Economic Collapse Is Like Preparing For A Natural Disaster — Episode 120

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Hear economic collapse news throughout the day visit Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are both involved in a precious metal manipulation….
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25 Responses to “Economic Collapse Is Like Preparing For A Natural Disaster — Episode 120”

  1. Rod Haereiti

    My apologies Jon, I didnt mean to be in? dishonour, thank you for your insight, you are right, this is much bigger than any “race” issues, eugenics was once considered a science, thank you for not letting me get distracted by issues of race, your comments have have hit there intended mark kind sir.

  2. jon smith

    great? report , good insight and research

  3. jon smith

    why turn this into a race issue rod , wer’e all here to learn from this post ,so shut the? fuck up

  4. Deacon1Blues

    Whites stole science? From who? Ever hear of Copernicus, Kepler, Descartes, Galileo? Newton? They invented the scientific method, and since you obviously flunked elementary history, I’ll let you know that they were EUROPEANS. What about the Ancient Greeks,? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, who laid the foundations for the modern rational world through their methods of philosophical inquiry? White boys, all. Thanks for proving my point and exposing yourself as THE DUMBEST MOTHERFUCKER ALIVE. WOW.

  5. Zip Zenac

    Don’t deal with the Bank of America. It’s a terrible company full of inexperienced staff. It took me 2 years as an overseas person to get my money transferred. Do yourself a big favor and stay well clear of this bank. The slightest bit of economic pressure and? it will collapse.

  6. Rod Haereiti

    You are absolutely right, all races arent equal, and no-one race can equal the greed, lies and stupidity of the so-called “whites”, there were cultures that were not “white” living in civilized societies when “whites” were still living in round houses yelling “ugh” like cave-men, they stole “all” of their so-called technology from other cultures, including, science, medicine, even their? language is bastardised from other languages, english isnt even english. dispute that, brainiac.

  7. Deacon1Blues

    There’s no way you can rationally dispute what I said, because you can’t argue with facts. So you refuse to even try, and resort to pathetic name-calling. Sounds like you’re the one who shouldn’t have replied, because you just exposed your own ignorance and stupidity. Pretty much closes the case on you, doesn’t it?
    ? The truth is that races aren’t equal, and deep down, everybody knows it, no matter how much they deny it. Lies always fall, and the truth always wins in the end.

  8. Justin Amacker

    and those that don’t believe should think back on the savings & lone? shut down of the Clinton administration

  9. Justin Amacker

    excellent episode. keep going as long as you can … few will? survive but those that do can thank god and folks like you

  10. Matt Gring

    youtube DOT com/watch?v=ijSrSd8e1T4

    Whites have more worth as a people? Are you a member of the? KKK or what?

  11. Dave Morton

    Just found your channel recently and really enjoy the reports. ? Keep up the good work.

  12. D Keller

    X22—AGAIN, Good? for you in holding gold at all times. So many people still don’t see what may be coming. Sometimes, I feel alone in the crowd, trying to convince my family and friends to prepare——TOO OFTEN, they listen, but they just don’t hear ! ! !

  13. D Keller

    X22— THANK YOU for being one voice in the croud who plainly and clearly can speak the TRUTH. We follow your messages closely, and try to prepare accordingly– You are right up there with Chris Martenson, Mike Maloney,G.? Edward Griffin,and Jeff Nielson, just to name a few. Keep it up.

  14. QuantoZeno

    You are ridiculously ignorant and stupid. Don’t even? bother replying. Case closed.

  15. Deacon1Blues

    It’s not our fault the Indians got drunk and sold us Manhattan island for $24. ?

  16. Deacon1Blues

    They’re certainly making a bundle on the casinos.? If they’d lay off the firewater they might actually get somewhere.

  17. Deacon1Blues

    Indians never accomplished anything. Their highest achievements were teepees and tomahawks. Europeans created virtually everything. All the goods the rest of the world enjoys today came from the science and industrial technology created by whites. Everybody else owes us an enormous debt. We? did infinitely more with American land in a few hundred years than the Indians did in the previous 20,000 years. Whites have more worth as a people than Indians, and therefore more right to the land.

  18. Bookhermit

    The big prepper question is HOW things will break. Many preps can become useless or even get you killed if things don’t go down as expected. It is quite possible for there to be no food shortages in the first year, for example. It is possible that armed groups and individuals that appear too strong will be wiped out early on. They HAVE the data on us, folks, and expect trouble if you appear to be a focus for effective resistance – but? it all depends what falls apart, and when…

  19. QuantoZeno

    Cherokee? Nation Will Return!!!!!

  20. QuantoZeno

    “Our Founding Fathers came to America, stole Indian’s land, killed their people and their buffalo. Not? talked about. Why?”

  21. QuantoZeno

    Sorry Dave, being of partial Cherokee decent and having many black friends I do not hold that great of an image of nor a very high amount of respect for our “founding fathers”. The “founding fathers” were land stealing slave owning eugenicists. The entire “American Dream” is nothing more than a wretched nightmare of a collection of lies and deceit.? You were indoctrinated as a kid in school reading lies and now you want to be like the slave owning land stealing eugenicists. Grow up Dave.

  22. fasteddie2013

    Careful now. I wouldn’t be telling too many people that. You know the Government says that anyone who has over 7 days? is a terrorist

  23. X22Report

    Thanks for? listening

  24. X22Report

    Thanks? for listening I appreciate it

  25. X22Report

    Thanks appreciate it?