Europe in a Depression: How America Will Implode

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From VOA Learning English, this is the Economics Report in Special English. The American economy improved in 2012, but the rate of growth remained low. Ameri…

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26 Responses to “Europe in a Depression: How America Will Implode”

  1. Fred Mertz

    Been watching for a year George, enjoy your videos a lot. For you or other who want to know? more about where we are and where we are heading, watch Stefan Molyneux’s podcast “There Will Be No Economic Recovery. Prepare Yourself Accordingly”. Just type the title into Youtube. Highly recommended!!

  2. Deborah Nelson

    If you have student loans and do have a disability, ask for a discharge form due to a disability. It may? take time to convince them you have tried your best. This process still takes a long time but it is a fresh start and there is no chance of new student loans after this. But you will not loose your stomic from phone calls.

  3. TahoeBilly2007

    Love it from Midtown? Sac

  4. rkb100100

    if you have? value, the government will always find a way to take it from you. A friend from Lithuania was heartbroken to see this country head down the path his did.

  5. Curling12341

    Thank you George!!! I’m a new fan and will be? listening.

  6. Sidney Boudro

    Roosevelt went against your bank account so it won’t be the first time. What has? happened before will happen again.

  7. joel1923

    the government will continue to function-albeit at? a minimal level. Americans will be in shock. Americans will become third world denizens overnight. Not to mention the tsunami of illegals from Mexico that will be rampaging across the country. Better have guns and ammo.

    Having lived through hyper in flation in another part of Eastern Europe-the former Yugoslavia, all I can say is, a few gold coins won’t be enough. Best to LEAVE the US and head to Asia. At leat there people are civilized…

  8. joel1923

    I’m debt free. I’ve even paid off my? college loans. I pay cash for everything.

    I think it’s best to just enjoy life while you can. The economy will implode along the lines of the former Soviet Union. I lived in theex-Soviet union in the 90s, and it was really bad. Doctors asked for bribes of cash or even food from their patients to survive. Architects, engineers were selling their books on the sidewalks. And I’d rather not even think about the rampant prostitution-that was truly terrible.

  9. Zip Zenac

    Look what’s happening in Greece and Spain, and what happened in the Great Depression. Government people are rarely laid off. They produce nothing but remain on fat salaries? and all types of other benefits. Hardly a Govt employee has lost his benefits in Greece or Spain. It’s a joke. Sure they finally shut down the Govt TV station that should have been closed years ago. This had more employees than viewers.
    And look how the Socialist unions are going on about it. Austerity for Govt? A joke.

  10. Zip Zenac

    It’s all about having work. As in the Great Depression the future will be about those who have jobs and can live really cheaply and buy up all the deflated assets, and those who have no work and are living on the street and starving. The amazing thing is most of those who will keep their jobs will be government people on holiday pay and other? benefits. Also accountants, lawyers and other such unproductive blights on society. The productive people in industry and small business will be laid off.

  11. SrNovomondo

    Here? you go again george talking about economy collapse and doom. Look like you doing ok though. Why dont you get a job? Pay too low so better not to work? Lazy is what you are. Now you say good job! to people you say are wage slaves like you call them but now you say hey more power to you! Your so much a fake. Get a job and support your family george! Dont make other people who pay tax pay for your family! Stop bullshit about zombie and economy!

  12. TheMasterofrevenge

    Americans will take almost anything as long as they are given their essentials- cable, cellphones, and coffee. as long as they can? still be lied to AND lie to themselves they will go merrily rolling along

  13. Truthman120

    the collapse is already happening….it’s? been a collapse since 2008, but too many people are asleep still

  14. XMOON66

    I live with someone in the travel biz GEORGE is right italy is going to riot any minute now they are holding OFF because they are about to do the RODNEY KING RIOT AND START A REVOLUTION same in greece what riots you see are just a hand full of people who have BALLS but soon EVERYBODY will join in? THE WORLD SPRING not middle east spring.. :o(

  15. XMOON66

    I talked to a friend that went to architect school he? owes $100,000 plus interest, he can’t find a job from NY. to CA. He told me HE and people he knows are JUST NOT GOING TO PAY THE DAM MONEY PERIOD …..

  16. Joker13621

    George how is it you went to college and avoided getting into student loan? debt?

  17. Joker13621

    yea all the big cities are fucked only heading to the rural areas and holding them down from trespassers will survive here in commie california. wish could leave before a default? but i doubt it at least i have youth and brains and faith on my side

  18. Joker13621

    obama is? ghetto uprising insurance to the banksters

  19. Economic Crash

    the crash isn’t coming its now…
    I just wonder when the default will happen. When it does the welfare cheques will stop being sent out and then the things will get out of hand really fast.
    Remember that Wal-Mart that got looted? during Katrina? Imagine that kind of looting in cities all over America

  20. shareofhonor

    Without power, s California isn’t going to have? any water. 95 percent of the people there are going to be dead in a week. You think what you want.

  21. singlemansurvival

    California shares a border with Mexico and has major port cities with direct access to Asia. The infrastructure in Cali is superior compared to the rest of the U.S. Cali does have the natural resources to trade for fuel supplies and other? materials. I can’t say the rest for the rest of the U.S.

  22. mja2035

    Having? a great summer except for the unemployment thing. Great to see you G.

  23. LuqmanNaq

    I live in the EU, in the UK. It surprises me how many people are still unable to see that an economic collapse of the the countries you’ve mentioned is well underway. I guess it’s a case of the? ‘boiling frog’ analogy.

  24. John Salvatore

    My Ex committed suicide and I think her “school loans”? had something to do with it. She was 30

  25. h?ng hoàng

    how can I speak Eng as u? really really? wish

  26. Nguyên Dung Quách

    I? love Alex’s voice, it’s so beautiful!