Fight Club • Our Great Depression

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Video: Fight Club Audio: ‘The Sum Of A Body’ by Ray Koefoed Fight Club music video as it should be. No mindless random brawling set to heavy metal music. Rat…

The Great Depression is the fifth album from post-hardcore band Blindside. It is their first album for DRT Entertainment. 1. The Great Depression 0:00 2. Thi…
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29 Responses to “Fight Club • Our Great Depression”

  1. Akiboxers

    What you are expressing right here are no more than ideas, so you would be
    the one trying to teach us what to think right now. If people adopt your
    position of thinking for themselves as you say, then they won’t be thinking
    by themselves since they were influenced by YOU.

  2. Akiboxers

    Even if you try too hard not to be influenced, society will always affect
    your way of thinking, although at some point you can develop your own
    ideas. The system bombs your brain with ideas constantly and without even
    realizing you adopt them. Since you are born people are telling you how to
    be and what to do, its up to you what you decide. Although that deciscion
    is also conditioned by what you have lived, No one is isolated from those

  3. SamJord

    I took it as tyler durden teaching us how to think than what to think.

  4. marcus dale

    i like the thoughts he puts in my mind tho. they make me feel powerful and
    want to get out and do things i really want to do but fear to much to even
    considering doing. but tyler durden says so it is ok to do it. in tyler
    durden i trust

  5. James Paul Shelburn

    Our great war is spiritual.. our great depression is our lives.. working
    dead end jobs buying shit we don’t need.

    Like to add.. with over inflated fiat dollars that are worth 2¢ compared to
    when the FED stole our monetary system with the help of Congresses ?

  6. Icarus3500

    You ´re*

  7. 989Bigboss

    Meditation is hard for me I have had limited success I don’t think I have
    the patience.

  8. PantsOnPranav

    Tyler is also some-what a hypocrite.For example he says products start
    owning you.but throughout the entire film Tyler smokes constantly.So
    smoking owns him.

  9. restlessnation

    Nihilism is the truth. You create your own answers.

  10. James Lc

    Stop teaching us what to think.

  11. Edgell Uno

    good song_

  12. Max Stirner

    Nihilism is not the final answer. It’s the road that leads you down to
    Superman. Just nihilism will only lead you into the Last Man role nothing
    else and nothing more. We live in a generation of last men, last men who
    are looked up to, who are adored. THAT’s our problem not the inability to
    lose meaning and creating your own truth but following through with said
    truth because humanity is only a stop not our goal. Superman is our goal.
    Men… lets rise.

  13. Anass Zahim

    Everything I wanted to say was already said in the comments. Great video,
    great song and great comments here.

  14. Basketalbi

    Nihilism is the absolute truth, whether you like it or not. There are
    thousand if not millions of different life philosophies but in the end the
    cold, depressing (for some) fact remains that we are just apes stuck on a
    spec of dust floating around the universe. You know why I don’t kill
    myself? Well firstly because it is biologically unnatural and goes against
    any survival instinct and second because I know that this is the only life
    I am ever going to get.

  15. LeDoQuE

    Here here, the answer is silence. Nihilism is system, although its
    paradoxical system it’s system…nihilism destroys itself, and it’s not the
    answer in destroying yourself ( unless you think different, then I ask you
    a question ” Why don’t you just kill yourself ?” ). But its how that system
    of nihilism is functioning, there lies the rhythm of life and death, we
    must build to destroy, then and only then truth will rise…first you must
    forget everything you’ve been taught about things…

  16. Miau Lindo

    No one never follow someone’s thoughts, they learn knowledge and wisdom and
    choose to put this into practice, mixing to their reality and improving
    themselves as a human, to be bettter to the community and society, to be a
    better being. It’s an idea, an ideology that you choose to understand. This
    don’t have nothing to do with Tyler, he’s a model, a example, just that. We
    Always think for ourselves, we’re conscious, we’re racional.

  17. toligen955

    You don’t ask questions is the first rule in Project Mayhem. ;X

  18. toligen955

    Why are you all writing crap here ? All of you just broke rule #1 and #2.

  19. Jmacd799999

    Our eyes deceive us our reality is a sham to see past the disguise is to
    see the master controlling his, puppets

  20. PietruchaX

    When can i dowload this song??

  21. billy wilson


  22. Nickolas Kupper


  23. 54m4rV1ll4

    I hate my fucking existence…


    Everything is nothing. And nothing is all. Worth is a lie.

  25. El Godini

    and how u do that?

  26. Blindside23

    I got this record on the day it came out. August 2, 2005? It was a dinosaur
    time where record stores existed and I had not even known about the
    workings or release… just coincidence. That was how I got all of my
    Blindside records… show up at the store every few months and look for
    something new. Had lost all of my CDs years ago so this just sorta inspired
    a story. Thanks for uploading.

  27. Chloexxbabii

    Man it feels like forever since I got this album

  28. 7d7e7f7

    This sounds terrible.

  29. db5390

    Great Album One I can listen to all the way through.