Economic Collapse These Folks Will Survive

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Living in a world engulfed by economic crisis teetering on collapse requires preparation for worst-case scenarios. Whether it is losing a job to downsizing, a currency crisis, or full-blown economic system failure, being prepared is just plain smart. Already, nearly 30% of Americans are either unemployed or under-employed, and desperation is surely setting in for the millions whose unemployment benefits have expired with little hope on the job front. Many have been able to weather short-term storms by prepping for a rainy day with extra food storage and other supplies, and by having some savings. Indeed, everyone should be preparing in this manner, and then some, given the bleak economic climate. However, if an economic meltdown becomes prolonged, there will only be two types of people that will survive: Takers and Producers. If the majority of the population reaches a level of desperation, and civil unrest erupts as predicted by many experts including the federal government, you can bet that your stockpile of emergency rations will make you an attractive target for the hungry Takers. During civil unrest it’s unlikely the authorities will have the capacity or the will to enforce petty theft crimes. Some police departments around the country already have stated that they are not responding to a majority of calls about petty theft or vandalism. Some have even turned over duties to private security. Prepping for disaster is only a temporary store of wealth; one that can be
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Survive an economic collapse by hoarding these items: Many believe that it’s only a matter of time before the USA falls. The National Debt is spinning out of control. Barack Obama promised hope and change. The change we got was a 1.6 trillion dollar stimulus package, to pay back the unions and banks, pushed through a democrat run house and senate in his first 2 years. With all the money spent, unemployment is still over 8%. Most believe that it’s actually around 21%, because of all the folks that have dropped out of the work force all together. You have to wonder if all this is in some master plan by a shadow government such as the Illuminati, Free Masons to collapse the economies of the world to put in place a New World Order. There sure are more and more people starting to believe this these days.

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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  1. Escaping The Daily Grind

    I hate to tell you, but? I dont think that’s an Aussie… My wife and I have an Australian Shepherd, and well, there are quite a few characteristics that are different. I think that is an Aussie Mix possibly. maybe Aussie and Lab?

  2. Chester Copperpot

    Subscribed tonight and have watched about 15 of your videos.
    Great stuff!

    Looking forward to many more great videos :)?

  3. Albert Cardew

    Dear Friend:

    What are you going to do if you get to the store and see empty shelves?
    We need to talk. There’re some serious events about to hit the US.

    The bottom-line? is, any disaster (big or small) could force you to go weeks without food.
    Without the essentials we may not survive. And there’s going to be no way to get them when a crisis hits (or the news even smells a crisis for that matter).

    Get to know more here —>

  4. jeremylee99100

    that? steam powered thrashing is hard work

  5. William Todd

    Very interesting. This would be something I would enjoy going to see. ? Old time machinery at work

  6. Gregory Wood

    that was? some awesome video and amazing tools shown, at least I have a little bit of an idea to look for when shopping around. Oh and what a cute new family member. Thanks for sharing.

  7. SabbathSchoolNow

    Matthew 7:24-29 “Every one then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house upon the rock; (26) And every one? who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house upon the sand; (27) and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell; and great was the fall of it.” (28) And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were astonished at his teaching

  8. ClayManTim



    Great? video!

  10. shadowalker1776

    Now that’s? living!

  11. liighthead

    Nice vid. Thing I learnt off my pop, well he always said it is “if its been proven to work for so Long why change it? ” yeah we still use like a chain saw but a axe is more then enough, I’m currently saving to but myself a property ( might be a while though lol ) just need the money? to buy the land and I’m off (:

  12. JustinAlphin

    You’re? right Cody I don’t think it can get better!

  13. b57ecv

    We have just got to learn how to live like our grandparents did to survive the global gloom and doom, it you live in the countryside you have a much better chance of doing ok, i live in Gloucestershire England and its very tough over here very high unemployment and the cost of everything as gone through the roof city life must be bad for some but we live right out in? the wilds of gloucestershire so not quite so bad, just the very high cost of fuel for heating and transport.

  14. 1Jeweledrose

    We have the? Steamup in Brooks, Oregon.

  15. Duke Nukem

    Where? do you live? I’ll tell you how, I just need to know the state your in.

  16. loudwaters9

    Great vid man.?

  17. jowen034

    The? present tense is to “fell” a tree not fall. Good video though, I’m an arborist, it’s a pet peeve.

  18. SAR0311

    Not having any affiliation with any of this, how does one (from the outside) even get? into this type of life, this type of world?

  19. chop98

    You’ll catch a glimpse of the newest? mass transit system around the 2.23 mark. 😀

  20. T S

    Once again i find myself sitting here saying those word, you? are a blessed man! We don’t have those here in GA. Must be a N.W./W thing. We do have lots of Festivals though where some old wares are sold. I love that part of the U.S. and have visited a few times. Medford, OR and Creator Lake are places I love there. Still, GA is home and its always on my mind. lol

  21. SKILLET210

    this was a? very heart-warming video,of days of old,the finishing touch was the new addition to the family,many enjoyable days to come. all the best Ter & Mel in Canada,thanks for taking us along for the very enjoyable day. ” GOD BLESS “

  22. Dwayne Mattson

    Nobody’s perfect.?


    Nice video Cody, you? should hold a puppy naming contest… ^_^

  24. Chris Handegard

    Cody, your videos have been an inspiration, thank you for? sharing! My dad was a logger in his 20’s circa 1950 in N. Cal. and Oregon. Big Redwoods. Somewhere in my heart has always existed the yearning to be free and carve a home out of the wilderness. Now at 55 it may be somewhat impractical if not physically impossible, but the dream still lives. I’m doing what I can here in S. Florida to prepare for the worst and putting a plan together to move out west before it’s too late. Blessings

  25. grishfish

    I laughed my butt off when Jack? cracked that pocket knife open like a pro. Love it.

  26. Keiichi0717

    Of course. I had? to be a teen now. Imagine how hard it will be for the next generation. Consider you older people lucky. We will get hit with a bombshell.

  27. Sextum84

    comparing the us economy to greece? is… funny.

  28. PreparationAid

    The budget can not be balanced as? is. I think putting it off just makes it worse.

  29. imthetopstoner

    this video didnt? stimulate the economy

  30. Alicia Banks

    that global warlord bankster hobama is a disgrace to mlk & malcolm!

    cc wwiii/hobamacare/georgia? guidestones/solar flares/agenda 21/rosy cross/mk ultra/frankenfood/haarp/fema? camps/rex 84/dhs ammo etc­0/selection-2012–%E2%80%9Cfor­ward%E2%80%9D-with-the-fleecin­g-of-america/

  31. johnpro2

    Why work when you can just print? money …

  32. ryan tan

    Asia Survives?

  33. ryan tan


  34. ryan tan

    at least im in Malaysia ?

  35. stejomo

    no , they will keep printing.. ,.and they will invent? new tools and come up with new scams.

  36. Alicia Banks

    that bankster hobama is a corp whore! any deal with hobama is? a deal with the devil!
    this fiscal deal increases taxes on the poor and middle class! and it decreases taxes on corps and the rich! hobama = wall street! hobama = gwb 3.0/new nixon/hitler! cc designer poverty/wwiii/haarp/dhs/fema/s­­andy/africom etc! shame? on the blind bilked duped? dumb fooled fleeced sheeple!­­0/selection-2012–%E2%80%9Cfo­r­ward%E2%80%9D-with-the-fleec­in­g-of-america/

  37. edwards21416

    And then? some expert comes along and tell you the opposite

  38. Alicia Banks

    hobama is the new hitler/nixon

    his designer poverty has just begun

    the sheeple must own hobama’s new global depression

    shame on the sheeple!!!!–%E2%80%9Cforward%E2%80%9D-with-the-fleecing-of-america/?

  39. mastersman1

    global zionist? Nafta, oil prices, welfare. Those three things are killing America. The only thing global about that is nafta and the zionist didnt do that the American Democratic Party did that with Slick Willy. Pedro makes a shirt you used to make for 10 dollars but he does it for 15 cents, and it gets shipped here and you have to buy it for 30 dollars out of the two hundred dollars you clear? from McDonalds. thirty dollars for a shirt, 10 if its from Wal Mart, 75 gas 100 food, broke. noconomy.

  40. GrooveDoctor77

    The Zionist globalists are wanting this to happen , they want world war 3, they want , depopulation, they want full control of this crumbling world , biblical prophecy and shamanic prophecy are predicting much the same , the Pyramids? and ancient religious sites are giving sacred math and geometry pointing to the 25,600 yr cycle ,of the precession of the Equinox ,the Hopi , Aztec have these times in their celestial clock
    , not just the Mayan calender ,2012 isnt the end but a change