Emergency Water and Food Supplies. How to prepare for disaster

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http://www.DisasterRecoveryStore.com If a natural or human-caused disaster strikes you might not have access to food, water and electricity for a while. By t…

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If a natural disaster or economic collapse occurs:

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2 Responses to “Emergency Water and Food Supplies. How to prepare for disaster”

  1. pangenhong

    5-year’s worth? of preservatives.

  2. miguelsotoseudonimo

    Shelflife?. Prepare for disaster by putting on some weight. Food might be the only investment you can eat, but overweight is the only investment alternative to food that cannot be stolen. Watch your fitness, but each Kilo overweight means 7000 kcal that’ll make you survive for? 3-5 days, if also have enough water and vitamin pills (which I’m sure you won’t forget now).