole has been goin on about this shit since the early? 90’s. he’s a part of the problem to make people live in fear. take the time you have left and live your life. have fun. when the shtf, you prolly wont even know it. this guys a jesuit aggitator. and he’s the ‘disclosure’ part of the nwo. fuck this guy. enjoy your life… noone lives forever anyway. your soul is eternal and has animated many times. don’t get wrapped up in this guys bullshit… i know,, i used to follow him for years

  10. MPGLabs

    Alex you make many good points, but what I dont hear from you is that we should return to the ways of GOD. I like america as well but I never liked that the founding fathers had slaves while writing the constitution. This is a false? document then if all are created equal. It seems to me that what you want to protect isnt really worth protecting as it was meant for only certain people. But its a shame that this is happening to us for sure. Take care and GOD bless you always

  11. MPGLabs

    We suffer cause we dont respect GOD. We are too far from HIM and this is why we all our in pain. Its funny how all the worst parts of the bible are coming true but no one? wants to believe that Jesus came and died ror us all. If one part of the bible is correct then the other is correct also.God makes no mistakes, HE knew that the bible will be altered as many clain, but HIS glory must and always will shine no matter how much people wanna dismiss HIM as our creator and Father.

  12. Rany Buckingham

    It’s not the will of God because America was founded on Christian principles. It’s the Luciferian agenda assholes in the Illuminati that’s causing all this and is a part of end times prophecy, but certainly not God’s will. Study the book of Revelation and you’ll see that America (represented by the animal known as the Eagle) is NOT part of the attack on Israel. I believe (at least hope) that there IS a revolution to overthrow these? evil pieces of trash that are causing the collapse of America

  13. TheEconomicNewsForum

    God bless Alex Jones for fighting The Good Fight! There is an economic war being waged on hard working American’s through corporatism and being blamed on capitalism. Engage in? The Good Fight and let’s put the pieces of the corporatism corruption together to arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding and restore true free markets. The understanding of wealth cycles will be paramount in the survival of the middle class and preservation of capitalism.
    economicnewsforum . com?

  14. Has Man

    FEMA,is for to gather up those who reject their order and mark, what is it going to take to gather togather and get ready and prepared for national uprising and icvil unrest and the collaps of the government and the law agencys. They are getting ready to disarm america this will be a tool for them to uncover those who are a threat to their? agenda and order. America is going to suffer greatly and it’s the will of God….

  15. Has Man

    What are you going to do about? the DHS FEMA and it’s socialist taking control of this nation and Obama’s Stormtroopers the DHS NWO SS, the republic of the United States is broken up and no one out these pulling things togather, the socialist are preparing for kill those who are terrorist those who are constitutionalist. THey are going to break the backs of every american until you accept their order and their mark, and those who don’t will be left out to die or be killed. this is what the DHS,

  16. Has Man

    Nothing no one can do to stop what God is going to allow to happen to this nation our societies are corrupted wicked full of all kinds of abominations and no longer america is a bless nation the? Land has become a curse, it’s not about money because there isn’t any morney, that facts is more then half of americans careless they will accept the beast and take it’s mark, Alex meens well but he is wasting his time he should be more worry about his salvation then what the Kingdom of Satan,

  17. Spartaculus Jones

    I just watched the sheriff padlock my house. ? Out of work for 5 years, I and my family were evicted last week.

  18. Robert Olson

    lol what are you going to do? rob farms for food.. eat one another like zombies.. if you arn’t prepared.. you aren’t. haveing weapons to protect you is stupid. the ones comeing for your stuff will have guns? and be in masses.. in the middle east they are eating each other. do you understand eating one another..

  19. Johannah Wagner

    So do we march on 7/4/2013? in every state capital. I want to. As i see it what do we have to? lose, I want to join Adan Kokesh