Food is the Currency of the Future! Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, Martial Law – Alex Jones

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Prepare before it’s too late! http://CurrencyOfTheFuture.US Food is the Currency of the Future! Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, Martial Law, Fema Camps – …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Prepare for Economic Depression in America While most Americans sit around waiting for the U.S. economy to return to norm…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

46 Responses to “Food is the Currency of the Future! Economic Collapse, Hyperinflation, Martial Law – Alex Jones”

  1. mikeartt

    Looks like you could lose a few? pounds there Alex.

  2. MaddGerman79

    we all know what is upon us… how do we unite? Is the real question. Or do we wait til the chaos and destruction of our life liberties is upon us and we’re being herded to FEMA Camps and disarmed???? which i think to late.. i could be wrong.. The so called leaders of our America have strayed and we have to watch? our families and friends lives be destoyed because of it.. I love this country and everything it stands for.. thats why my family migrated here to begin with.. its all vanishring.

  3. Skibum Willy

    In “Occupying Chairlifts” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to transition forward to where we’re rewarded for cooperating and creating instead of competing and conquering.
    It’s something specific we can demand. If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. Are we really just this close to having it work right?
    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski? movie! “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

  4. tabaripalmer

    My eyes are open, I can see it blow in? the wind, with my eyes closed an not physical, I feel it beating across my skin,? means the realist thing is the unseen, I want to let you know because I found it.

  5. OfftoShambala

    basic survival skills like hunting/gathering/growing food & how to store it/prepare it along with first aid/healing remedies when there is no electricity & no grocery store is prudent knowledge to have for anyone, anytime, anywhere … there are many societies that were functioning just fine until some invaders came along or some other force, whether natural or leadership, messed it all up … we’ve had it? good in the U.S., but there is never a guarantee… i still think food storage is prudent

  6. Passin Threu

    foolish to store food , this is the scam , there are no good guys , there is no truth only intertainment based on fear …. what good is gold , 25 years of food , who wants to live in hell anyways …. i am greateful to be old and even more greateful that i will not live long …. when i was young there were forest , now there are people and the trees are gone …. you hate monsanto , everyone grow? a garden in your front yard and factory farming will colapse …. so what , there is no privacy

  7. Nicole Alessi

    I don’t care what anyone? says, Alex, you are telling the truth. I have seen what is going on and it’s scary. The America we grew up in in no longer here. Not believing something bad is coming means you will be one of many ignorant people that will die. And the “crazy” people like me will be ok.

  8. MR4TREY

    I like this guy but why as he speak he keep throwing up the? three 6 s with his left hand clearly it’s an illuminati hand signal huh hmmm ??

  9. dieselsoured

    this show is addicting. im getting? one of those filters as soon as possible

  10. Reny Haakmeester

    You wanker
    Not all freemasons? are illuminati
    You proberbly have a bank account , that’s the same as me calling you illuminati , because you are accoiciated with a bank !

    Just because some people use stuff in a bad way doesn’t mean everybody
    does that .. .think for yourself
    and don’t scream out illuminati at everybody without thinking
    because of people like you , other people don’t take us ”free thinkers” seriously

    so quit it !

  11. LAStreetPreacher

    On Sunday 12-25-11 I drove to a homeless area in Santa Ana and saw food distributed to the homless. I talked to a couple living out of their van. Then I decided to preach the gospel to these? homeless folks.? I had no food for their body, being homeless myself, so I gave them what I had….spiritual food. I asked who wanted a Bible. I walked to my car. At my car I noticed a small crowd of about 10-12 people. One lady thanked me and called me pastor. I prayed for a few men. It felt good.

  12. MONOPOLY35

    Thumbs up? if you’re bearish on paper!

  13. WolfeBear

    I live in? Spring City TN; bread in or local grocery store is low grade, ad has been scarce over the last year or so. i bought a coconut weeks before Xmas, and iut was rotten meat and milk. it had been picked seriously green. I know; I was raised in a produce-selling family. fourth generation. or more.

  14. PixelDansIronFist

    So you’re a shill just like every other corporate whore and that’s what makes you? different?!

  15. Dadon Raykwon

    Continue: very informative at? best & a fear monger at worst so my criticism is not the legitimacy of what Alex & others like him it’s the lack of conclusions of what we are going to do about these problems. All the talking has been done it’s time for action & let’s try to find solutions to these problems. Revolution before it’s too late.

  16. Dadon Raykwon

    I’ve been listening to Alex Jones for a couple of years? now & he has been very informative at best & a far monger

  17. Kunschner

    Cigarettes and booze will be of greater value, once survivors have a? steady lifestyle.

  18. leef0flife


  19. fructmals

    Dave Crockett was King of the Wild? Frontier!

  20. paulnswden

    Gold, silver, food, guns. All good stuff. Don’t forget fuel. Deisel or something anyway. Generators and a big bank of batteries. It gets pretty cold in the north and unless you live in? a forest you need a way to keep warm.

  21. shitthrowingmonkey1

    food is still relatively cheap. you can get a 20 lb bag of rice and it doesn’t cost too much. really, everyone probably should store food although i? have none stored, but food shortages have been a part of humanity’s history and so will be part of the future.

  22. JkrolGaming k

    get? a nose

  23. Outofthematrix1000

    The creation of the Federal Reserve? has failed MISERABLE!

  24. Skibum Willy

    Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on youtube, a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to transition forward,? something specific we can demand, protest for, and adopt ourselves! Spread it around! If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. What if we were really just this close to having it work right?
    Oh yeah, it’s a Ski movie thing. Watch “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

  25. Ace May

    @gueo224s Bro is better to be prepared for when America collapses!, the link to the survival guide is on the description of my? profile

  26. lastres0rt

    Not just dismantled, but ethnically cleansed by “diversity”?

  27. strattuner

    time,1929-1945 violent years in america,dad told me about it,all of you that are old,60 and beyond start talking to the youth,who are clearly scared to death,tell them about having little in their lives and then flourishing later,no this is happening to us,history will say? whether we were diligent or stupid,keep your heads,our wits are what keeps us going forward,holster your weapons till its time,i know alot of you are buying weapons, good, america is safer for it,our children are our future

  28. strattuner

    will take care of the food problem,no one should be starving in the USA,WE ALREADY FEED THE WORLD,relax drink a beer,think about what youwould do without having a boss breathing down your necks,worked all my life,all THEY ever did was tax me into oblivion,money will be reinstituted,one? form or another,we have to take care of our country first,everything else will fall into line,we have had MEN who gave a damn before us,they offered up their fortunes to prop up the economy in the depression last

  29. strattuner

    learn how to grow food,this spring plant millions of fruit trees,throw seeds out your window when driving in the country on umarked land,anyone cutting down a fruit tree? should be hung,i’m not letting none of this nickel and dime nonsense get to me,the children are watching,your children are watching you to see if you can see past this,we will come back stronger than before,believe it,;letting this country go the way of the dodo bird is stupid and totally unecessary,people planting and growing

  30. strattuner

    YOUKNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO A WOLF WHEN HE GETS HURT? OR DIES,HE IS ATTACKED AND EATEN,you guys want to live that way,no we’re human beings,with a soul,that’s right,soul =compassion,we will survive this,my dad’s generation did,kicked the hell out of the madmen of his time,him,and millions of other AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN,NO we’ll survive this,it’will be chaotic for awhile,but we’ll make it,even if you don’t want to study how to grow things,use this damn computor for more than a entertainment device go

  31. strattuner

    to get back where they were before they left for war,i guarantee that the 15% or however many survived the war didn’t get a discount on? anything in their stores,no we don’t look after each other enough, it’s my air,your air,my yard, your yard, people suing their neighbors for a tree limb growning on their side of the fence,madness it’s amazing to me,WE HAVE LASTED THIS LONG,WHY DO WE FIGHT ALL THE WARS IF WE DON’T CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER,LOSE GOOD MEN,WOMEN,STOP THE MERRY GO ROUND I WANT OFF,NUTS

  32. strattuner

    they formed the FEDERAL RESERVE,during christmas,while everyone was away,all of congress that knew about it,should have immediately been hung,by? the neck,till dead,by being dead they would have become useful for once in their lives,all of you reading this will have to make a blatant decision soon,only 15% fought in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR,that means that 85% of the people who didn’t go,sit on their asses and let their neighbors fight for them,later that 85% sold the remaining 15% what they needed

  33. koukimonzta

    Resilient? Americas think the putting a gun to their heads is? the solution to get away from problems. Hahaha

  34. NotElmerKeith

    Why bring up the gap between rich and poor? That gap is a lot smaller than it was at the foundation of this country. If you don’t have a powerful upper class you will NOT have an economy. Can you imagine the moron sitting next to you having as much financial influence in this country as someone who has actually EARNED $100,000,000 by being smart and successful? Get off the? redistribution of wealth high horse.

  35. Ace May

    @gueo224s Dude, the guide I told you can help your life after America? collapses, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description


    They call it the American dream b/c you have to be asleep to? believe it, Lol


    “That which is about to fall, deserves to be pushed”? ~Nietzsche

  38. craig spencer

    some people think Kenendy? was starting to do that.

  39. Liz Berezny

    Masters of our own perception, happiness is? a mental state one learns to control through acceptance.

  40. Jay Stimson

    There is only one possible viable solution if? you want to have a chance to survive.
    See my videos if you’re interested. Warning: it’s not for wimps.

  41. Skibum Willy

    In “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on youtube, The President’s adviser gets advised by an underachieving old college pal, and a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life!? See if this short discussion RINGS TRUE as the systematic fix we all long for and can’t find? Watch a ski flick “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on? youtube.

  42. moist faucet

    yeah….in the end never? anything good come from it. and you will die alone no matter what you own.

  43. craig spencer

    Classic country: “Make the world go away, get it? off of my shoulders”.

  44. craig spencer

    visiting only trips upto one month. about 10? trips total.

  45. craig spencer

    yes several countries third world with people having nothing? at all.

  46. ElenaXVI

    Yeah! That’s what I’m saying! uh…At least I? THINK you mean the same what I’m trying to say…