Food Storage Dog Food

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3) Dry Dog Food Recipe 3 cups flour 3 cups oats or cooked rice 1 cup powdered milk 8 TBL powdered eggs ¼ cup olive oil 2-2 1/2 cups wa…

By popular demand, this is a basic needs list to keep you eating for 1 month in a bad situation. Add to this after you get what you need, but first, get a on…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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  1. Mr26Huffy

    Thanks for the vid. Any cat food recipes? The same problems arise for cat food storage. Not much attention is paid to cats as they cannot be used for security and such, but ours are family and we want to prepare for them? also.

  2. TheDisorderly1

    When you change the food your dog eats you will have to gradually change from one food to another over a week or two. Start off mixing small amounts of the new food with the? old as time goes on you can add more of the new to the old. Their stomachs don’t tolerate quick changes to their diet. If you go too fast they’ll have the runs and get dehydrated.

  3. Susan Anderson

    I worked for a pet food company for many years. Depending on the age of the puppies they should be fed several times a day versus leaving wet food down. Wet food is a huge bacteria source as well as possibly getting moldy. As soon as they can chew give them some dry food even if you? have to put it in a bag and crush the kibble into smaller bites.


    love baxter alreadies :)?

  5. theemotherna8ture

    Our pets are our family and they do protect and serve their owner. My dog is part fish and part dog (prahawna on four legs) very good security. My dog? is anti social and i accept that and I would like to provide care for her in my prepping. I do appreciate that you would bring this up and share to your viewers.

  6. YTMegiddo

    Funny the way he looked? at the camera… like, are we done here? Give me that food!

  7. Nervin John Aguilar

    hi, i just want to ask something bout dry dog food, i have 3 poodle puppies, i always fed them with a wet dog food, its actually dry but i put water in it cause they cant chew yet.. how long will it take for the wet dog food? to be spoil when it has water?

  8. RoKenX2

    in my experence dog food dosent store very long even sealed in 5 gallon buckets a year at most for most brands .. some not even that.. and thats nicely seald up… so this is a very good idea for anyone intending to have dogs in? a SHTF world

  9. Nehemiah Sconiers

    Can you mylar bag and bucket store bought food like? you would staple foods and have it last?

  10. raven sunn

    all 7 of my dogs eat what i eat and the vet said they are the healthiest dogs hes ever seen, that wouldn’t work for everyone i have to watch what i eat so i only eat healthy food. and you also? have to know what types of foods dogs/cats cant eat like mushrooms,garlic or onions

  11. Dagobert1234

    hello scott. I have seen in a video made by team sootch? that you have a very cool gear, some kind of charging plate to start fire with? would you mind to introduce it or tell me where to get further infomations about it? thanks in advance and regards

  12. Alchemical Anarchist

    If you grow alot of? corn or sunflowers you can extract an oil from them with an Oil Extruder Press. You get a Byproduct from making the oil that can be used as Animal Feed. And you get oil that you can use for cooking, or i guess you could use the oil for fuel to run your tractor / generators. In the third world they use Hydrolic Presses to squeeze out oil from seeds. Which might be good for us because everybody has a car jack. And you still get a Plug that could be used as Animal Feed.

  13. BonnieBlue2A

    I had a rescue Springer that would catch Cicadas in the summer, hold them down by the wings, and eat the crunchy middle. It reminded me of that locust swarm scene from? the movie Hildago….protein! He’d also uncap acorns and eat them.

  14. BonnieBlue2A

    Personally, I stay away from wheat and corn fillers in dog food right now. I’d rather not have to resort to them if dog food supply were to be shut off. Don’t forget that your more local feed suppliers for livestock often formulate/produce dog food. I feed mine Kent Native 3 since Kent Feeds manufactures it within 300 miles my? dog’s end product use. Keeping the stored food airtight/constant temp (cool) is key. as is with human food storage. Old chest freezers with mylar bags filled are good.

  15. dave baca

    what kinda dog is baxter he is built like my dog honey she? also has a wicked scary bark but no bite

  16. Chavaliays Smoke

    Hello i’ve been a long time viewer and subscriber. I have recently purchased a 3 family house that I rent out. I’m looking to convert it’s electric uses to solar and am having trouble? finding up to date information on this stuff, so thought id ask all my prepper brothers on here!

    I’m looking at roughly 900-1000 kWh/month
    Looking for different update to date systems/methods/price estimations.
    Links would be appreciated. Thanks for anyone who helps.

    Gods Love

  17. richardelam100

    My brother’s dog used to eat right out of the bucket I’d crack corn in–while it was coming out of the grinder. I thought it was odd a dog would eat corn. Years later I found out lots? of Dog Foods are made of corn.
    Jesus is Lord.
    southeast Tennessee

  18. MrNagolbud

    You can find them online. I? went with seeds. It’s hard to find a good source, I myself am always looking. You’re best bet might be to go to your local hydro or garden shop, and ask them to order some in for you. Otherwise if you search engine “buy comfrey plants” there are a few stores on the first page that offer full plants for like 6 bucks each. If you order like 2 or 3 you can always clone or seed them yourself and plant a little field.

  19. GoatHollow

    Have any? sources for Comfrey root starts, that are cheaper than gold bullion? Been looking for a while/

  20. Bill Payne

    I feed pro plain and scrambled duck eggs? and raw meat to my dogs

  21. MrNagolbud

    Check out the comfrey plant, between that, eggs, rabbit, ect. You can get a nice little diet going for your dog. Chicken coup and rabbit coup with a field of comfrey and veggies will do? them good. Squirrel is another great source of food for them.

  22. Wiredeclipse

    Very nice dog.?

  23. FlaBroker11

    I was thinking that having a couple buckets of DynoVite on hand would be a? good idea. You could feed them about anything and supplement it. Also I have taken notice of what a lot of dog sled teams eat in Alaska videos. If you are doing aquaponics, you could use fish heads for protein.

  24. tha4thHorseMan

    Yes this will?

  25. perbain

    Your a great person to have? around. Thanks–I needed that! 🙂

  26. perbain

    Thank you for? watching.

  27. freebygrace18

    Thank you this is great info!!! ? Love your channel.

  28. perbain

    Thanks. You always? make me smile. Glad I could help.

  29. JoannaMuse

    Hey Deb, thanks for posting…These are great. I’m a rolled oats girl myself but? the LDS survival kit had your dry ingredients too. Good job. Your hair looks wonderful. I like the style very much…You are looking younger and younger with each video. Love ya!

  30. theresa bollman

    Thanks so? much for sharing, Deb.

  31. portwand

    Thanks for the list..I love your videos thanks for all you? do!

  32. perbain

    My Buddy! How have you been.? ? Thanks for that info and yes, we need–Need–NEED Chocolate. I totally agree! 🙂

  33. TheDenisedrake

    You forgot to mention * 1 case of Nutella * How is anyone supposed to live without chocolate? Ha! Seriously, this is a great list for the very basics. A great place to start with some real numbers and it’s good for us more experienced? preppers to review. Fabulous- thank you Deb!

  34. sherry4606

    That is a great list Deb but I would add yeast, baking powder & baking soda. If you are new prepping you might not think of them until it,s to late.? It is also important to learn how to use them. So get in the kitchen and make bread with out a breadmachine in other words it is important to learn to cook from scratch before something happens and you are trying to learn under stress.

  35. perbain

    Your sweet. Thank you?

  36. perbain

    It seems that every day I think or do something on Prepping.? I will be doing much more Prepper items and less yum-yums this summer.

  37. perbain

    There seems to be so many people who have Diabetes, that it may be a good idea to form a supply list specifically for this diet.? Thank you

  38. Annette Platzner

    i am diabetic too, i home can an dehydrate for most of my food storage so i can cut dowwn on? carbs. i still have some carb preps like whole wheat noodles, quinoa and brown rice, they just have to be rotated more often

  39. lunaticchef

    Deb, I am so glad to see you getting? back to prepper food. It seems that so many have gotten away from this subject. I really think it is important to teach these skills. Thank you!

  40. seaotter1975

    I love watching your video’s Deb! You are so awesome! Love the new hair! ? Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  41. perbain

    The LDS Preparedness? Manual is Tops in my mind. It is one of the best books around.

  42. BonnieBlue2A

    The LDS Preparedness Manual has good lists for food storage preparedness and determining how much you need. It is available online via pdf form or can be ordered as a book. You don’t have to be LDS to buy or use it. Highly recommend storing proteins & fats as they will be the most difficult to come by but are more calorie nutrient dense than? grain based carbs. .

  43. perbain

    Thanks. I appreciate that. I keep trying. :)?

  44. perbain

    I too remember feeling overwhelmed, but doing something everyday is the basis for getting where I needed to ge to.?

  45. perbain

    Then Kristin, you then need to can and preserve meats. Start with canned chicken. Easiest of all meats although all meats? are easy. I have a few videos on canning meats. Check them out when you are able. Still, you will need some carbs and you can always barter with them. They are cheap bartering items.

  46. perbain

    Thanks John. Your a great Prepper and? example for others. Thanks so much.

  47. perbain

    Hi, Just take it one day at a time. Every day do something,,, anything,,,for Prepping. It all adds up, but try to do something everyday. This is the principle I live and? its the principle I teach. Thank you for writing

  48. grandma lynda

    Deb, that is a great help for people just starting out and also for us who have stored quite a bit but would like a bit of guidance.
    I have all you listed but being 2 diabetics here, I have lots of dehydrated veg. and my own canned meat. We have wheat berries to grind and beans dehydrated and canned. You? do need the carbs just cut down on them that is why the veg. and meat are a must have. Lots of spices are in there with salt and pepper.
    It is a good starting point just adapt to your family.

  49. grandma lynda

    here it run almost $2. a can.
    everything is more expensive in northern Canada even when there is a lot more northern? above me.
    I think it is a trade off few people lots of nature expensive supplies.