Food Storage response and followup; rationale for long term buying strategy

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This shows a bit of my regular kitchen pantry, not counting some tuff bins of food that I am phasing out this year as I shift my food storage preps from groc…
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6 Responses to “Food Storage response and followup; rationale for long term buying strategy”

  1. Heather H

    You’re hilarious in this video…..just the way you were getting irritated at your food and the comment about giant cans of corn lol I just pictured someone sitting down with that giant can and a spoon. Sorry, you made great points? and I agree 100%! Your personality is funny!

  2. 8digitPDX

    Most of my current food budget right now is going into long term survival food storage while I eat through the grocery stuff that I hoarded over the last few? years. It sucks and I will not be doing it this way again. 2-3 months of grocery store stuff MAX. Beyond that, I am having stashes of the actual long term storage stuff.

  3. 8digitPDX

    See my followup on the Mormon Cannery. I have been through this several ways, several times, got cases of MREs that went bad to show for that side of it too. I am going with a combination of mostly Augason Farms storage food plus the “missing link” in the meal plans which is stuff that mostly? comes from the Mormon Canneries. They say you want to start incorporating it into your diet rotation at 7 years. I am getting to hate this low grade out of date food I am eating through.

  4. brendahere

    i think I would take that can of corn? and dehydrate it.

  5. NWHomesteader

    You can get those big cans of veggies at a great price! I just heat up the? amount I’m going to use and freeze the rest. If it’s a big #10 can, you can freeze up several bags. Just an idea for your corn…
    Thanks, you gave some good advice 🙂

  6. cbr6864

    Mine looks just like that, i too have given up on buying? bulk of regular items. The crap just sits there and goes bad.