Economic Collapse Is Real,Please Prepare For It

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Economic Collapse Is Real,Please Prepare For It.The US dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power,the Federal Reserve keeps printing MILLIONS every month to…

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25 Responses to “Economic Collapse Is Real,Please Prepare For It”

  1. Johan Reistad

    I believe U haw understand what is going on. How ever . I do not think that
    USA is going to let the Dollar go down willingly. As U do not haw any base
    in the currency elles than the trade in natural resources and the Dollar is
    balanced through that media. Just check what is happening to country’s that
    is challenge that trade Irak wish to start trade in Euros what happened ..
    Libya want to leave the Dollar what happened. Consider that IMF and the
    real rulers are totally depending in the Dollar so The problem is more the
    general depth and economical slavery that is opposed on us all from those
    who are depending on the Dollar. Best for the rest of Us is if the Dollar
    collaps but I can not see that happen. There will be a WW3 before that –?

  2. freespiritsglide

    Totally agree with you. Just walk into the mall, you will see many stores
    selling brand new things for cheaper than Goodwill. And people still think
    the economy is getting better. They’ve diluted the money supply so far that
    what used to be red Kool aid is barely pink water now. I’ve met more people
    who are awake, so I think it is happening slowly. Very slowly. But once the
    collapse happens, I hope people understand WHY and don’t just think that it
    is some mysterious phenomenon. ?

  3. MrSaddie123

    i went to the casino last night, had to park 1/2 mile away it was so full,
    this holiday is looking like a huge retail success, i just dont see any of
    this but hey thats my opinion! worry about dying every second aint living
    at all !!?

  4. Ed Evans

    Man,im the least worried person on the planet and for these reasons,im
    prepared,im independent and I love life.This stuff i talk about doesnt
    worry me at all,it will be a huge opportunity for a lot of people if and
    when the USD goes.The smartest way to beat our weakening dollar,is to
    covert to hard assets.Not just gold & silver(even though these super low
    prices are crazy)but property,land,gas,oil and other must haves.Ever heard
    the saying better to be safe than sorry?thats a good one!!

  5. Ed Evans

    So ur saying that our country did not thrive from the 1940s-2000s as the
    greatest free market economy to have ever existed?As for our USD,how many
    times in history has russia and china passed us economically?How many times
    has China had to lend us money?How many times has the USD been dumped by
    every country in the int community,Russia,China,India & more.2 things keep
    the USD alive,QE and the petro dollar and u can only print so
    much.BTW,these ideals aint new,just the platform i share them.

  6. Ed Evans

    Yes my gmom used to tell us about how they started bussing it every where.I
    was born in 78,so just before my time lol.Thanks for the input.

  7. Ed Evans

    Sorry i missed this comment bro lmao.Good one.I knew the birdies would tank
    out this year,we lost everyone on our team.we still have hope and a prayer

  8. Ed Evans

    Yeah,I already have a scanner and 3 different radios for comms in an
    emergency.I do listen to my scanner a lot too.Im glad you do the
    same.Thanks for watching Cherry!

  9. Ed Evans

    Theres one reason housing prices are up.Lets explain it like this,what
    happened right befor the dot com bubble burst,how was the market just
    prior?What about 2008,how was the market looking about 4 months prior?Hell
    what about Oct of 29,how were the markets treating people just 90 days
    before?There was a crash in 21 too,guess what the stocks did just before
    that one?Its called a bubble.What does printing 85 BILLION per month do to
    our USD?Is is stronger or weaker?Go ahead,ill wait…

  10. Ed Evans

    Thank u for watching and good luck!

  11. Ed Evans

    Ajax is an agent and i stopped trusting him years ago.Cointelpro to highest
    degree.Im very well informed and always do my own research.That way theres
    no chance I get disinfo.I do still watch him,but i watch all the agents and
    FBI disinfo douchbags.We in the movement know who every informant is,thats
    our strength in this thing.As far as the H7N9,start taking colloidal
    silver,i take 1 cap every other day,it can fight that.Thanks for watching

  12. Ed Evans

    No doubt Bob,i am saved and Im a true Christian,not one of these fake,pagan
    ritual celebrators.Almost our entire planet has turned their backs on
    Yehoshua and its sad.Dont worry my friend,God keeps me humble and keeps me
    going.Sorry i took a month getting back.Was just reading through these
    older ones.Have a good one.

  13. Ed Evans

    U dont have to watch my friend.Im am who i am and i dont try and fake for
    no one.I am save also but i disagree about waiting for God to save us.Thats
    why 100 million people get benefits,they need someone else to save them.How
    about we stand up,man up or woman up and take some responsibility.I
    appreciate the comment and ur view point though and respect ur opinion.

  14. Ed Evans

    It doesnt take much to start putting a little away for an emergency.As far
    as prepping goes,im not about fighting my way through a line of soldiers
    like rambo,my job is to keep me and my family sustained should something
    happen.Ive seen a lot of craziness going on lately and would feel i wasnt
    doing my job as a man if i didnt at least try to tell people.Ive been doing
    this kind of thing in the community so it makes sense to do it here
    also.Thanks for staying subbed though lol.

  15. Roxy Curone

    I knew we were officially screwed when the top 1% pulled all their money
    out of the stock market! What prepping can one do when you don’t own your
    land, are living off social security, and getting food stamps! Screwed!
    There are so many prepping videos out, some even outlandish… so, who to
    trust, and how to get what you need with no money?! Oh, hell…might as
    well just bend over!

  16. Ruslan Rudenko

    Thanx for sharing your opinion but I wish you would clean you language.
    Could not finish listen to you specially when you mention “pray to God” God
    is only one who can help you in this situation. So you better prepare your

  17. anothaview

    It’s going down and still the confetti is popping like it was 1999.

  18. Ed Potkay

    they are preparing for a h7N9 Outbreak. True or not, that is what most of
    the buildup is. I would suggest not watching ALex Jones. I stopped 5 years
    ago because he was literally driving me crazy with the world is going to
    end in 2 months BS. 5 years later!!! Think about it. We are facing
    inflation at the least as a result of the economy.

  19. TheNinjaPicker

    Browns – Eagles Superbowl?

  20. LibraJustice

    I’m awake, Ed, and have been since 2008. Glad to see you’re back. I was

  21. Picking Profits

    I was wondering where you went. I have been itching to work on my political
    philosophy channel but it’s so difficult with this channel and other
    things. So many people don’t care and don’t want to care. Those who do care
    often blame the wrong people. Only a small group of the population know
    what is going on, care, and know who to blame. Stock up on food, guns, and
    precious metals (TANGIBLE ASSETS) Most important – NETWORK & BE SELF
    SUFFICIENT. This is one reason I chose not to move to NYC.

  22. ilovety65

    my son and I started 7 yrs ago.Great vid Ed.

  23. Ed Evans

    I cant stand Alex Jones and unlike most of yall in sheepleville,I do my own
    research and use history as my teacher.What has happened time and time
    again throughout different cultures and societies after the initial shock
    wears off and the rebuilding starts?Im using the collapse scenario because
    it is the one that will happen.Our dollar is propped up by an 85 million
    dollar a month printing habit and the petro dollar.Sorry jelly and pigs
    meat didnt crack the top 10 list.

  24. halfacrehomestead

    Thanks for this Ed. I always suspected you might be awake. I hope you do a
    couple videos about how you are preparing. Most “preppers” are in rural
    setting with lots of land resources. I think it would help a lot of people
    to see that there are options for those who live in the cities.

  25. ItIsNot1984

    Silver or gold are assets that really won’t be very useful during collapse.
    Personally, I expect a return to the gold standard as we come out of it, so
    gold & silver are assets you want to own and keep to become wealthy on the
    other side of this shit storm. For survival purposes, tobacco and coffee
    will be hot barter items. Remember coffee is an imported good. Best wishes
    to you and your family, ED. I don’t look for this collapse anytime soon,
    but it will happen. Take care of yourself. peace