Economic Collapse Prediction & How To Prepare: Top 5 Places Where Not To Be

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Financial Collapse in 2013? This video discusses the top 5 places not to be when the dollar collapses. Help spread the message about truth. NewAmericaNow: ht…

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25 Responses to “Economic Collapse Prediction & How To Prepare: Top 5 Places Where Not To Be”

  1. Christopher Greene

    Don’t want be surrounded by Muslims. LOL?

  2. zachjere

    I guess just be prepared and ready. That’s all we can do at this? point. It’s too late to save it

  3. Nigganechi

    The ending shoulda had? the Terminator 2 music playing.

  4. NazTheGreat

    Having the ‘Federal Gov’t print their own money’ is just as bad, brother. You can not have a few people having that power. It will lead to the same mess, because greed will take the best of them.
    It is better? to use money that can not be created, that means money that can not be easily manipulated and fraudulent. Real money, gold and silver.

  5. ljcraft1

    the US owns more gold then anybody in the? world. they will be ok.

  6. RogueReplicant

    Unfortunately, he’s not an exception. People don’t need to panic, but? they should definitely start doing MINIMUM preparations, just in case. Just in case.

  7. max heyman


  8. Mat Riley


  9. Mat Riley

    Money (paper) has no real value just a good trading tool wake up people! One? day you will earn million $dollers$ per year a loaf of bread will cost $10.000!

  10. Mat Riley

    I’m storing all my? gold & bullion fuck goverment bodies and their worthless paper it worth fuck all hahahaha!

  11. WritingLegend

    You are missing the God component. He will protect Israel from the Muslim hordes that surround her. I am in firm agreement with you about L.A., New York, and England. I don’t like the idea of death, and murder, and plunder, but in the case of Buckingham Palace, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. English civility, and Royalty is a joke. I know this will make some people mad for me to say these things, but I don’t care, I can hardly wait to see it happen, just to? see the smug look on wealthy faces vanish!!

  12. Scott Rego

    i need to? prepare

  13. Marco Baez

    whatt..? no…it even says if you HAVE to? marry an unbeliever (even though you should not try to) he/she will be blessed by you believing, also, that verse of if something makes you sin means to not continue something you like if it is leading you to sin (bad friends, bad girlfriend, etc), and He only killed people that became corrupt, never out of malice.

  14. BlackDynamiteNYC

    The US Dollar collapse will trigger an American implosion.
    You WILL run out of food, money, and resources.
    The US will become Barter Town (Mad Max)
    The collapse will also cause a Global Fiat Currency collapse.
    Which will cause a “Global Solution” to be proposed.
    What is that?
    A Global Government
    Then it gets? bad…..

  15. TadExitable

    Take a drive through your local skid row and ghetto slums; you will see that economic collapse has already happened to millions of people all over the world. The majority of people will live like the homeless live now. ? Start now to simplify your life and learn to live like the homeless and forget your old lifestyle.

  16. loboalamo

    @generalxMATTHEW. You will choke on those words in a dark place? while calling yourself a f*****g retard. But you will live through it.

  17. generalxMATTHEW

    you fucking retard..?

  18. XDDominatorXD

    Abolish the Federal Bank, the economy will be restored. Andrew? Jackson defeated the Federal Bank once, it ended the economic crisis.

  19. Kagashi Kojiru

    The world not end economy end ?

  20. view1st

    The BRICS will come to the rescue with an International Monetary Fund de facto currency, the Special Drawing Right. This will tide? the world over while a new financial order is constructed with the largest, mainly non-western economies having the greatest say. I don’t think the BRICS are going to reject the US and risk global instability and war. Like Marshall aid after ww2, they’ll have an incentive to incorporate the US into the new financial architecture.

  21. tiler Enki-son

    and You obviously never read the bible at all, or you would realize how much bullshit your speaking right now.

    ur ‘god’ is a tyrranical cynical sadistic, disgusting genocidal lunatic that only wants the death of humanity, and calls it ‘love’

    it also explains in the bLIEble what a LIE is.
    a Lie is apparantly anything that goes against the word of god.
    also it says in the bLieble men wrote it, and? at the same time it says god wrote it.
    you sir are fuckin retarded
    and will be the first to go.

  22. tiler Enki-son

    you both obviouslly havent read the bLieble? with as much analytical thinking as possible.

  23. tiler Enki-son

    bible also tells you to kill any member of your? family that doesnt believe in him,

    also says if any part of your body disgraces ‘him’ you should cut it off.

    So not only is it genocidal, but also condone mutilation.

    thats just the beginning, also explains how to do a human sacrifice in detail.

    fuckin sick if you ask me.

  24. tiler Enki-son

    the smart ones pillaging what they can? use.

  25. tiler Enki-son

    no god is going to save you.

    the Gods want us to help ourselves.

    I am making preperations,

    building generators, wind and solar.

    Tilling my land for crops.

    purchasing water purification machines

    I plan all to do the same.

    also buy yourself some weapons.

    Or make yourself one

    a lot can be found on Paladin press.

    lots of mother fuckers will go crazy once they find out they have got jack shit. and no more prosac.

    prosac users i would quit now.

    Hail all of? the Gods of Duat!