FED’s prepare for COLLAPSE

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More signs that the Feds are preparing for the collapse by expanding the police state.
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Alex is joined via Skype by Former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and survivalist author James Wesley Rawles to discuss the imminent danger of world-wide eco…

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48 Responses to “FED’s prepare for COLLAPSE”

  1. 914light

    OK ..the thing I don’t? get is ….a collapse would be the BEST thing … it’s the government that wont survive a collapse …people will be fine ..so why is everyone screaming about a collapse ?

  2. mrbr549

    The? sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  3. Fabian4Liberty

    I think they will delay? it and wait for the perfect timing. I believe the end goal is global governance and a global currency. They will for sure push a huge war prior to the collapse in order to create the ripe conditions for global government justification. I believe we have entered that stage with the Libya unconstitutional war. Thanks for the question.

  4. jordyd19

    i heard from a patient about obama’s standing in his basketball pool. WHAT THE FUCK! where are the russians in all of this?? didn’t putin say he was coming back to new orleans if things didn’t get straightened out? surely youve seen the picture comparisons between our 2 leaders

  5. billyjoebobway

    I guess we got our answer today with Timmy begging japan not? to dump our debt…and with our Govt pissing them off about how to handle the crises, they might just unload the s_itload. They need cash. Also a great article on 321gold.com by Chris Martenson. We are definitely getting all the warning signs….keep up the great work Fabian!

  6. SharpeyeTK

    From what i see people, America isn’t be around much longer and when it goes its going to get nasty. I’d say, if your in the U.S. get out now? while you still can.
    God Speed

  7. Fabian4Liberty

    I think your right, Japan has had to print trillions of yen to prompt up the economy. Will they be able to buy US t bills? Will they dump US treasuries in? order to shore up a stronger cash position? There is no question this hurts the global economy and speeds up potential economic collapse.

  8. Fabian4Liberty

    Well said. Criminal gov and a media that try’s to tell people you need to pick betweenthe donkey and the elephant. They are both the same. We need to jail these people? and restore the republic.

  9. Fabian4Liberty

    Could happen, watch very closely, your government is preparing and putting things in place. Thanks for the comment.?

  10. Tralman1965

    Eat, drink for? tomorrow we die.

  11. Frogdawg68

    next few years???? how? bout next few months

  12. SCLARK2112

    Excellent video Fabian! The world is failing apart and Obama is strongly concerned and worried…. about basketball. No one can deny the truth on these people now.? It’s all right out in the open. They no longer even “PRETEND” to be “leaders”. On spending cuts, the Republicans want to cut 11 days worth of spending from the budget & the Democrats say 1 & a half-days worth are all they can support. Just more of the SAME FAILED garbage. If you like to EAT, you better become SELF SUFFICIENT and fast.

  13. reefcut

    The black market will only take silver or gold, no plastic.

    Every time I think we are at? global breaking point something even worse happens, I am focusing 99% for my free time on getting my prepping as done and dusted as I can afford. Thanks Fabian, I wonder how long until it all crumbles.

  14. Dave Beck

    What are you talking about? Our founders were scumbags too. Washington and Jefferson spoke against slavery, yet they both had slaves and tracked them down when they ran away. ? Then look at what we did to the native Indians. And then the land we stole from Mexico. Now look at the scumbag multinationals that sold the world on the idea that nuclear energy was safe-just so they could line their pockets. We live in a world of scumbags.

  15. billyjoebobway

    One last opinion …. I think this Japan through a wrench into the Govts plan to get everything in place before collapsing it….Japan could massively accelerate a global economic meltdown within the next 9 months…actually a currency meltdown….bankruns everywhere? as it all unfolds…we shall see

  16. billyjoebobway

    Back in the early 2000’s and I cant remember what year or who the analyst was, but they (maybe marty armstrong) said that the president in 2010 will be the last president of the united? states….and you know….its sure looking that way…maybe I will google it and see if i come up with the phrase…we are in a lot of trouble in america …a lot of trouble….keep up the great videos Fabian…

  17. billyjoebobway

    Back in the early 2000’s and I cant remember what year? or who the analyst was, but they (maybe marty armstrong) said that the president in 2010 will be the last president of the united states….and you know….its sure looking that way…maybe I will google it and see if i come up with the phrase…we are in a lot of trouble in america …a lot of trouble

  18. cantore35


  19. newbeflipflop

    financial collapse might be starting now, Japan is going to sell bonds? in order to try to rebuild their country

  20. holajim

    Our politicians were bought off by the people we sought to escape in 1776.? Research how many Americans have been “knighted” by the Queen of England in violation of the Logan Act. research Henry Kissinger.

  21. de225228

    Fabian you’re so right, thats? the scary part.

  22. TheSilverGuild


  23. TheSilverGuild

    Helicopter Ben & the Fed wants Inflation and a currency collapse all except they want controlled? inflation and a controlled progressing currency collapse.

    Your President does not work for the Aamerican people he works for
    Goldman Sacs and when he leaves office you will see him publicly working their just like Tony Blair did when he left office.

  24. 2551bali

    … marketing 101 : SELL – SELL – SELL ? it doesn’t matter to which side.
    guess who profit from it ? follow the money and the BS will show itself .
    thank you to Fabian4Liberty for a clear & simple explanation.

  25. IrradiateTheNWO

    Of course us good guys could also get our handguns on the black market if need be? 😉

  26. Ydonkov

    This channel would be much better if it? wouldnt constantly push commercials about these products.

  27. Josh Pickwick

    If the fiat money is basically debt piling on debt with no real value then surely it will collapse eventually. It is a mathematical certainty. I do not think there is intelligence behind this just a bunch of? sociopaths aka the people who benefit from instability.

  28. jarden69

    This “Survival” stuff is just getting ridiculous! When is everyone going to wake up to the fact that a “Cottage Industry” of Survival and Pessimism Porn has sprung up and ALL these guys are doing is capitalizing on it and making all kinds of money? telling you all what you want to hear, or what you think you want to hear, and WHAT are you all getting out if it? Nothing but “Entertainment”!!! It’s all a HOAX so WAKE UP people…there ain’t going to be a “Collapse”!!

  29. ColdWarWarriors

    I think we need to be careful about predicting collapse timelines. There have been many wrong? calls so far predicting collapse and all have been wrong, I think we have underestimated the ability of the central planners to hold it all together, but when it does happen it will be big.

  30. mark choletti

    A financial collapse doesn’t necessarily mean a total collapse. It means a change? to a new financial system, with some chaos in between.

  31. MrSkankaDank

    a year ago it was gonna happen in months… then? it was early 2013, then end of summer…

  32. dstreamerII

    no one will be saved by the same male-dominator possessor patriarch,
    anti-woman, anti-Earth, pro-slavery, pro-imperialism bible bullshit.
    grow a brain terror hunter. if you preach hell as a reality to children,
    you are the one spreading true terror. lies to terrify and control people.
    “just accept it” you say. that has never been necessary,? look at the inquisition for 500 years. acceptance through torture, enslavement, and murder. Earth needs our attention. Woman needs? equality.
    1 tim. 2:11 -14

  33. terrorhunter0000

    Faith is a gift from God, all you have to do is accept? it.

  34. CynicalHeart

    I highly doubt Jesus will save us from war? or riots.

  35. terrorhunter0000

    You would? be wiser to purchase survival needs rather than gold or silver!

    That and get right with Jesus Christ!

  36. terrorhunter0000

    Food and water will make gold and silver look like gravel when one becomes very hungry? and thirsty!

    You actually believe someone will barter their food and water for a piece of metal when the economy falls?

  37. enistines

    if you go back to 07-09 look at copper or scrap iron? prices that will let you know when the next collapse will happen. I saw it but did not understand what I was looking at. I thought it was just a small bump was I wrong. I thought I was ready then I found Jim and Alex 3 years ago and been preparing since. Wake up USA we need to get ready even a small percent of us can make a differance.

  38. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead

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  39. K1N6Soho

    You? still have * damn phone.

  40. K1N6Soho

    John you quick have to go through tribulation, there is no pre-trib. You need to go read and stop? buying everything your pastor says the good book says, lol.

  41. amycook4870

    John roman shut? up

  42. John Roman

    I’m thinking that knowing what is coming upon this world the only safe place to be is off planet 🙂 I am so thankful to have been given a seat on the last Shuttle leaving planet earth before The Great Destruction rolls in. BTW the name of that? Shuttle is “Rapture Ready”.

  43. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead

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  44. Adexter23

    thank you.?

  45. Adexter23

    cool, thanks?

  46. Astral 7ight

    ay Donald Marshall exposed the Illuminati…

    Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards (Type 1, 2 & 3), “Parasited Hosts”/Hosts Of Vril/Drones, The Soulstone and? more…

    Check Out:

    – Donald Marshall’s interviews on YouTube
    – Facebook.com/Donald.Marshall.148
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  47. delzstar1984

    The next financial collapse will not end. The fed will cease our pensions and? the tax rate will greatly increase. It will be downhill from there ceasing our infrastructure as collateral on the debt.

  48. GoodLightKnight

    You real? 1776 Americans are good at surviving!