Fall of Rome vs Failure of American Politics, Economy pt 1

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See Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTGNgS1toEU Crumbling domestic infrastructure. A bored, undisciplined population, demanding ever more wasteful and …

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25 Responses to “Fall of Rome vs Failure of American Politics, Economy pt 1”

  1. AStonedWatermelon

    Americas will enter into open imperialism. We may even go the Roman rout a
    little farther and anex these middl eastern countries into new states of
    the Impedial States of America. Eventually though, we will be overun from
    all sidesby the barbarians, Or Russia, China from the west, middle eastern,
    afican states and North Korea from the east. We will be overun, and America
    will fall, just as all great empires do.

  2. Citizen Dave

    I’m just the messenger, but ignore the message at your own peril ??????

  3. BadassCeino

    Nice upload man, this exactly whats happening to america right now. More
    American Idol & dancing with the stars, they cant have enough. While the so
    called masters steal there liberties away.

  4. westchesterny

    The Hart-Celler Act of 1965, overseen by the pope and Vatican II, which
    came into the u.s., opened the u.s. border, mostly to catholics and
    catholics only. Hart was an Irish Catholic Banker, and used his position to
    open the border to romanize the u.s. (US was 99% protestant at the american
    revolution and through most of its history, but attempts are made to hide
    that now). Policies diminished the protestant population, i.e. Genocide. RC
    genocided protestant in europe also

  5. HaloScreamTage

    @Justinian43 Lol, I don’t care if you’re God himself, that doesn’t make you
    right. Quit harping on the Authority Fallacy. Also, the IMF is a
    government-built fund, so it’s not Capitalist, LMAO. Oh, and Ecuadorians
    are enslaved by Dole and Chiquita? That’s of course not true, and
    Ecuadorians do see that money in the wages that they’re paid. If not for
    the foreign investment (free trade), then those jobs wouldn’t even exist.
    You’re an idiot bro.

  6. Jess Sinkula

    every civilization*

  7. IfByWhiskey486

    We’re coming to our own “Crisis of the Third Century.” Interesting 🙂 Read
    “Are We Rome” by Cellen Murphy.

  8. mastshke

    i’m a history major brotha, I saw this miles away.lol

  9. Michael Rose

    immigration? Glen Beck much?

  10. HaloScreamTage

    @Justinian43 You’re getting mad because you’ve been proven wrong – deal
    with it. I never denied that imperialism happened in Latin America, I just
    realize that it isn’t the cause of the region’s current state of poverty.
    If you want to deny that just so you can bash on America and feel cool
    about yourself, go right ahead. In the end, you’re still an idiot.

  11. Jess Sinkula

    Well for one we have a non violent transfer of power every 4-8 years, in
    rome there was a civil war every time an emperor died, and rome was never
    known for being democratic that is greece, rome had an emperor for fucks
    sake. rome had generals turn their armies on the romans and rebelled. can
    you imagine a US general do that?anything else hmm lets see, rome was
    forced to stop providing things for the citizen, like bread and such. i
    will give you that one ONLY because our welfare system

  12. Germanicus00

    @bxjam85 for the rich 1%, the aristocracy, that occasionally rained down
    monetary largesse upon the people in the form of bread or coin doles. These
    impoverished poor would on occasion fill their empty stomachs in a rather
    “un-Romanly manner” by rampaging through the countryside in search of food.
    Galen, a Greek physician of the 2nd century, noted every harvest time bands
    of desperate poor from the cities would pilfer the surrounding rural areas
    in search of food, subsequently leaving the poor

  13. morningbirdfeeder

    after the empire Europe plunged into the dark ages. is this country
    destined to another dark age of sorts?

  14. HaloScreamTage

    @Justinian43 You just cannot stop with the Red Herrings, can you? For one,
    you’re an idiot because you just resorted to another Argument From
    Authority, which is a logical fallacy. Secondly, you just can’t get it
    through your head that imperialism that happened hundreds of years ago is
    no longer having any significant effect on these nations, but instead their
    own idiotic economic policies are to blame – Venezuela being a prime
    example. Btw, I’ve taken a college course in economics.

  15. nathan forest

    we are following the same path. huge immigration of mexican slave labor,
    wars, inflation, no money in the treasury, and military rule.

  16. Jess Sinkula

    Cant see whats not there, Rome survived until the mid 1400s, but i am
    assuming you mean west rome, in their case they had barbarians closing in
    on them and they could not keep them back. i suppose you could make a
    correlation to illegal immigration but not the same thing. American
    government is drastically different from rome, so check that off. romes
    currency basically became worthless, you could argue we are suffering from
    mass inflation but not on the scale of the great depression…

  17. Wade Pelletier

    seems oddly familiar doesn’t it, they were destroyed by the factions they
    mocked, America has been bread to believe we are an unstoppable force and
    we all just laugh and make fun of the opposition when they grow smarter and
    more fearless. You think history would teach us not to do certain things
    but people are blind to the inevitable. So many people seems to think they
    are destine to be some heroic figure, but we don’t see any leadership now a

  18. Russell Alson

    @HaloScreamTage At that time it was considered Civil right.

  19. Cstrife234

    “The proletariat are idle, lazy, and devote their whole lives to drink
    gambling brothels shows and chariots races. Their temple, their dwelling,
    their meeting place, in fact the center of all their desires is the Circus
    Maximus, they talk about nothing else,”. Ammianus Marcellinus – Sounds
    familiar doesn’t it folks? The working-class citizen has no right to
    property, due to registration with the state (house and car, etc). We
    occupy ourselves with TV and gambling and anything but pers. develop.

  20. HaloScreamTage

    @Justinian43 Actually, America grew to greatness mainly by guaranteeing
    political and economic freedom, which allowed for rapid industrialization
    and wealth creation. Thus, people want to come to America because it wasn’t
    destroyed by a bunch of idiotic Communists like Che Guevara. Not to
    mention, freedom of speech is always nice.

  21. Russell Alson

    @HaloScreamTage Exactly

  22. chrismerk420

    Shocking… those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  23. adrianaesque

    Hey, look, it’s the USA’s younger twin! Damn genetics, this only means that
    we will soon die just like our younger sibling.

  24. Aramis2000

    It IS a weird eastern sect 🙂

  25. shredstein927

    no Obama is more like Julian the Apostate