Food Storage Basics 1

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

25 Responses to “Food Storage Basics 1”

  1. RockGIV

    Spam…….? NNNOOOOOO!!! lol

  2. SequelFinalNight

    Can someone PLEASE tell? me what is the safest food? storage you can buy with almost no? toxins like Corn Syrup and GMO’s? Organic if possible anyone please help…..

  3. ivanhoe4mag

    if you consum conservats,colorants .. its affect your absortion of vitamin ,mineral (good things) ? ? sorry for bad english 🙂 .. tnx

  4. MrFullautoak47

    whats that? white box thingy yer sitting on ? how does it work?

  5. pcauxier33

    great video.i just wanted to add a little story i saw on the history channel sometime back and when i saw you talking about the storage life of honey made me think of it but anyways it was a show on the pyramids of Egypt and how they found clay pots of honey that were still edible after 2000+ yrs.being sealed up in the tombs.well anyways i just wanted to share? that with ya.great channel man keep the vids. coming

  6. ROOR20002

    German MRE’s? that I was able to get during the Gulf War around 1991 were much better than the American MRE’s.

  7. Punxsyjumper

    JSA here, ’80-’81. ?

  8. mobieus7

    If you are going to? say cow, also say goats and a mule to protect the group.

  9. harpjason208

    according to Zombie Tactics, any Hormel canned food is shelf stable. Really no exp.l? date. /Check out his ,food for the Lazy late cheap series.

  10. harpjason208

    quinoa. “keen- whaa’ thanks for the info on all your vids. thumbs? up on the moral clifff vid.


    Honey will last forever… Once it crystallizes, just reheat it?

  12. Travis L

    a cow is a great store of food, buy? some land!

  13. TheHossUSMC

    We used to make grilled cheese sandwiches with Irons at Camp? Muchuck!

  14. Punxsyjumper

    Prison soup is what we called it in Korea.?

  15. scodurh

    spam, is? shelf stable…so go forever 🙂

  16. TheHossUSMC

    you might want? to check out wise foods. i think they may be lower in sodium.

  17. kyjelly5524

    Sup hoss? Just wondering if you ever found out how many rounds were bought on national ammo day? Just curious! Are the MREs really high on sodium? I want to? buy some food to store , I had some backpacking food called mountain something but it made me so dehydrated I won’t eat them anymore.

  18. Chase Gibson

    although i cant speak on it personally, but i’d imagine you and/or your brothers in? arms have seen more famine than you care to think about

  19. DudeNumberOnePlus

    Chance is that if you eat the sugarry package in lifeboat, you? die of thirst.

  20. MegaWinfrey

    I have in Hawaii? and thats shits awesome

  21. Tactical Butler

    Calories can be stored indefinitely in some shelf stable foods, but most? of the vitamins and such break down after three years. Look into the NASA long term food storage program. They’ve determined that we can’t send people to Mars unless they can grow some of their own food or they’ll start getting scurvy and such.

  22. Luke William

    And? chicken eggs.

  23. Luke William

    Spam is NOT a good scource of protien. Neither is peanut butter. There is no good way to store long term protien other than dehydrated fat free milk or? whey. It is best to rely on fresh animals and fish for protiens.

  24. 6OldSalt62

    What is the shelf life on dried beans, rice, etc? I mean without vaccum packing,? nitrogen purged buckets and the like.

  25. bigtitan27

    Spam has a indefinite? shelf life .