Expected American Economic Collapse in 2013 – Some views

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Expected American Economic Collapse in 2013 – Some views.
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24 Responses to “Expected American Economic Collapse in 2013 – Some views”

  1. Brian JAMB

    Thats the problem.. were? talking about ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.. and all you assholes care about is the music?

  2. John Mcgill

    not only is the government dragging its own ppl down. their changing laws & setting things so u have no say. i think? we have all seen some idiocracy, but how idiotic is selling for less ? i will not lie. i have 0 faith in the government. will u throw me in jail cuz im telling you you have failed ? or will u throw me in jail for opposing your ideals ? them jails cant fit every1, just sayin.

  3. John Mcgill

    if the american government cant do the job shouldnt they be treated like a ordinary employee ? if the little man can be replaced and governed where is the eqaulity in all mankind ? i see communism. i see a dismal future. i see a decline in the evolution? of men. its even written in the bible. an old book. man will become so smart he will destroy himself… oh what wicked webs we weave when we practice to decieve.

  4. ari5702

    american economy? collapse because the government is supporting the zionist too much

  5. Chazreal

    Government is an? illusionary product trying to sell order, control and security to the naturally civil humanity anarchy. There is no justice, just? us, secured only by us. The only? law we might obey is do as you would be done by. It’s been said “The two things inevitable in life is death and taxes.” My response to that is fibannaci sequence and anarchy. Do what thou will, Love is the law, love under will, with harm to none. We? are, is, and? will always be a global love anarchy.? Namaste. <3

  6. TheDoomedsociety

    do we really need the mockery in the background you fucking tool??

  7. Lily White

    Dont understand people always? putting more “drama” into their video news by putting shit music in there. As if these news werent already bad enough. Sounds like Alien crap music

  8. Lily White

    I`m tired of watching movies with fucked up music. So sick and disturbing. Getting more info? elsewhere.

  9. tobeh tobehi

    Everything is Happening to US. Economy Because of Britannia,.REALITY They Control The? World, they brought US. to this trap.they want to lied again

  10. EroomYrrah

    You are being AGENDA 21ed? to death…..DEATH….DEATH.

  11. Mary A

    EXACTLY ! The US runs on? a phony “credit based” economy. It requires people to CONTINUE spending “beyond their means”, just to keep the economy going. This is why most Americans have less than 1 month savings (based on income), and quickly lose their homes, cars, etc. when they become unemployed.

  12. Micky Garcia

    I think the music would be better if you interjected the robot’s voice from ‘Lost In Space.’ “Danger Will Robinson!, Danger!” Really though, it detracts from your message.?

  13. Aries2012100

    America is doing better than it has for 2 decades. You survived Reagan and the Bushes. You’re? America, you’ll be fine.

  14. MrGareth575

    Lets not ignore that? last statement….NWO! This is what it is all about

  15. Tony Smith

    Whats up with? the stupid music?

  16. superjet2771

    Damn I wish the? idiots who put out this info would GIVE UP with the CRAPPY SOUNDTRACK!!!

  17. 54living

    Simple mathematics.
    US debt is about16 trillions. Say 1% per year interest rate only. Every year need to pay 160 billions, just for interest. Forget about paying back the debt.
    But someone still said “drove across the whole country and did? not see one tent city,but I? saw BMWs,BENZ,CADDYS,BIG SUVs,big homes,new homes,malls full,sorry”.

  18. 1965guitarboy

    Do you just change the dates every year and? post the same video? LOL
    Best of luck for this year. Ha ha…..

  19. H Herseim

    Ha, the guy pointing to all the big new cars and houses as proof we’re doing fine is so dumb. He really thinks they’re all paid for? If America is doing fine then, why does the bank own alls? those new cars and houses?

  20. Leon M

    upload this video again, this time WITHOUT the music.

    then i will? watch it.

  21. sajj288

    Maybe now you americans will kick those dual citizen israelis out your fuckin country. Implement a law that prevents? jews from having any position above janitor

  22. Riki Cooper

    They all over you tube. I did hear the? US car industry is bouncing back but5 because they’ve found an Asian market not American. The US only exports jobs now.

  23. amcanmike

    drove across the whole country? and did not see one tent city,but I saw BMWs,BENZ,CADDYS,BIG SUVs,big homes,new homes,malls full,sorry

  24. Michael James

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