FOOD STORAGE is easy to do! When you do a LITTLE at a TIME!

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3) – Bexarprepper’s yeast video! – imstillworkin’s Media Crema video – My vi…
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

25 Responses to “FOOD STORAGE is easy to do! When you do a LITTLE at a TIME!”

  1. lkcheat

    I agree. for folks trying to get their food storage started, go to my channel for a series Ive started using only 5 bucks a month to start your pantry. Its going pretty well. keep up the good? work.

  2. 408Magenta

    I’m not sure on bylaws but digging a well is no big? deal. You don’t have go to 50 meters down. Usual you hit the water table at 5 meters or even if it were 10 it would guarantee you a water supply. My grandfathers all had wells on their property. In Rome, I had on 5 meters from my house – use the water to sprinkle on the lawns. Storing water in huge containers is OK, no doubt about it.

  3. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you for? watching!

  4. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you! I love? that saying!

  5. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I hear you! I am 50 and never would I have thought that I would see what is going on in our Country! It is a break down n our society! All we can? do is be vigilant and do what we are doing to take care of our families! God bless

  6. Obsessiveprepperaz

    No problem!? Love learning from you!

  7. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Yes it does! Have? a great Sunday afternoon!

  8. Obsessiveprepperaz

    You do teach so many people so much! Thank you for? your time!

  9. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you chickie!?

  10. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I love that! Thank you!?

  11. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank? you Mary and a Blessed day to you!

  12. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I worry a? lot about all the pools and the mosquito problems we could have! Green pools s not good!

  13. Obsessiveprepperaz

    It is hard to keep all that’s the shelves because it expires so soon! Definitely? a must for rotating! Blessings

  14. Obsessiveprepperaz

    It’s? just the Food saver! I end up putting O2’s in the Mylar bags! Happy dehydrating! 🙂

  15. Obsessiveprepperaz

    North Carolina prepper just? did a video on that! Thanks for the warning!

  16. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Isn’t it amazing the difference between our two cities water. Two years ago my husband did the bleach in the barrels. He decided just to drain them and refill them once to twice a year! I purchased the peanut butter also. Have not tried it yet! I will send you my tag video by pm. It will tell you who. Am and where came? from! Thanks for your comments!

  17. Obsessiveprepperaz

    At least have? the ability to harvest some rain water! Blessings

  18. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I am going to be honest with you! NO! 🙂 I watched Imstillworkin’s video on it and figured it is a must try! I just haven’t gotten the chance to try? it yet! I will keep you updated!

  19. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you Sir! God bless you and your family! Just remember a? little at a time!

  20. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Have them bring to you what they purchased and then you give them an assortment of food. Does that make sense? I understand not having money. But, I also understand human nature. I am sure they still either can afford a phone,? Cale, cigarettes and food for animals. I am sure they can kick min a tiny bit! I hope I did not misspeaks! God bless!

  21. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I am sorry it took me so long to answer back. That is a dilemma! I love having my kids take some of my food because it helps with the rotating! But, I do see the problem when money is tight! I think you will have to have to sections! Then rotate from your emergency stock pile to your every day closet! That way you emergency stuff is always being rotated! Maybe? Make an agree with them. Have them purchase $5.00 to $10.00 worth of canned food. One to two items on sale. By what they can? with that.

  22. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you! You? are too kind! Kat is a great source of information!

  23. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I wished! Being here? in the city it is impossible! 🙂

  24. 408Magenta

    What about a? well with a pump?

  25. MrBushLife

    Awesome hunting for water storage containers. Your so lucky…it seems that? prepper supply Companies are really boosting up prices , cause of the increasing interest in prepping for disasters. You sound like the Awesome Katzcradle lady. cheers ;-))