Economic Collapse Preparation: Be A Ghost – Housing

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Many of us lack trust in the government. That’s no surprise. We see lies from governments through history. Some of these include: Gulf of Tonkin, Bay of Pigs, WMD’s in Iraq, 9/11, Spies in Russia, Operation Northwoods, Fluoridation of water… The list goes on and on. How can we trust a government that has FEMA camps set up all over the United States & hundreds of thousands of coffins? We have more reason than ever to be concerned about our anonymous information & whereabouts than ever before, especially since we are entering an economic collapse and the New World Order. I’m starting a sub-chapter in my video series on “how to prepare for the economic collapse” that will teach people how to remain as anonymous as possible and yet still be able to live a somewhat good life. It is not easy, and many stereotypes & peer pressure will have to be ignored as you vanish from society. PARK MODEL RV’s – Park Model RV’s to live without property tax Land Trust FEEL FREE TO LEAVE FEEDBACK & IDEAS FOR THIS SERIES! I will be doing more videos on Ghost Income Ghost Banking Ghost Transportation Ghost Mentality & more Stay Tuned!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Glenn Beck Radio Program Wednesday October 26, 2011
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

49 Responses to “Economic Collapse Preparation: Be A Ghost – Housing”

  1. livinginbushprepper

    what about cable? ?

  2. Ace May

    This is becoming serious!!! I? can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description

  3. guardianewjedijoel

    I subscribed at the 1:38 mark. ? Great stuff.

  4. coacoadelish

    it has not happened yet but the rapture will? happen. please prepare to meet thy God while there is still time.

  5. coacoadelish

    God does promise protection for Christians in the end times. Protection so good that we will be untouchable. How? We will be taken away from the earth. have you ever heard of the rapture? (read? 1 Thessalonians 4) a ton of people will “dissapear” the nwo will prob blame it on something – maybe aliens, who knows.

  6. coacoadelish

    if we have accepted God’s gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus having our sins forgiven through His blood we will not be left on the earth? for the tribulation period. In 1 Thessalonians 4 it says we will be “caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” ! 🙂

  7. coacoadelish

    you may want to check out the case for Christ by lee strobel before you? become so sure about that

  8. coacoadelish

    or escape it altogether! Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved! meaning you won’t have to go? through the nwo. and never take the mark cuz if you do ur doomed w no way out.

  9. cordelia fitzgerald

    well your right about the beast, and kinda right about Christians, but you mean the followers of? Paul ( the anti Christ) who call themselves Christian like the Catholic church for example. Christians as in the followers of Christ cannot by default support the zionists

  10. Sidney Boudro

    When? the US armed forces fingerprinted you they had the mark.

  11. AwakeDude911

    WHY does evey one try to avoid the fight ? either your gonna take the mark or ur not !

    you can do the things in the video but sooner or later they will find you !?

    >>why does all americans want to keep thier heads down and say ” dont look at me i just want to be left alone ” ..THATS NOT GOING TO WORK IN THE nwo .

    you wont be able to buy or sell REMEMBER and women and childern will want to eat and be warm at some point ,so slave up or fight its ur only choice !

  12. iden123


  13. HoosierHomesteader1

    What about mail? I think I would get a post office box but they? still want a physical address to get one.

  14. Ace May

    @gueo224s Dude, the guide I told you can help your life after America collapses, I can’t post the link? here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description

  15. Spencer Prepper

    @Photon123451 Christians nor any God-believing people are ignorant. The are verifiable proofs that the bible is truth. Science? agrees with the bible. Not evolution or anything else.

  16. weeguymo

    now i don’t pray or go to church..but i do believe in..if something happens and you can’t explain it don’t go seaching for it..just let it? be..(if you know what i mean)

    what about us who don’t really believe in god?..see this is why i can’t see eye to eye with god or any religion..because you all say that were all going to die expect those who believe in god

    this what i say FUCK god and the devil..i’ll stay here on earth in reality with the animals

  17. Charmagne M

    does anyone know of any? other videos or books on this topic??

  18. FireDancer712

    I’m glad to see more people like myself preparing and talking the truth. There are coffins that FEMA has made for us… people are too scared to accept this fact that the illuminati and global elite are trying to? slow kill us and depopulate the planet. Thank you for your video..

  19. zionistslut

    and you’re just as ignorant for not beleiving

    do you know for sure that there is no man in the clouds?

    no, you? don’t

    you’re ignorant. uneducated

  20. zionistslut

    and you know for sure that god does? not exist

    self lying fucktard

  21. phillisthebarbarian

    the god you people talk about are spiritual beings… the god you talk does not exist. ? sorry, jesus was just a good , moral man… THAT’S IT!

  22. EasternMerchant

    If you think we can’t change the world for the better, it just means you’re? not one of those that will…..

    If you save just yourselves, you will be living in fear of having to protect yourself from others who have nothing, is this the life you want?

    Watch “ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD” on YouTube It has found a way to help everyone on this earth live in complete luxurious abundance!

  23. illuminationclub

    It is you CHRISTIANS that have opened the door to occupation of America by Israel……Our state department mid east section has no Americans……Zionist Israel is? the BEAST……

  24. eyesonmedia

    You gotta get a better set, dude. This is video not radio.?

  25. superjet2771

    Camping out in a national forest might not be the best? idea. Check local laws.
    A better option would be to locate all BLM land.

  26. JTB1956

    Alex Jones is as? full of shit as a Christmas goose…

  27. earlyburd78

    This guy is one of “them”. Not one of us. He pretends to be one of us, he has been downplaying how bad it really is for years. He is a mainstream media scum like all the rest and just a place holder among the media to pander to and deceive the far right populace. Way more dangerous than Piers Morgan because everyone knows Piers is a blithering bafoon. If you want real truth and not blind denials of truth, listen to Alex Jones.? Thermite in the WTC dust ignored by major media, including Glen Beck.

  28. earlyburd78

    agreed… noone will echange? it because it will be too valuable.

  29. peter mohlman

    How kind,? depression advice from someone who gets a check from the sons of bitches that caused this mess! I hope they leave him out to dry when the music stops!I’d really like to see what he can do for himself besides shill for the corporate media.

  30. Gary Gerow

    Please don,t put no more glenn? beck shit on you tube or think that I might like this shit..

  31. Amzkeh

    Please explain why this is significant? really i am serious, i’ve been doing research for 3 years? now and never have come across this

  32. debonair0011

    NDAA…Obama wants the Military to fire upon us……..Makes sense.?

  33. mattdidit84

    So your saying that if you and your family is starving to death and ALL you have left is … let’s say 12 cans of soup and a passerby offers you? a pure GOLD nugget you would hand over your food and potentially starve to death?

  34. lifeishooey

    Become like the Wildness Family. Walk away from your house if you can’t sell it, move? to the Colorado Rockies, taking your rifles and ammo with you, of course. Build a cabin by the lake. OR, you can just trust Jesus. Nuff sed

  35. Jimbo Telegraphis

    I’m no Lier and I’m sure as hell not a RAT!The only thing I will credit you for is pointing out my bad choice in words.Follower in the meaning of setting my DVR to watch after work not any other way.So you can call me what you like thats your 1st Amdt right.I happen? to love the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.Enough said.Peace.

  36. wrigley wolf

    Glen Beck I have news for you Tina Manion who you know personaly as well as myself she is calling you a pussy.Because if what she is saying is true about you about you not sticking to the declaration of independence? from the begining to the end then you would be a pussy.Tina didnt call you a pussy but by the way she describes what you said in a private meeting with her in 2011 I have to come to the conclusion you are.So Glen Beck dont take the declaration of indepence out of context.

  37. wrigley wolf

    I cant confirm the alegations are true or false regarding Glen Beck but Glen you know for a fact I know Tina Manion and her husband Tony.The patriot movement is not the new multi level marketing of the? 21st century.Go to a tea party and ask people has anybody been a part of multi level marketing?You know what you have here is sucker bait.I cant behieve the tea party is being used as sucker bait but it is.Conclusion the tea party are not true patriots.

  38. wrigley wolf

    I cant confirm this im still investigating about an incident regarding Glen Beck.This Tina Manion out of Knoxville Tennessee went to a private meeting with Glen Beck in Texas.Tina worships Glen Beck 1 of the reasons shes a morman? like Glen.But she claims Glen said there is no fema camps and tells his followers not to trully observe the constitution and the declaration of independence.Glen Beck if you see this you can contact me and prove these alegations are false,Why would Tina say this Glen?

  39. JTB1956

    You didn’t really listen well…did you? he said after a couple of years of seeing the same 10 people constantly complain about EVERYTHING, in spite of what was done for them he came to hate those 10 people.. I can understand that. As to Katrina…same thing. You’re a fake. Why would you even call yourself a “follower” of Beck? Following WHAT?. At best I’m a viewer.. or a listener (not a “follower”) and I like the guy. ? You’re up to no good. I smell a rat….

  40. Jimbo Telegraphis

    BTW He also calls vitcims of Katrina in NO scumbags.I was a follower and watched him on fox news THEN I was shown who he really is.I am no sheep I will not watch,listen or care about anything that has to do with Glen the Jesuit Beck.Peace brothers? n sisters

  41. Jimbo Telegraphis

    Go on my page and look it up.It’s the only Glen Beck video I have.So call me what you like.Facts are facts.Hope this wakes you up!!Or simply look it up yourself (Glen beck says he hates 911 Families)it;s on YouTube.And you can tell? me your sorry for doubting me if you have it in you.

  42. JTB1956

    Care to produce THAT video? Everything that just about anybody says (esp. someone like Beck) is out there for the public. I’ve never seen or heard anything like that…and neither have you. And a Jesuit pawn?…Really? The man is a Mormon. Produce your evidence…or just go ahead and admit that you’re a? lying sack of shit.

  43. Jimbo Telegraphis

    Glen Beck.The guy who said he hates 911 victims and their families for crying to the government for help now that they lost loved ones and have cancer and who knows what else from the toxic air from that day.Thats right the? crybabby said HE HATES THEM.This man is a Jesuit pawn.Someday he will get what he deserves.

  44. Robert Miller

    i like your tips my man? but what about the fight. what if they comes for us..then what??

  45. JTB1956

    Thats strange….one of the contestants on “Mor-on trivia” on the Glenn Beck radio show was named jeffmack…he didn’t do? well there either. Maybe stupid is as stupid does after all.

  46. jeffmack57

    what a moron.?

  47. JTB1956

    You got that right….and the? thieves in Washington continue the plunder….

  48. Dale G

    16.4 trillion in debt and growing.If the government cuts spending now there will be rioting worse than the civil rights demonstrations of the 60’s.The shit is coming and it won’t be pretty.Stock? up on precious metals,canned goods, ammo and pray. !!!!!!!!!!

  49. Uncle Rice

    “Buy a car older than 79” That is something hard to truly understand until you’ve worked on? both types.