Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop

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When you take your metal detector out on a search, you always want to make sure you take some accessories along with you. These accessories are items that either protects your metal detector, such as a sturdy carrying bag, or they’re tools that will aid in the search for treasures.

The Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop is one of the accessories that can be a big help to you as you look for hidden treasures like precious metals. Whenever you use your metal detector and move the coil over the ground, you’ll get an audio signal telling you that the find is buried in that particular spot.

But what you might not realize is that the treasures you do locate are often buried in solid clumps of dirt and rock. When you dig up those clumps of dirt, there will still be solid soil that you have to sort through.

You can do this one of two ways. You can sort through the soil by hand – in which case the search will then become painstaking. It will take up more time and it will also be harder on your back in the long run.

Or, you can use the Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop. The scoop is made of long-lasting metal, with the purpose of sorting through any type of soil. The scoop is designed to form a mini cage with the metal enclosed on one end to trap the treasures in.

The opposite end of the scoop is curved like a trowel, but there’s a major difference. The end of the scoop that’s curved is much wider and tougher than a trowel and can dig a larger area all at once, which saves you time. The curved edge is sharp, which lets the scoop cut through even tightly packed dirt with ease.

The scoop has a handle for leverage when lifting the soil from the ground. The carrying handle, located in the middle of the scoop for balance, is padded with thick vinyl for comfort.

Having a scoop that’s smaller and has a shorter handle is easier to work with than one that has the extended handle. The scoop is made from tough metal that’s resistant to corrosion from dampness and water – so it’s perfect for working on those beach digs.

The width of the squares in the sides and bottom of the scoop’s basket lets dirt and sand be sifted through quickly, yet catches and holds onto any of the treasures you may find.

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