Economic Collapse-American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World

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25 Responses to “Economic Collapse-American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World”

  1. kurt kren

    We’ve already had? riots.

  2. kidprep

    Watching these things always makes? me depressed…gotta leave America soon one of these days

  3. Wellness81


  4. SunnySinclair1979

    These people will? get nasty when tshtf

  5. david john huxtable

    yep your so right buddy
    on what you say its all been planned
    and prepared for we say no we are incarcerated or worse i said to no to my govt here in UK revoked permissions for them to place spyware on me and i have received 7.5 years total ban from entering a fed buidling blacklisted and sanctioned have to report to a secured area by design and onloy allowed 8mins to complet? social security siginings
    thats in peacetime and all the security men get on earpieces go to red alerts
    when i walk in

  6. vbboyd

    A Libertarian quoting that big hypocrite Ayn-Rand. Give me a break! Ayn Rand got and received Medicare and Medicaid, along with Social Security in the final years before she died. These? very same government programs that Ayn Rand railed against while she was writing her vapid, inane books like “The Fountain Head” and “Atlas Shrugged”.

  7. sajid anwar

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  8. Mihail Viteazu

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  9. stephenbarry14w

    Blah, blah,? blah…

  10. Mystogan Edolas

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  11. Roger Wilco

    Religion is bullshit because it makes? no sense.
    America is bullshit because it is bankrupt.

    I win.

  12. Michael Kinsey

    Authentic Christianity and professed Christianity are opposites. Many always credit the abuses of the disobedient professing Christians to the authentic Christians. By their works? and their fruits, ye shall know them. Those with evil fruits, obviously were not faithful Christians. Those with fruits and works of the Holy Spirit are.It is anti-christian to discredit faithful Christians by the works of unfaithful Christians..There exists a remnant of authentic faithful Christians,all pro-life.

  13. Michael Kinsey

    You under estimate the elite, who made a living on not letting a crisis go to waste. The mark of the beast is ready to be? presented for exponential acceptance by the masses who will jump at the small hope that it promises of economic stability. It is a vat carbon tax system that reboots the same fiat cashless money banking scheme, and their sacred cow, fractional reserve banking, FRESH START after the quadrillions of fiat debt vanishes and the rich reap the spoils.

  14. tiffsaver

    If you’re into counting, try tallying up the death toll created in the name of “God” by the Spanish Inquisition and? the Holy Crusades, including the innocent men and women who were collectively hanged in Salem, MA by the Puritans, or the eradication of native people in America and Pacific Islands everywhere by overzealous Christians. When you add up all the innocent human beings killed by “good Christians” everywhere, it’s frightening. But I forgot, “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

  15. alexfromnb

    Personally, I don’t see it that way at all. Like the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto warned, If one to were to invade the United States, they’d find a rifle behind every blade of grass. Why invade if you can’t hold it? Who would bother? We’ll have enough trouble feeding ourselves I expect except in rural zones. Criminals may take over cities with turf wars. Rural areas they get shot. Although very hard, we need a massive? reset. Humanity will continue. Don’t worry. What will be, will be.

  16. TheJimmax

    If you are trying? to make a point it is lost to me, are you just saying you agree with the video?

  17. Ih8tGugel

    Spoken by someone who has absolutely NO idea what he’s talking about. “Non-believers” are open minded (apparently? the HIGHEST good, btw), but Xstians are so “closed-minded”. Geez. Is THAT why Stalin killed 25 million of his own dissident citizens? Sent them to Gulags? Put them in mental institutions? Because Atheists are so wonderful? Just wondering.

  18. Ih8tGugel

    I have to say, about 15 or so comments ago, we were discussing the video. Suddenly the comments degenerated in2 pro- and anti-religion rants, w/the usual YT vicious name calling, dismissive attitudes, & so on.

    Hmmm. Seems 2 me, such behavior proves the video’s point. We’re hateful 2ward each other, disrespect each others’ beliefs? (while screaming how “tolerant” we are), & would probably shoot each other if face-to-face. Oh, yeah. The collapse is gonna be a great time of “pulling 2gether”.

  19. Ih8tGugel

    Except . . . the U.S. has serious enemies (no surprise there). If I were one of them, wouldn’t such collapse and chaos be the perfect time to? invade? Circle the wagons, folks. It won’t be bad enough we’ll be fighting each other, and the vicious criminals rampaging thru society (after the penal system collapse), we’ll be fighting well-trained, ruthless, vicious enemies who utterly despise us. I hope I don’t live to see it.

  20. Ih8tGugel

    I think his assumption that the PTB won’t be? able to hold on to power, due to lack of legitimacy, erroneous. They’re not legitimate now, so what’ll change? And they’re EVIL. They’ll kill millions before they’ll let go one iota of power. And they’ve got the weapons & technology to do it — and the military/police, as those’ll be the only people w/jobs. People will do ANYTHING to keep their jobs, folks. DON’T FORGET IT!

  21. Ih8tGugel

    How did you afford that move? I’d love to get out of here, but — and we have 10’s of thousands in savings (at least until they rob us blind ala Cypress) — but there’s not country that will take in Americans unless they’re highly educated (my husband is a math Ph.D.) and WEALTHY.? We are NOT. So, how’d you do it? Are you wealthy?

  22. Ih8tGugel

    Jacob Prasch, a Messianic Rabbi, preaches the exact same sentiment. I do believe you are both correct. With moral relativism & situational ethics rammed down childrens’ throats 4 the last 40 years, how could there be any other out-come? ?

  23. Kalvin Jefferson

    We have an economy fueled by all manner of debt and little or no industrial or manufacturing productivity.We have no savings? either.

  24. Rereversed



  25. Noah Daniel

    The more I see what is evolving in the world in regards to wars, economics, natural disasters, etc, the? more I believe we are in the end times as predicted in the bible.