Food Storage 101

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Basics on what food to store and how to store it. FACEBOOK ME! See all the places we train here: http:/…
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

24 Responses to “Food Storage 101”

  1. gunluv96

    Mr James Yeager I was wondering where you purchase? your bags and absorbers? Is there a cheaper place to buy these items that you know? Thank you in advance

  2. Forrest Munden

    Thanks for making this video. I work for a? fire department. If we have a quake in Ca..we are in huge trouble. It’s really not if, it’s when. People need to prepare..very few people do

  3. n0truescotsman

    now that is? sensible!!!

  4. BlueStateEmpire

    Does anyone out there have a good chocolate cheese cake recipe? I’d hate to be stuck in my bunker without access to some tactical chocolate cheesecake.? Thanks.

  5. BlueStateEmpire

    “1? year to Infinity”……LOL

  6. BlueStateEmpire

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment on a page filled? with lunacy.

  7. Shredwhiteblue

    god damn I knew james knew his shit? but this is insanely informative

  8. Joshua Nichols

    I have to say James, My dad is big into disaster preparedness and? I have always been interested in it but, as stupid as this sounds, this video is the first time I’ve ever felt like it was a basic simple thing. Like, no flow chart, no excel spreadsheet, just buy some rice put it in a bag in a bucket and seal that shit up and stick it somewhere. Thanks for making it idiot proof brother.

  9. n0truescotsman

    I am a patriot. that is why i criticize my government and the institutions that have compromised our democratic processes in the name of profit and power. This is not a left vs right issue.

    3/4 of our battle has been against self-labeled “libertarians” that voted for bush and highlighted themselves as conservatives, got discredited because their role models were cretins, then decided to jump on the? anti-government bank wagon just because their nemesis is in office.

  10. n0truescotsman

    the only way to specifically change the aforementioned problems above is to simply? stop playing by the system’s rules: stop supporting the big 5 banks, stop getting into debt, stop keeping up with the joneses, stop voting for the “lesser of the two evils” on the ballot box, and stop investing in the stock market.

    its a conscious choice to solve a series of problems that cannot even be solved by violence.

  11. n0truescotsman

    you havent heard of the death/debt paradigm? it means in order for our system to function, it is required to grow annually, therefore more debt needs to be created. Without debt, the dollar with be worthless as that is mostly what backs it.

    and the entitlements issue is the situation infamous among a congress that blames entitlements for the financial crisis? all the while siphoning more and more money off to the military industries.

  12. thetomswift

    wait – debt/death paradigm? what does that mean?

    and what does “entitlements victimized for the military industrial complex” mean? I am not a nationalist – I just believe that we’re pretty good, could always use improvement,? and where else are you going to go? China? Russsia? Mexico?

  13. thetomswift

    Um – because that’s what the inflation? rate is?

  14. thetomswift

    wait – since when did we start talking about the Patriot Act?

    I won’t even go there with Shadostats – we will never agree there.

    So, to be clear, you are not a patriot? I agree that the expansion of government surveilance under Bush and the Obama is alarming. Do I agree that it means we are about to be enslaved? No. I don’t. And, in any event, what specifically are you advocating in the face? of what you outline above, other than democratic action? Specifically – what?

  15. n0truescotsman

    ” Inflation is at 1.93%”

    how you could say this with a straight face is beyond? me.

    try telling the truth for once. peoples lives are at stake.

  16. n0truescotsman

    thanks for putting words in my mouth but youre wrong. I love my country enough to be furious that civil liberties are being destroyed, its people drawn into financial slavery, and “entitlements” victimized for the military industrial complex.

    of course, you dont? see these things because you are a nationalist so tightly wrapped with the flag.

    Pretty sad that somebody could actually defend this death/debt paradigm

  17. n0truescotsman

    and what makes you think I dont love my country? Im in the camp of it can be so much fucking better. At least I actually? ask questions and maintain a healthy dose of skepticism before believing everything I have been told.

    you are preaching to the choir about radical right wingers. Its interesting that you cite right wingers (assuming youre talking about the bush administration) but remain quite about the supposed “left” that follows their same beat. consistency much?

  18. n0truescotsman

    from theblaze??? how about John Williams’ Shadowstats(dot)com, which? is frequently cited by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, economist and former US assistant secretary of the treasury.

    If you believe no rights have been lost since 9/11, you are a dupe. Apparently the Patriot Act, MCA 06, NDAA 2012 and 2013 are absolute mysteries to you. nationalists are hilarious.

  19. thetomswift

    Meanwhile – time, history? and freedom march on.

  20. thetomswift

    I prefer to love my country, be optimistic about the future, embrace actual freedom (not paranoid delusions) and point to the long history of radical right wing ideology, which has gotten us nowhere, while the rest of the country has progressed.

    It is true that “The Patriots” have no clothes. You don’t love your country – you loathe it, and respond accordingly, preparing for a dystopian future that never comes, and hell bent in the belief that? collapse is always just around the corner.

  21. thetomswift

    well – whatever. I am glad you believe that your returns have smoked mine and since you can ‘guarantee it’ no use in arguing, right? As for your other data – whatever, dude. If you are pulling ecnomic data? from The Blaze, then that tells me all I need to know. Inflation is at 1.93% and I appreciate that in your alternate universe it isn’t – but that’s the same universe where George Soros is king and the storm troopers are coming to take away our freedom.

  22. n0truescotsman

    nobody gives specific dates on when events will happen.

    Ignorance is also no excuse for perceiving nothing as happening. Plenty of people have predicted the 2008 economic meltdown and? the popping of the housing bubble. these same people are predicting economic turmoil in the near future.

    Do what you want. Listen to all follow none.

  23. n0truescotsman

    you can start? at fromthewilderness(dot)com and go from there.

    You havent heard of a book called “the shock doctrine” by naomi klein? probably not.

    hmmm lets see, “Classified Woman” by Sibel D Edmonds
    “Crossing the Rubicon” by Michael Ruppert
    The Gwenyth Todd story
    the murder of Colonel Jim Sabow
    the imprisonment Captain John McCarthy
    Celerino Castillo (DEA)

    I can keep this up all day long. Example after example of hidden conspiracies and slavery in our corporatist/fascist country.

  24. n0truescotsman

    i dont care about being in the minority. Majority doesnt rule in america and survival is not a fucking popularity contest. I take care of my family and you can just depend on food shelves always being full and? the government always good.

    I dont have to move. I can guarantee Ive paid a steep enough price for the flag. Dissent does not equal unpatriotic. I have a right to criticize and point out the governments bullshit. Remember, the constitution is? the supreme law of the land.