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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Between October and December is a great time to stock up on a lot of your canned goods! Once a year I stock up on vegetables, fruits, soups, chicken, beef, a…
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

24 Responses to “FOOD STORAGE – STOCK UP NOW!”

  1. Obsessiveprepperaz

    No I get the portable canner from the cannery! I do not reuse the cans.I just purchase them when? i pick up the canner. When I decide to can I do about 60 cans. I can sugar, pop corn, hard candy, flax seed, grits, cornmeal, different types of noodles and anything else my mind can conger up! Blessings

  2. TheCountryfrau

    I an a new subscriber and am working through your videos. I haven’t seen one on you personally canning #? 10 cans. Do you have a machine at home? I’ve canned at the LDS Cannery but never at home. Please tell me about the equipment you use. Also, do you reuse empty #10 cans and just purchase the new lids? Loving your channel. Thank you.

  3. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Absolutely nothing? wrong with that!! 🙂

  4. TheJudyKnight

    Funny about how to start prepping. My Mom was a prepper before it was cool! Really, people use to? say when the bomb went off, they were heading to her house. Literally, her pantry looked like the Winn Dixie. Guess it runs in the genes.

  5. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you? and God Bless!

  6. mesatop5

    Great info, well-presented. A good, level-headed approach to beginning? prepping. Many thanks.

  7. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Absolutely! That ensures you that your food storage is safe and guaranteed! One batch of water, or green beans ect. Might be? bad. But it won’t be the entire batch! Blessings

  8. bbe513

    You are the only other? person i have heard talking about different sources. I worried about recalls. Even with water, I only buy 2 cases of a brand at a time.

  9. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank? you!

  10. thinprincess87

    thanks for making this video you’ve a? new subscriber 🙂

  11. Obsessiveprepperaz

    The standing joke to Susie is when she is starving to death….She’ll eat my GMO corn! 🙂 Honestly, I have never been worried to much about things like that. I lost a little boy to “SIDS” 21 years ago…he was 3 months old. Perfectly healthy but it was his time. People get in cars and die before their time. There are smokers who smoke their whole life and? live to their 90’s and healthy marathon runners that die of heart attacks! I guess 21 years ago I decided i was going to live life!

  12. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I appreciate your comments! I do know all about GMO’s. Lord do I know!! My best friend is all over that! She is like a sister to me! That being said…As much as she preaches the organic paleo? life style. I choose not to. Don’t get me wrong! I try to eat healthy and when I can I buy organic! But, I do not live and breath it! I just don’t choose to live my life like that. On the dehydrating of the vegetables…Susie, my friend wanted me to do organic for her. The standing joke… NEXT PARAGRAPH

  13. misslady1908

    Hi Obsessiveprepperaz, thank you for the? info. I know times are hard, trust me I know…but that corn especially is all GMO and is toxic. I know organic is a bit more pricey, like at Whole Foods a can of organic sweet corn is $1.49, but I feel it’s worth it. I have learned so much from the YouTube prepping community, I just want the best for everyone, esp. those who are doing so much to help others. Ok…that’s my spiel. 🙂

    Peace and Blessings

  14. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I am sure you can. The only problem I have with it is the nutritional content goes down over time. I like being able to store the freshest ingredients I can and keep it rotated. I also like being able to give to food banks. And You know it will be? consumed quickly. Now if you had animals like a farm….I would think you could dehydrate it and have feed for your animals. Just a thought.

  15. sweett4rt

    I know you give your can goods that are going out to charity, but in a pinch can you dehydrate them and get? a longer shelf life from them for your own family?

  16. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Exactly! The life of a prepper is to be prepared so you do not have to panick for any occassion. Prepping for me? is a mind set and I have been doing it for many years. You can fall into that trap of bulk buying a lot of food you will never eat which is silly and a complete waste of your money. This is why I constantly repeat in my videos….buy what you eat and then work on the long term food storage.

  17. SoCalPrepper21

    I have been using my extra bedroom/office and it is shared with food storage. also, we have an RV that now is a storage room(s) for waters and food. I have been doing a lot of canning and making things that are new is out of the question, I have tried food that we almost never eat was a big failure. yes food(s) we eat. Eat the food(s) you store and Store the food(s) you eat. nothing more because it is on sale. wasting money(boy that is a luxury right now)And? food to goes to waste. Thanks 4 info.

  18. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Wow that’s a? heck of a deal!

  19. wagil90

    The reason can veggies are cheapest those months is b/c A the growing reason is over and B companies don’t want to pay for warehouse storage. Late spring you can get ok pricing as? well. we just got 20 cases for .29 a can national brand with coupon.

  20. Obsessiveprepperaz

    That is a great idea if you haven’t reinforced your shelves! I have lived in the? same house for 26 years and My husband reinforced mine years ago! Shame to loose food storage!

  21. lkcheat

    this is? exactly what i do each payday- a case at aldi of something- either veggies, meats or prep meals like beef stew. i always have the makings of a mom does the same.

  22. lkcheat

    may i suggest putting any glass jars low and the metal up top? my sis had shelving crash from? the weight and she lost some food.

  23. preparadox

    its also easy to just add a case or at least a half case of something every payday. sometimes you can get a few cents off per can for buying the cases. barter is a good reason to buy some things that you might? not like but that sell well and are popular w/other people. crazy what a body will do for a treat or nostalgic meal, or a favorite you just can’t find anywhere anymore, you know? nostalgia alone brings millions of dollars in to the economy annually. spaghettios might have a use there

  24. katzcradul

    Love the C&H pure cane sugar…get it while you can. I don’t store any pull table cans. I’m sure you’ll turn use those within a year though, so they shouldn’t be? a problem. Good buys.